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Adamus says that art is important and I fully agree with him. It makes our life here more colorful, brings so much light, and is a true inspiration on our way to realization. Art is a great expression of Spirit, and I just can’t imagine my life on this planet without theater, music, photography, paintings and, at last, without the world of cinema. I have seen so many good movies, but there are three which are very close to my heart because of the amazing stories of the special protagonists.

Forrest doesn’t have a strong mind. He is not able to assimilate new information or broaden his knowledge, which is why he is regarded as fool. However, this weakness is also his strength, because it allows him to live beyond the mind and follow his feelings. This is the way he acts in every moment of his life. When his friends/soldiers are in danger on the battlefield, he comes to their rescue without hesitation, carrying them to safety in his arms.

One day he feels the need to run and just does it, for months, until he finds he is tired and comes back home. He always does what he really loves doing, for example playing table tennis. After some time, he is so good at it that he becomes a member of the US national team, which leads him to meet the president in the White House. But Forrest doesn’t care about honors. He also never worries about the end result and has no expectations. He simply jumps into the deep water of experience without analyzing, and simply allows the energies to flow and to act freely. Eventually he becomes a very rich man, which is just the side effect of his uncomplicated style.

There are two women in his life. The first is his mum, who loves him unconditionally. These feelings give him strength and let him believe that he is perfect just as he is. The second is Jane, his friend from childhood. Even when she disappears for many years, Forrest doesn’t forget about her. His love is simple and direct, without games and manipulation, coming straight from his heart.

I once met a real life Forrest. He was our guide in China and let us call him Richard (because his Chinese name was too difficult for us). This encounter was indeed an unique experience for me. When the time came to say goodbye, I approached him and said “Richard, you are not a big man, but you have a big heart.” He was a little bit confused, but had a big smile on his face.

And of course, Forrest wouldn’t be what he is in this amazing movie without the great creation of Tom Hanks, one of the best actors in the world. Good job dear Mister Hanks! Hats off!

Billy lives with his family in England during the time when Margaret Thatcher is Prime Minister. His father and brother work as miners. Their life is not easy and now it becomes even harder, because of the economic policy of the Iron Lady. There is tension and uncertainty floating through Billy’s home. He is a very sensitive 11-year-old boy who loves dancing. However, his family doesn’t know anything about his passion and is not interested in his world.

Billy’s father wants him to become a true man, and therefore sends him to boxing lessons. But it quickly turns out that boxing is not something for Billy. In the opinion of the trainer he is “a disgrace to the gloves, his father, and the traditions of this boxin’ hall.” In the same gym there are ballet lessons, where the only participants are girls. Billy joins them one day, and his moves attract attention of the teacher, who very quickly recognizes great talent. He learns ballet in secret, also practicing alone at home, and makes a lot of progress. When the truth comes to light, it leads to a very tense discussion between Billy and his father, who can’t stand his son dancing “the f*cking ballet.” However, the teacher doesn’t want to give up and offers the boy private lessons for free.

At last the great day comes – Billy stands in front of the exam committee of the Royal Ballet School. After the short performance he hears a question: “What does it feel like when you’re dancing?”

“I don’t know,” answers Billy. “It sort of feels good. It’s sort of stiff and that, but once I get going, then I forget everything. And … sort of disappear. Like I feel a change in me whole body. Like there’s fire in me body. I’m just there, flying … like a bird. Like electricity. Yeah … like electricity…” The audition is a success and Billy becomes a professional ballet dancer.

This movie shows, very clearly, what true passion is. When it comes directly from the heart, anything is possible, and the proper people and situations appear in life to make our dreams come true. It happens in the most unexpected ways and time, but if you trust and stay open, you can become a millionaire in Ethiopia or a ballet dancer among miners. So be it!

Master Yoda is my favorite character in “Star Wars.” He is so grand in his uncomplexity, always keeping it simple, seeing through the density of things and recognizing what’s truly going on. Yoda often reminds Jedi to follow their feelings, and talks about the Force, which surrounds and permeates everything.

One day Skywalker comes to the planet where he is supposed to meet this great Master. Yoda stands right before him, but Luke is not aware of it, because he has a different image in his mind of a Jedi teacher. And the behavior of this little green being is quite strange.

Yoda doesn’t talk a lot, but his words have always depth and quality. Here are some of my favorites Yoda quotes.

Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed, that is. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” The feeling, that we can lose someone or something is just an illusion, for it is not possible to possess people or things in the first place. We can be with them or have them for some time, but in fact they don’t belong to us. It is a good practice to enjoy their presence in our life in freedom, knowing that they all have their own sovereignty.

You must unlearn, what you have learned.” On our way to realization, it’s important to clear the mind of old beliefs, patterns and habits, whether they come from our ancestors, mass consciousness, past lives or this lifetime. Anything is possible and everything is all right. Restrictions and borders exist only in our minds through mental programming, and we just can’t go forward with that old way of thinking and acting. The awareness that we can be the highest authority for ourselves is a huge step on our way.

Do .. or do not, there is no try.” We can apply this advice in many different situations concerning jobs, relationships, money or travel. Firstly, we must have the courage to remove all these ‘buts’ from our minds, and then stay open in trust and just allow. We can’t want our realization only partly. It’s about a clear statement: yes or no.

Dear Master Yoda, what would be Star Wars without you? You are the inspiration for entire generations, for so many who are intrigued by your knowingness and wisdom.

Forrest, Billy and Yoda live within me along with many other characters. I’m a fool, an artist, a wise man/women and anyone else I want to be (including an FBI agent). I can experience joy, sadness, love or despair. However, it’s important to remember that this world is made up, so we should be not so serious about our matters. We are so much more than our experiences, even if they all affect our I Am. Being in our center, we are able to see our life here from a different perspective.

Laughing at ourselves, finding humor in every situation, including human drama, is the art of living. Here I Am with my all facets, honoring them for everything they are, knowing that we all are just actors in that grand play called LIFE.

Anna lives in Poland and works as sworn translator of German. She likes walking in the woods or on the beach at the Baltic Sea, and adores British humor, listening to good music, traveling, watching interesting films and tennis. Sometimes she plays guitar. Her motto in life is “I regret nothing.” Anna can be contacted here.

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  • Adoracion on September 3, 2017 7:15 AM said:
    Gracias, lo comparto todo, las cosas de la vida no son un "intento", la Vida Es

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