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Adamus says he is with Shaumbra every step of the way. Be it a Shoud, online Cloud Class, Keahak, or some other Crimson Circle offering, it feels like Adamus comes through with messages directed specifically to me. It can be a word, phrase, or a story, and when I am aware of this, I know I am a multidimensional being, human and divine. I often wonder if other Shaumbra hear and feel the same word(s) that just came through. Does Adamus have one overall channel and then sneaks in words, phrases and stories specifically directed to each Shaumbra participating? This is possible, for in the land of creation anything is possible, especially for an Ascended Master. And for those new to Crimson Circle, feel into how Adamus connects specifically to you. Be aware and find the humor of it all within your awareness.

I’ll paraphrase some examples, and though I do not recall the exact dates and words, it’s the essence I’d like to express. I first became aware of Adamus’ connection with me back in 2017. I was listening to a Shoud, and Adamus snuck in the word ‘museum.’ At the time I was working for a children’s museum. He said something like, “It’s not about working at a museum or….” and continued on. Now why would the word ‘museum’ pop up in a channel? Who cares about museums! This was directed at me, for me. I became aware. At the time, even though I liked what I was doing, working with children and art, I knew there was something more for me beyond the museum.

In a past issue of Shaumbra Magazine, Geoffrey Hoppe mentioned (here) that we are now post-spiritual. No need to continue seeking other spiritual teachings or anything outside our Self. This resonated with me bigtime, for I had a strong inner feeling of passing on all my spiritual books to the local library, and no longer seeking out websites on spirituality. As the story goes, I still got distracted and checked in on several spiritual teacher type websites. One teacher spoke about viewing life and the 3D world as living in a prison. There was a meditation which I downloaded and listened to, then came time for the next Shoud. One of the first things out of Adamus’ mouth, in what I took to be a strong tone of annoyance, was something about living in a prison.

Then Adamus went on with the channel, in the tone we all have come to know and love – shall I say ‘charismatic with an attitude’ – and the word ‘prison’ was there. I could hardly believe what I just heard. I became aware again. Adamus was speaking directly to me. And holy f*cking crap, Adamas just called me out in a Shoud for all Shaumbra to hear. I wondered if others heard it too. As I look back and feel into this experience, it took place in the space between breaths, my breath, my awareness. It was timeless. To sum it up, from another Geoffrey article (here), the only spiritual teacher is the Master within.

Adamus talks about his past lifetime as William Shakespeare. Energy is literal and now that this aspect is in my awareness, ‘Adamus as Shakespeare’ keeps showing up. There’s always the feeling and humor associated with what comes my way – oh, so Adamus, and oh, so me and my love for humor.

I had made an autopay for $100 less than what the amount was supposed to be. I caught it, made the change, laughed, and moved on. Later that day, walking through an interior design shop, I came across a framed copy of a Shakespeare book cover, Comedy of Errors. It cracked me up, and I’m still laughing!

Shakespeare’s name comes up over and over again in books I read and movies I watch. You may say, “Duh, he’s a famous figure in history, of course he’ll show up,” but let’s go beyond those details. How Shakespeare shows up is unique to me, always with a Shaumbra twist and sometimes the name is simply in my awareness as ‘Adamus is in the house.’ Participating in Keahak allows for this deeper dive with Adamus, and his timing is impeccable. It’s timeless.

After hearing a Keahak session where Adamus expressed a liking to steampunk, I came across the movie Stardust, one of the most creative and humorous movie examples where Shakespeare shows up. There is a steampunk sky vessel that illegally flies around in the clouds catching lighting. Who leads the crew? None other than Captain Shakespeare, a crossdresser who loathes violence. Oh, what a Shaumbra pirate Captain Shakespeare is.

In one Keahak session, Adamus spoke about not getting caught up in the details of our flow. The movie that followed this in my world is Finch. There is a robot in the movie that would like a name. The robot suggests William Shakespeare. Finch, the creator of the robot, tells the robot that the name is already taken. Later, Finch tells a story to the robot about the Golden Gate bridge. It’s not about the rivets and cables that make up the bridge, or its height. It’s about standing on the bridge, seeing the beauty, and listening to the suspension cables singing in the wind. That is human experience. It’s living. How’s that for not getting caught up in the details of our flow? Stories do have a way of bypassing the brain. When this movie was being promoted before its release, I told myself that it didn’t interest me. I know that I know, and choosing to watch this movie right after this particular Keahak was beautifully synchronized.

When I enter the House of Keahak, I like to sit on my bench and be. I also call on Adamus to come hang out with me, listen to me go on about my observations, or just be with me. I know Adamus is present. I have a yawn in the House of Keahak that is so different than any other. I feel Æterna.

Here’s another example of energy in service to me, not related to Shakespeare but to benching. There are several past Shouds (pre-benching) where Adamus talks about sitting on a bench and being aware of the world around him. With this in my awareness I would go out, sit on a bench and just be, radiating grace, ease, and my ‘I Am That I Am’ presence. When it came time for me to move to a new location, I noticed that the town I was attracted to had benches literally everywhere. I thought, whoever designed this river town knew how to get people outside to enjoy nature and life.

I’m lovin’ this. Now with my expanded awareness, everything is my energy and it’s all in communication with me, the song of my soul. All these benches are my energy and I created them. Yes, I am enjoying benching very much. Thank you for asking.

Shortly after I registered for The Master Code Online, I was out enjoying a fine meal on the restaurant’s outdoor patio, along with the wonderful service from my waiter. I asked the waiter his name and he said Gabriel. Moments like this are indescribable. The call has gone out. Yes, I am already feeling into the Master Code, and yes, I am meant to attend and be here at the Time of Machines.

I’d like to thank Geoffrey, Linda, and the Crimson Circle for being in Hawaii. Not too far from where I live in Illinois is a cafe called Luau Coffee. The only type of coffee they serve is Kona coffee, along with other Hawaiian type drinks. One day I’ll visit Hawaii, but until then it has come to me, my energy in service.

Are you feeling what I’m sharing? When you bring something into your awareness, your energy joyfully dances to your perception of reality. Adamus, a facet of me, is having fun dancing; I am dancing with Adamus. Imagine what else is possible when being consciously aware in life.

Now, I’ll go beyond 2025, which is actually in the now. I cross paths with Adamus. We feel and sense each other’s essence, presence. No words needed. My future Self sings, “Everything works out,” and together we go into grand laughter.

~ Artwork by Theresa McGraw

Theresa is choosing to enjoy life and just Be, open to her flow and spontaneity. She enjoys walks in nature, benching along the river or at a cafe, going out for a fine meal (aka Sovereign Self date), painting, singing, and doing absolutely nothing (aka just Being). Yet to be experienced are traveling and meeting other Shaumbra. Theresa can be contacted via email or through her website,

2 comments on "How Adamus Shows Up in My Life"

  • Chan on February 8, 2022 10:40 PM said:
    Dear Theresa, I can feel the beauty of your beingness from your words, thanks for sharing. You’re such an inspiration. Xxx
  • Claire on January 9, 2022 4:07 AM said:
    Oh, goodness! So I'm not the only one. I wasn't sure if I was a bit barmy but I sometimes actually negotiated a word with Adamus and then there it was. Or something would happen or just a phrase on the radio. Never mind Alexa listening, Adamus definitely does.

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