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I grew up amidst struggling outside dynamics that made me feel very small in a vast universe. It seemed there was some kind of mysterious overpowering hierarchy that I did not want to understand. At 3.5-years old, I was already rebelling against the authority of both of my grandfathers who wanted to teach me what was right and wrong. I knew better, confronted them, they got furious and, due to their Prussian upbringing, took sticks and beat me up. After they were finished, I sniffed, “But I am right, because I KNOW!” They sighed, resigned from trying to change my mind, and I felt good. Their truth was not my truth.

It was not easy to reach clarity about myself in a post-WWII society, first behind the Iron Curtain and then as a child of refugees in the west. The impact of life’s grayness almost won as I grew into an unmotivated adolescent. The Cold War was not a nice world in which to feel at home. Then, in the late 60s, this changed drastically when I took on a sense of liberty through a budding new radicalism. With this cause, I came alive. Dualistic outside forces ruled my perception; there were good guys to join and bad guys to oppose. I felt like I was part of a new avant-garde movement. It was clear that others need to be fundamentally changed in order to create a harmonious life on this badly ruled planet. Those perceptions resonated deeply, and I adopted them, letting my identity grow to include them, until one day I realized they were not my truth either.

It was in Scotland at the Findhorn community, immersed in an alternative and spiritual lifestyle, where I became aware that “all is inside” and grasped the daily mantra of one of the founders: “All is very, very well.” It was not about changing the outside world but rather revealing one’s inside world, and this was up to everyone at their own pace without power or manipulation from others. In this flag-ship bastion of the New Age, I did not have any curiosity about gurus, aliens, tarot cards or astrology. To me, they appeared as a distraction. Why should I believe in astrology when I feel my destiny is here and now? There is only such a thing as destiny and external influence when you believe in it, and I was skeptical about belief systems, even though I unconsciously cultivated quite a few until I realized their nature.

My big life topic revolved around one central question: What is creation all about? During the following years, I had amazing experiences in creating fascinating projects that, looking back, seemed to be spiced with some magic. Did my willpower create those projects? Interestingly, I realized that when I let my energies flow freely from within, there was no power at all. It was through intuition or inner knowing that the energies started working for me. I didn’t know how, but they manifested into some sort of reality.

For example, I once created a foundation called “Festival of European History” out of nothing but a strong inner impulse to bridge the separate national egoistic perceptions about what I felt was our common cultural essence on this planet.

Human consciousness is expanding everywhere on this planet and has been enriched by inventions, art, music, poetry, etc. A claim on national cultural ownership or heritage is based on illusion and ethnocentric beliefs. But, to me, all fruits of culture and gifts of technology are based on a free expansion of human consciousness. I wrote a concept for a Festival based on those insights and got support from the European Movement, European Parliament, European Union, Council of Europe, Nordic Council, UNESCO, and others. I can now see how this initial creative impulse was inspired by my inner knowing, which ignited my energies to serve me with their inherent intelligence and wisdom.

Not being a historian myself, I invited professors from different countries to gather at the European Cultural Center of Delphi for the purpose of expressing a shared view on history. Arriving at the temple in Delphi, I was deeply touched by the timeless admonition “KNOW THYSELF,” inscribed in stone 2,800 years ago. Yes, this was my real question: Who am I? What a mysterious gooseflesh-inducing question. I knew another layer behind it was “Create and You Know Thyself.” Well, the ambitious cultural part of the Festival didn’t work out because of financials, yet a seed was planted for related projects later in Europe.

With this and other pioneering projects, I began to discover how energies are magically serving me, not just in creating something but in becoming more conscious through new experiences. Energies do not necessarily serve me in a linear way like the mind expects, but more with new unexpected potentials and surprises. I only had a vague feeling that energies are activated somehow when I open to their flow, but I learned to trust the evolution of my projects. Exciting.

Looking back, I realize my energies were always in service to me. When I simply enter through that timeless inner “Delphic portal” and connect with my I Am in my wisdom, inspiration appears to me unexpectedly through inner knowing or intuition. And, of course, it comes only when I do not doubt myself and remain in my sovereignty, liberty, and integrity.

It sounds simple now, but it took me a long time to discover and, at the same time, unwind layers of my “superior” mental complexity into simplicity.

Let me share a little more about this dance of my consciousness and energy. Not at all superhuman, nevertheless I fully resonate with my unlimited spirit, something I already sensed as a little boy. I can only surpass the conditioning of my body-mind through allowing; letting my inner wisdom play its beautiful clarifying role inside my whole being. Inner wisdom is connected with my full Self, from there my lovely mind-body alchemy is stimulated, and this wonderful vehicle is adapting at its own pace.

A body is a most amazing example of communicating energy patterns that perform a more or less harmonious symphony together. Internal communication through the neurons between cells, their chromosomes, DNA, organs, and the entire body is nothing short of miraculous. It is through this inner communication that the body evolves, and I can feel how shifts in my consciousness affect my body’s energies and their interplay. In other words, my eyes are becoming clearer, I can smell better, hear better, see colors more intensely, and my face is more radiant than ever. Thank you, my dear energies.

Miraculously, the intelligence of energy knows exactly what to do. Ignited by my spirit, the neurons in my body channel my own energy with its inherent intelligence as life force into my body’s energy network. The brain serves only as hardware and, to some extent, as memory storage. But memories are not intelligence.

Let me connect this with fundamental changes that technology is moving into. Artificial Intelligence, and the more humanized form of Augmented Intelligence, is highly attractive and seductive. They will always remain an outside influence for the typical human. “Know Thyself” with the help of AI leads not to the real Self but to a fake and artificial identification of self. For future users of AI without much consciousness of their unlimited I Am, this new “Higher Intelligence” will tell them what to do. These people will make choices based on external influences, to which they have given more credit than their own dormant inner wisdom, intuition, and inner knowing. AI will disconnect one from an already low soul-awareness and there is a very real potential that it will create dependencies and even new forms of slavery.

The way out is simply within, connected with the amazing relationship between energy and consciousness. Like Alice in Wonderland discovers life in innocence, freedom, and harmony, I am experiencing that all energies are mine. They are the song of my soul and create my reality on this planet and beyond.

I mentioned how spirit channels my energy as life force into my body, something that everybody knows deep within. It is the same with all I perceive; my energies move in me, through and outside of me as freely as my spirit does. First, my spirit, free by its nature, infuses my neutral energy with my consciousness beyond time and space. Through this, my free-flowing energy is liberated, manifesting and dancing in duality through matter, providing a sense of my current reality which again is paired by un-matter on the non-manifested realm.

All I do is simply allow that interplay, the communication between consciousness and energy, emerging from a part in myself which exists beyond separation. Then I observe what is happening and dive into its magical unfoldment, truly in awe and in the joy of experiencing this amazing life I design and offer myself. AI to me is an exciting tool as long as it is a true servant in the unfoldment of the human. When the self-learning capabilities of AI take priority, human control is left behind in favor of higher efficiency of self-development programs. Only a sovereign human can use AI with the AND, and without attachment.

“All energy is mine” appears, for those who read it for the first time, as a confronting paradox. I can only feel “all energy is mine” by acknowledging and letting go of my mental human judgments and open to the non-restricted soul-awareness within.

To me, the relationship between consciousness and energy is paired with an overwhelming feeling of being reunited with ALL THAT I AM. After a long, long journey and an incredible richness of experiences, it is “Know Thyself” finally distilled into wisdom. Through that, I am aware that energies are serving me. Is it letting my mind still chase for energies in survival-mode? No. Instead I shift into the conscious Master-mode: I allow my energies to serve me, full stop.

We Know that We Know, everyone in their own creation.

Martin often is asked if he is an artist and he replies: yes, an artist of life. He enjoys life fully together with Chloe. At the moment they stay in Lisbon. He loves writing from time to time. He can be contacted via email.

1 comments on "Allowing Energy to Serve"

  • Amaz on May 16, 2020 4:27 AM said:
    Sabiduría y claridad. Muchas gracias.

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