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Author’s note: this article was originally written before ProGnost 2022, where many of these topics were discussed. Therefore, I added some comments (in italics) after the event.

It’s finally happening! The biggest problem in modern physics has been solved, and the scientific paper demonstrating this theory is coming out in February 2022, approximately one month after Adamus’ ProGnost.

A ‘theory of everything,’ also known as ‘unified field theory,’ is a term used for a theoretical framework that manages to tie together all the known physical phenomena of the universe. In the past century, countless failed attempts have been made to come up with a theory of everything. So far, scientists have failed to reconcile two very different approaches to physics: General relativity (which explains how things work on a big scale, like gravity and orbiting planets) and quantum mechanics (which explains how things work on a subatomic scale). For decades, the biggest question in physics has been how to explain the discrepancy between these two theories: Both seem to be true independently, yet the amount of energy in the vacuum varies greatly in the two theories.

Recently, a friend introduced me to the works of Nassim Haramein, a scientist who has now formulated a unified field theory. He’s not just talking philosophy, but has apparently demonstrated, with mathematical calculations and all, how everything ties together from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. (This is also the scientist who correctly predicted the radius of the proton in 2012 – which now has been experimentally confirmed – thereby proving how the information of the entire universe exists holographically within a single atom.)

Here’s a summary of some of his findings, as I understand them:

• Everything in the physical universe is connected with everything else through a field of information (feedback and feedforward loops) and micro-wormholes. Basically, Haramein is saying that “all energy is one,” and that energy is communication. Sounds familiar? Micro-wormholes would also explain how energy particles/information can appear in different places instantly, without ‘travelling’ there, as Adamus described in ProGnost.

• There’s no real difference between the physical dimension and the spiritual dimension because everything contains consciousness. Consciousness is not localized but is the field in which everything exists. While this is obvious to us, the concept that consciousness is not localized in the brain is still quite revolutionary in the scientific community.

• There’s not much difference between space and matter. 99.9999999% of matter is space. The atom itself is mostly space.

• Space is not empty but packed with energy and information flow. Adamus confirmed this too in ProGnost.

• The solution to space travel is not rocketry but gravity control, which Haramein predicts will be achieved within 10 years (think flying cars and weekend trips to the moon).

• Energy is practically unlimited on the Planck (quantum) level. Understanding the vacuum oscillations on the quantum level leads to an understanding of how this unlimited energy can be tapped into and extracted. As Adamus has tried to explain multiple times, there’s no lack of energy in this universe.

In ProGnost, Adamus also referred to particles popping in and out of this dimension. How this happens is apparently explained in Haramein’s soon-to-be-published paper.

Also, in Keahak, Adamus has talked about many related concepts, for example about flow. Flow is not just a philosophical concept, but apparently flow (what Haramein refers to as ‘fluid dynamics’) is also the key to understanding the source of energy and the structure of space-time.

In the latest Keahak, Adamus also talked about the relationship between light and darkness, and what darkness really is. Interestingly, physicists are coming closer to understanding dark matter, dark energy and what the function of a black hole is.

So, if anyone is still doubting whether Adamus is real, the fact that he’s been talking about these concepts for years should prove that either Geoffrey is secretly a physics genius or that he’s a talented channeler of a wise Ascended Master.

The implications of publishing a paper like this are enormous: For one, this could lead to free energy, meaning a physical reality without energy shortage. Imagine what humans would do if everyone had unlimited energy (can’t quite decide if that would be wonderful or scary…).

Another implication is that a bridge is being built between physics and metaphysics. Modern science is based on a materialistic, fragmented worldview. The exciting news is that the worldview upon which scientific theories are built is starting to shift: The new emerging worldview is a perspective where the physical world is seen as an interconnected, alive, conscious whole rather than a compilation of random, disconnected parts. This means that science itself is awakening. Science is starting to integrate its fragmented aspects into a unified, self-aware oneness. And with Science awakening, its hyperactive little brother, Technology, will surely follow suit. Even though A.I. might never become truly conscious and enlightened, the humans who work in the field might – and that makes a difference.

With a paper like this coming out, even mainstream physicists will hopefully get over their dread of the C-word (consciousness, not corona) and start to ask questions like: What is consciousness? Who are we? And what is the relationship between consciousness and energy?

This brings us to metaphysics. What exactly is our role as metaphysicists? This was the core of Adamus’ message in the ProGnost event. Great scientists are like channelers who tap into consciousness (that’s where we come in!) and then use their skills to translate those ideas into mathematical equations or scientific theories. Our job as metaphysicists is to illuminate different potentials and ideas. We do this simply by being ourselves and radiating our light. If you ever find yourself questioning what the point of staying here and radiating your consciousness is, here’s your answer. Just look at all the incredible changes happening right now in the field of science; changes that will have significant and tangible effects on how humans live on this planet.

Perhaps our job is also to experiment with energy in our own lives, and through embodied experience gain an understanding of how energy relates to consciousness.

I find journaling to be a very amusing and rewarding practice that allows me to remember some of my own metaphysical findings. I’ll share a few of them here:

1. Consciousness is contagious (unfortunately, there are some people who seem to be fully vaccinated against consciousness and display complete immunity to it).

2. The more I accept all energy as mine, the more grace I experience. (I know, not very original.)

3. The more I perceive energy as serving me, the more I experience it serving me. Or as Adamus said in ProGnost, it is our presence that creates reality. When a conscious being perceives and is present, energy forms into matter.

4. Things come into my life in unexpected ways. Trusting the natural flow leads to solutions and outcomes that my mind would not have been able to plan but which are perfectly aligned to what I need right now.

5. The physical dimension is a relational place, which means it’s a great place to understand my relationship with energy.

6. Time is not a prison but a device for experiencing duality and understanding energy. Stepping out of duality opens the doors to Æterna.

7. Most of the energy in the physical dimension is based on polarity: negative and positive charges, force and resistance, etc. I’m curious to see how integrating the light body will affect my relationship with energy. What will it feel like to hold energy that is not based on polarity? For example, I can feel how emotions change into pure sensations without the charge of duality. Adamus explained that energy itself is neutral. However, it can appear as dualistic or charged.

8. I exist in many realities, timelines, and dimensions simultaneously. I’m just starting to feel these different reality aspects, but it’s already a lot of fun! Who needs Netflix when you can just spy on your alternative reality selves?

9. Love of the Self is at the core of this whole mystery of consciousness and energy. As I allow my energy to dance with me, I can hear the song of my soul.

So, what metaphysical discoveries have you made in your life?

Kim is a psychologist, writer and consciousness explorer.  For her master’s dissertation, she studied how dramatic techniques can be applied to facilitate the process of integration after trauma (think of Aspectology and Act of Consciousness combined). Kim can be reached through her website:

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