Adamus introduced us to the term “Keahak” in March 2011. He said it means “spirit in experience” (kea) and “energy in action/motion” (hak). It is an ancient word, he said, representing the part of you that connects to and brings in the energies.

Keahak is for those who want a deeper and more frequent connection with the wisdom of Adamus and the Crimson Council. The messages can be supportive or provocative, always very insightful and, at times, very intense. They go beyond the discussions and experiences in the monthly Shoud messages, taking Keahakers to a new level of consciousness and energy in their lives.The Keahak program is a unique year-long journey with Adamus guiding you toward Embodied Realization. Twice a month, Adamus delivers an original message continuously expanding the awareness of Keahak participants. These sessions are available in the House of Keahak, a private and safe space where they can share their experience with others and re-listen to the previous messages as they wish. As Adamus makes his presence known in the House of Keahak, it is common for Keahakers to feel that Adamus is addressing them personally.

Year after year, the Keahak program expands. In other words, it’s never the same. Many Keahakers take part in the program every year because it always leads with new information that supports deep life insights and changes.

Due to the intense nature of Keahak, the program is not open to individuals who are taking SSRI medications (for depression and anxiety) or have taken SSRIs in the past 18 months.