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The Merlins have returned – 21st Century embodied Merlins. At the recent Crimson Circle event in Romania, Adamus expanded his usual repertoire of distraction tricks and guided us through several eyebrow-raising experiences such as water gazing, mirror gazing, and using our Pakauwahs to sense energies and travel through time and space.

He also taught us about moving through walls and about absorbing books without reading them. (Thanks to Adamus I now have multidimensional nightmares: in my current dreamtime combats I’m now able to bend time and space, which no doubt makes for really cool movie material but leaves my human Self tired and aching in the morning!)

For me the event was about bringing the magic back to life. When I was 15, one of my favourite things to do was to read the Harry Potter series. Reading those books stirred the long-forgotten, sleeping dragon within my teenage Self: a knowingness tugging at the edge of my consciousness whispering that magic exists beyond the pages of fantasy books. Somehow I knew even then – with stubborn and passionate (yet completely inexplicable) conviction – that something exists that is totally beyond this dimension. Secretly I dreamt of a world where real magic is part of real life. I continued reading and dreaming until it was time to grow up; then I stored the dream safely somewhere in the back room of my heart so that I could concentrate on living a dreary, dispassionate shadow of a life.

It took many twists and turns and countless failures at being a muggle, but a decade later I found myself at my first Crimson Circle event – a Mystery School. I was hooked! I felt like Harry Potter arriving at Hogwarts for the first time. A few years later found me sitting in a ballroom in Transylvania, with an Ascended Master bestowing the title of Merlin upon me and one hundred seventy other consciousness explorers. My 15-year old self would be so proud of me! If I were to time-travel back, I’d love to share with her all the things that I’ve learned about real magic. I would want to tell her:

“One day you will discover magic, and this time it will be in a new way, not another manifestation tool or weapon for playing power-games. This time you’ll discover the magic that exists beyond power. You will discover it – when you step out of the hypnotic chess game of mass consciousness and transcend the duality of the black and white chess figures; when hierarchies don’t affect you, and the laws of others have nothing to do with you, because you understand that you’re the chess master, not the pawn trapped in a game; when you have no need or desire to be more powerful than anybody else, because you live in your sovereign domain half a dimension away from those games.

“Dear self, you will discover this magic when you are no longer afraid of fear, for you allow the fear to transform into trust and knowingness and passion; when you are willing to go beyond the edge of your mind to discover feeling, imagination, and sensual experience; when you can focus on multiple facets of the Self all at once, and trust that you can be that expanded without losing yourself, then you are free to be the Magi.

“When you’re not afraid to die, not afraid to live, and not afraid to be born again; when you are so conscious of being consciousness, that you can allow all the stories of the human to ripple away; when you can go beyond what was into what is and what could be; when you expand so much that you no longer tolerate such restrictions as identity or expectations; when you have arrived at yourself and know who you are, then you are ready for true magic.

“When you know that just because something hasn’t been possible before, doesn’t mean it can’t become possible the moment you place your consciousness into that possibility; when you have the courage to choose the new above the old, to choose freedom above limitation; when you are so passionate about being alive, existing, and expressing who you are that nothing can contain that fire, then it’s time for the Merlin within to return. Then you are ready for the alchemy of consciousness, for the human and the divine to meld. And because you truly are a free being, not even restricted by time and space, you can choose to be there now. Become aware of your Magi, and it exists.”

That’s what I would want to say. However, being a good Shaumbra who has learnt all about compassion, I’ll travel back to my past self just to be present with her and say: “You are perfect exactly as you are. All is well. Oh, and for Merlin’s sake, stop dressing like a hippie!”

Recently I Skyped with my parents and mentioned the event that I had just attended. My mother asked me: “So what do you do at these gatherings? Do you meditate there all day long?” I took a deep breath and allowed myself to dive into the memories of this incredible workshop and all the inner shifts that have taken place since … and then remembered who I was talking to. I took another deep breath as I figured out how to distill my experience and translate it into language and concepts that would make any sense to my parents. Should I mention the invisible panther? Should I proudly announce that their daughter is now officially a Merlin – at least according to one of the greatest (dead) alchemists of all times?

Instead I reply: “We work with consciousness.” And I smile to myself at the profundity and truth behind this seemingly casual simplification. Indeed, in the end, life is just icing on the cake; the real magic is consciousness.

Perhaps these new Merlins don’t seem very special. Perhaps we wear jeans, fly on airplanes, fall in love, tell bad jokes and drink too much wine like any other human. The difference is: we allow all perceptions, including the perception of magic.

Kim Seppälä is a new energy writer, and passionate about applying consciousness to her coaching, teaching and creative work. For more inspiration, wisdom and connection, visit her website:, or her blog at

4 comments on "Return of the Merlins"

  • Deb Ford on June 20, 2019 5:18 PM said:
    How amazingly beautiful and timely this article is. I just returned home from Santa Fe and was delighted to re-discover this. Your workshop was groundbreaking for us all. Thank you so much!
  • Les Montgomery on May 13, 2017 6:12 PM said:
    I get it. I mean I REALLY GET IT I'll see you on the your website. I was a minister for over 30 years and now I AM shumbra. much love thanks for your story
  • peter reed on October 14, 2016 11:15 AM said:
    these words, all of them, have magic... real feeling, knowing and remembering... "real magic is consciousness" and "allow all perceptions" thank you kim
  • Stephanie Bowden on September 20, 2016 12:11 PM said:
    Lovely sharing of your story. Wonderfully full of passion. From one Merlin to another, Thank you! Stephanie Bowden

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