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Depending on our level of consciousness, dreams have different content and depth, and they fulfill different roles. Adamus said that people on the path of Realization not only dream on many levels, but their dreams are much more literal. You don’t need dictionaries of symbols and Egyptian dream books to understand them. The spirit communicates with us directly, with simplicity and clarity.

You’ve no doubt had “special dreams” that are more meaningful and vivid than others, and these play important roles in helping you to transform, understand and integrate whatever skeletons remained abandoned in your closet.

First, by acting them out, dreams release and purify the resistant, difficult aspects. All those sad stories that have been stuck, looping over and over for centuries and lifetimes – they finally find resolution. The unhappy, unfulfilled love finds its way out. Some ancient hurt is understood and forgiven, when finally seen from different perspectives. Even the timeline of events can change, if a given aspect so chooses. It serves the integration of all those parts of you that have remained lost and tormented somewhere on the outskirts of your consciousness.

Second, in these special dreams you prepare yourself for the masterful life after Realization, which means your Light Body keeps on “constructing” and strengthening itself. But we also learn, create and train in a safe non-material environment, so it can eventually be implemented here on Earth and in the physical body.

Third, we teach others. When visiting other dimensions, such as the New Earths and various angelic spaces, we train others to descend into matter here on Earth. Or, as Masters, we teach others who also choose enlightenment, no matter where they are. Energy doesn’t care about time and space.

And the best thing is that all of these things happen in our dreams simultaneously. One of these dreams came to me recently and felt so vivid, so powerful, and yet so effective and helpful that when my partner heard it, he asked me to share. Maybe you’ll find it as useful as we did.


The memory of this dream begins with my 6-month-old puppy, Amja [pronounce: amyah]. She’s possessed. She looks like a small werewolf with red eyes, sticky, fuzzy fur with bald patches, and leaps at me ferociously. She wants to eat me! And wants it to hurt!

Suddenly, a woman looking like a weary, old-fashioned clerk emerges: a 1970s hairstyle, cheap glasses, ugly brown suit, no makeup, dark circles under her eyes. Just when the dog is about to lunge at me, the woman grabs it, turns it over on its back and starts choking it. I know I have to come to terms with the death of my beloved Amja.

This is the first moment when I am aware of both me’s: the dreaming me and the dreamed one. Agnieszka from the 3D reality feels and co-decides with the me from the dream. The moment I give up and deeply allow the dog to die, Amja exhales a gray ball of dust and returns to her cute puppy form. I have no doubt that my real dog, sleeping in the hall, is really experiencing this and fully aware of this confusing event.


I look around and realize I am inside of a very deep and high mountain, filled with majestic stairs, buildings, pillars and sculptures, something like the city of Dwarves or the kingdom of Wood Elves from The Hobbit movie. It is semi-dark, and everything is extremely monumental and overwhelming in its scale. (Since I can’t watch anything but fantasy movies lately, and have re-watched the whole Tolkien saga recently, my mind displayed in this dream the most accepted scenery. I guess it’s a deep longing for some magic in a grey, boring, human life.)

As Amja recovers, the “clerk,” still stroking the dog, says in a choked, tense voice, “What are you waiting for? Ring the alarm, ring the bells! They are coming!” And suddenly I begin to feel it, a slow stealth from a distance. I realize ogres, orcs and trolls are coming in great numbers.

I look around and see exquisite amber bells hanging in strategic places throughout the interior of the mountain.

These are amber pipes of various lengths hanging in rows, shimmering with a golden, honey-colored glow in this twilight. I pick up an amber baton from somewhere and ring the bells closest to me with all my strength. Their sound is unearthly, as if it was not there, silent, and yet it is perfectly audible. I have never heard such a sound on Earth. Then a Door appears in the rock wall and both Amja and I hurry into the chamber behind it.


The chamber is full of light; huge crystal chandeliers give off brilliant sparkles. The large table, arranged in a horseshoe shape, is waiting, empty for now. I sit down with the confused doggie on the edge of the table and wait. Soon, those for whom the Amber Bell rang, begin to appear.

Gigantic men, 2.5-3 meters tall, looking and dressed in every way possible. Bearded and beardless, long hair and bald. Eccentrics in big colorful sneakers, rock-and-rollers in black leather, freaks in samurai armor, Viking leather, jeans and funny T-shirts – whatever fashion you can think of, it’s there, in every possible configuration. They keep coming from different parts of the world and sit down at the table.

They have one thing in common: they are WONDERFUL. They have luminous eyes, they smile warmly, they are full of dignity, peace and grace. They joke, laugh and look at me with loving attention, because I’m NEW here. They all have known each other for various lengths of time, but it’s my first time here. I feel so happy about it, in love with this group, and delighted. Absolutely delighted. I laugh and smile widely, feeling it clearly as I dream: my sleeping body relaxes and waves of warmth and joy pass through physical, 3D me. I’m probably smiling in my sleep as well.

There are three women at the table. The clerk who administers this room, me and the black-haired beauty in red, who also smiles but is silent. I know that she is a regular visitor to such meetings and has known everyone for a very long time. A colourful, tasty buffet appears out of nowhere next to the tables, and the Giants are obviously preparing for a feast and having fun before the fight.


It all makes me stop and wonder about two very important things: time and space.

As soon as I begin to feel unease about the feast, worried that it would take too long and we would lose to the orcs, I immediately realize that the moment I stepped through the Door, time outside stopped. Everything froze. Ogres, orcs and trolls stuck petrified in mid-motion. Only when I step through that Door again will time unfreeze. Even though the Feast will last for many days, out there only second has passed.

And space. I ask one of the Giants, the first one who came – a sweet, teddy-bear redhead with a long beard and huge sneakers shimmering with all unearthly colors – “What about the Door? Won’t they find it and come here?”

“Oh darling,” he smiles at me, “The door is only for those who can see it.”

It turns out that I am as tall as my Giants, also wear eccentric clothes, have a ring on my finger representing a golden three-dimensional triangle, and possess an extremely long and thin sword. Giants start asking me about this sword and my status (remember, I’m the new one and, as it turns out, the youngest of all).

“How are you going to fight darling? And what about your little pup?”

“The doggie will stay here, safe until I get back. And I do NOT fight, I have a different method. I become invisible. On the battlefield, I will look after you and protect you. When help is needed, I will retrieve my skewer and sting the enemy while remaining invisible.”


Suddenly I’m outside the room and in the middle of the battlefield, still inside the dark mountain, surrounded by chaos and the clash of swords.

Till now I’ve been writing “ogres and orcs and trolls” to describe “them” in this dream, but I don’t really see what they are. I feel blurry, dirty shapes, masses of brown flesh with loathsome energy, so I called them orcs to make it easier to imagine.

I am indeed invisible, but still physical! I have a body, so must be careful not to get trampled, and also careful about others. When one of ours is in trouble, I use my funny sword. I don’t kill though; I don’t want to. I just sting the “orc” and it’s enough to distract them. And then I see one of the wonderful Giants wounded. He’s dying. I run to him, carry him from the battlefield, hold his face in my hands and whisper, “Don’t die, please don’t die.” But his eyes dim.

Somehow instantly I know I can resurrect him, that my female energy of life, cycles of nature, motherly love can bring him back to life. And I know I’m not allowed to. I fight with myself. This is another moment when the dreaming me, Agnieszka, also needs to make a choice consciously. We, the dreamer and the dreamed one, must both decide.

I understand that it’s his choice. He decided to go to the Other Side and chose that very moment. I know I must not interfere, and at the same time I’m suffering so much! Bringing him back to life would be so easy for me! Poof! And he would be with us again. I struggle with myself for a moment longer. Again, I know I have to let go – against all human emotion and logic – and I finally release him.

Using my heart and deep feeling, I check with the others. They are safe. They’re not going anywhere. They fight with enthusiasm, passion and humour, because for them it’s just a game. But still, I don’t feel well. I’m sick of this battle crap, this violence, this brutal, smelly energy. So, instead of fighting orcs, I decide to go to the source of this disease. Straight to Sauron’s seat.


(In my dream this is “early” Sauron, appearing in the form of black magician from a dark castle.)

I see myself, in my white sweater with golden bees (I actually own one), black trousers and white sneakers, on the stone bridge. I send the darkness an energetic order: SHOW YOURSELF! Because, finally, I have the opportunity to transform this scene.

What do I mean by that? Well, in the movie, Gandalf failed in the clash with Sauron. Right after he demanded, “Show yourself!” and Sauron flew out in the form of black smoke, Gandalf produced the bubble of light around him to push back the dark energy. Sauron kept attacking and roared ominously, “There is no light, wizard, that can defeat Darkness!” And because Sauron was right, he quickly burned Merlin’s stick to ashes, turned off the light bubble, beat Gandalf to the pulp and put him in a cage.

Watching this in the movie I wanted to scream: “Gandalf! It’s not like that! What are you doing! Wrong, wrong, all wrong! Don’t fight him, ALLOW his energy! Light can never defeat darkness! It is both sides of the same coin! It’s yin and yang! Gandalf, man, TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND INTEGRATE THIS DARKNESS! Because you’ve met it, it’s yours too!”

So now, in my sensual, super-realistic, conscious dream, I had the opportunity to “fix” this scene. Only for myself. For my experience, knowledge and my energy only. This is what Special Dreams are for – deeply personal transformation, learning and training. Safe as a dry run since it doesn’t apply to an earthly body.

I stand on the bridge and order, “Show yourself!”

From that moment on, I experience everything consciously, both as the dreamer and as the dreamed one. We work equally, hand in hand. This is because the Human must cooperate with the Spirit to make the actual transformation.

A terrible black cloud emerges and immediately starts attacking. What to do? I do not create any light bubble. No protection. No fighting. None of it. Instead, I take powerful breaths and, without even the slightest resistance, breathe this Darkness into myself. I breathe in, there on the bridge, and can feel that at the very same time I am also taking deep physical breaths during my sleep. Every time Sauron’s dark tentacles touch my skin, they transform into pure energy inside of me, with every single breath. I’m starting to shine brighter and brighter with each passing moment. It is the transformed and integrated dark energy that powers me from within.

Why? It’s really simple: if I met it, that means it is also mine. And if it’s mine, it cannot hurt me (unless I choose otherwise, but that’s out of the question at this stage of consciousness and experience). The darkness is only energy. Maybe extremely unpleasant at first, but still energy, and still MY energy, so it MUST serve me. This is what’s happening.


Seeing what’s taking place, Sauron stops the attack. “Who are you?!” he asks furiously.

“I Am the Enlightened Master.” My answer is calm and dignified. This is an important moment for me. It’s the first time I say it out loud and with such confidence, so what if it’s only in a dream! This is not an ordinary dream. As a human being I am aware of everything and this is also my/her answer.

Meanwhile, Sauron, seeing that he cannot overcome me with energy, wants to overcome me physically. A squad of terrifying orcs runs out of the gates of the dark castle. And another important thing happens: I literally stop time, doing the freeze-moment for orcs, to think about what to do next.

I consider the available options. Fight? No way. Become invisible? No, that’s not what this is about. I’m not here to run away and avoid.

Another strange thing happens: I’m literally consulting with myself from here and there. As a human, the sleeping, 3D me, I ask the other me on the bridge: Is it possible for me to NOT choose a certain situation, even though I am already physically in it?

And that’s a Very Important Question.

For a realized being who is still in rough three-dimensional reality, it’s a beautiful and simple solution, for the answer, of course, is YES. So, the Master within me answers to myself from the dream – “Yes.”

I turn on the flow of time and the situation changes immediately. The orcs stop seeing me! I am still on the bridge, but for them my figure seems blurry, elusive and – what’s important – sends no signals. I’ve become neutral like air or water. And, since they are programmed to fight and destroy in their crude version of power-games, they start to wipe out each other. I stand in the eye of the cyclone, intact, until the last orc falls into the abyss, and wait for Sauron’s next move.

Shocked and startled, he launches the strongest attack of all, and immediately I start taking powerful, deep breaths. This energy I get from him is so powerful that it makes me float in the air and shine like a thousand-watt light bulb. My features are hardly visible anymore, I am all light. Sauron has given me so much of his power.

Now he too understands that he has a choice: he can completely disappear after giving me all his darkness or he can go away. Of course, he chooses to run away with a terrifying whine. He knows that I will let him exist. I will never chase him or try to destroy him; it is the law of compassion.


And at this point, two things are happening simultaneously.

One is that after Sauron’s escape, I fall disheveled, dirty and exhausted on the pavement. My mind says, “I’ll be recovering from this for about 2 weeks.” And immediately another thought replaces it: “What an out-of-date approach! Sauron didn’t wear me down, he recharged me. Get up girl and feel great!” And I do, feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

The other simultaneous thing is that, as Sauron leaves, I turn my head, as if towards the audience, and begin explaining to my students, who are watching with bated breath, what just happened. Questions from the audience appear at once:

“Why didn’t you finish Sauron and wipe out the darkness?”

Because if it exists, it means that someone needs it. Many benefit from his presence. I couldn’t destroy it, for it would be a violation of the free will of many Souls. There are people who want to fight evil; they haven’t yet experienced what it is like to be brave, sacrifice for the cause, save their loved ones, become brothers in arms, die together in the field of glory. How could I take that away from them? It would be a complete lack of respect and compassion for their sovereign choices.

“Why didn’t you die from so much energy?”

Because I have a light body. And I’ve chosen a potential where my energy never hurts me.

“Could I do it too, what you just did?”

Of course, any human can. It is enough to allow your Realization, and then be patient while it shows up. It takes time for the human body to fully be able to cope with really intense amounts of energy. Practice makes the Master, literally and figuratively. Even the Masters constantly develop and expand – or should I say “explore” – the spectrum of their skills and possibilities.


Fighting Sauron, fighting darkness, only means fighting yourself. Any darkness that happens to you is just a projection of your energy. Don’t fight it, let it integrate. Breathe it in.

Because of my blog Jasna Polska (Bright Poland) I am sometimes asked what meditation, medicine, techniques I use. The answer is: none. For many years, I use nothing at all except for the conscious breath, and allowing whatever arises to pass through me. However, even now, sometimes I forget to do it. Jean Tinder once wrote about herself as a “slow learner, but persistent,” a description that fits me perfectly. But what does all this mean in real life?

I have a really awful neighbour. She is the quintessence of old energy: extreme control freak, very limited, yet greedy for power and energy. After two harsh years of dealing with this situation, asking myself hundreds of times, “Why have I created this smelly energy in my space?” and searching for all that’s worst inside of me, I can say – with all the responsibility and ability to discern – this shit is not mine. Not anymore. She stands for everything I don’t want and don’t choose in my life and represents the worst aspects of 3D human narrow-mindedness and meanness of all sorts. She is the rascal of old energy, a person who, when given even the smallest amount of power, abuses it within seconds.

I just simply cannot stand her presence near me. Unfortunately, until I create my new home “in the woods,” I have to see her almost every day. And whenever it happens, my human feels a burning feeling of complete disagreement with her presence. The Master in me tries to explain, “It’s only her aspect, you’ve had the same one,” or “let her be, this is the last hurrah of old energy,” or “there’s a reason she’s here; the mass consciousness of this neighborhood needs her, otherwise she wouldn’t be so prominent.” But none of that prevents my human from screaming this loud and furious “Get the f@*k out of here!” inside.

After my dream, when I met her and started to feel the old familiar instant hatred, I told myself, “It’s your Sauron, girl, get a grip and breath it in!” But I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. Her energy is so dirty, so poisonous, so smelly, that I just couldn’t force myself to do it.

And then the epiphany came. It’s not HER you’re supposed to breath in, but your own hatred – this bad, burning feeling in your chest – and so I did. And it really helped. Slow learner I am. I had used this method before in every situation but this one. My emotions were too strong to remember what I should do when feeling super stressed out and under extreme pressure of negativity. Over time, things have started to change. First, like the orcs on the bridge, she simply stopped noticing me. Before, she was always happy to provoke me in some way, but now I almost never see her. And when I do, she looks away and pretends not to know me.


Now, I use it almost all the time. Whenever a stupid, dark thought comes, I picture it as a black smoke and BREATH IT IN fully into my body, into my heart, into my space. Very often one breath is enough. Sometimes, when a shame or remorse or resentment of a greater caliber arises, I need 5-10 deep breaths. And it always dissolves, like magic. I don’t even remember what it was afterwards. It feels like the very last bits of my scattered energy are being sucked back so I can finally find myself in a field of safe, clear, sovereign energy that is mine and only mine.

It’s true alchemy for Masters – transforming garbage into gold within you. It’s also the art of discerning what is yours and what’s not, because what’s not yours is what you don’t choose.

And here’s another clue from the dream, specifically the attack of the orcs on the bridge. For me it means that even though you are set in a harsh reality like an unpleasant clerk in the office, hate on social media, or a nasty neighbor next to you, you don’t have to choose it. By that I mean not choosing the standard reaction, which is to fight for energy (however you’re used to doing it, by being Mrs. Nasty or Mr. Nice).

You can simply not agree to be part of this situation. However, you must be aware that if you do this, you’ll disappear. You won’t get energy and you won’t be robbed of it. There will be no adrenaline, no action, no loss and no success. Instead prepare for boredom and emptiness, at least in the beginning. People always want someone else’s energy. If you don’t get into power-games, you won’t matter to them anymore. You’ll disappear like I did on that bridge. Even though I still stood there, the orcs stopped seeing me and turned against each other.

There are other important things in this dream – matters of life and death, free will and true compassion, metaphysical role of our animals, masculine and feminine energy, and also creating new dimensions and “managing” time and space. One of them, judging by the energy of joy and peace, which I never feel so intensely in 3D, was a meeting with other embodied masters, the Giants. I hope they were the two thousand who have allowed their Realization so far. It was GREAT seeing you my Dear Ones, thank you for your sweet Presence.

I don’t remember too many of my dreams. I guess I made a deal with myself that I only remember the most important ones – those with a message I can understand, those that help me to cope and see more. After waking up, I felt peace and a kind of solemnity for a long time. I know it was a gift from me from the future and another dimension for me here.

Realization is not what we are expecting and waiting for as human beings. At least mine was definitely not what I was hoping for. Instead of the long-awaited nirvana, there came amazing body aches, huge mental and physical discomfort (thanks to Adamus, now I know it’s the Tears of Humanity that plowed through me). There was also a great longing to leave this world, because it is repulsive and disgusting as never before (dear Sart and I have been talking ever since). Only solitude and contact with the I Am brings relief. But because of the gravity of Earth, it’s not instant nor constant. I still need to intentionally plug in and keep coming back to that state. Sigh…

This is why this dream gave me encouragement. It was one big message which I can summarize into: “Endure a little longer, girl. You can do it. You will do it. Just please, have patience. One day true Magic will really begin.”

Agnieszka lives in Tricity, Poland with her cosmic Soulmate and a little dragon Amja. She runs blog & portal (which means light/bright Poland). She may be contacted her via her website or email.

8 comments on "Playing with Darkness"

  • Janet on May 18, 2021 10:18 PM said:
    I am still in complete awe of the connection I have with your story. Thank YOU! Janet
  • Светлана on May 18, 2021 10:50 AM said:
    Какая красота и целый сундук мудрости. Очень и очень понравилось Ваша статья. Нахожу много общего со своими состояниями и посланиями самой себе во снах. Да. Есть такое. Благодарю ВАС.
  • Cindy on May 18, 2021 4:43 AM said:
    Thank u! Very helpful for a world where we have to deal with all the conspiracy people who are basically out of trust with themselves, having all these ideas about power, money and world orders and then try to convince you that you are no more then a farm animal when you decide to take the covid-19 vaccin. Because… it really doesn’t matter what you choose as a soevereign master.
  • Karla Bastos on May 18, 2021 2:21 AM said:
    Thank you for sharing your fantastic amazing dream. It was very enjoyable to read. Like watching a movie, I could see the scenes unfolding and feel all the energy and wisdom unfolding. Wonderful.
  • Leila on May 18, 2021 12:05 AM said:
    Thank you. You confirmed. I've been doing this for weeks. Gratitude. 🙏
  • Denise Crispino on May 17, 2021 10:38 PM said:
    Gratidão! Eu adorei! É lindo sentir a Beleza das experiências individuais, tão ricas, mas mesmo sendo tão individuais, ainda oferecem muito apoio para outros, que estão no mesmo processo.
  • Viviana on April 30, 2021 8:09 AM said:
    "Los sueños juegan un papel importante para transformar, comprender e integrar los esqueletos que quedaron abandonados en tu armario" Me encantó esta parte, ya que tuve ese sueño: Un esqueleto enterrado en el fondo de mi armario. También he desmenuzado la saga del Señor de los Anillos, para comprender su simbolismo. Gracias por compartir este profundo y significativo mensaje.
  • Yuliya on April 30, 2021 7:55 AM said:
    Dear Master, thank you very much for sharing such beautiful and special realizations and wisdom! It resonates to me very much .. a lot of the same .. And .. I was probably at that meeting with you at the table, I felt it ... Thank you very much! Hugs! 🙏🌸🙏

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