We’re glad you’re here, whether you just found us or have been around for a while and know who Adamus Saint-Germain is.

Here are a few things we’d like to share before you venture further:

• It is very hard to explain in a few words all you can discover on our website, so we won’t even try. Instead, we invite you to explore. Feel the energies, feel the global community of Crimson Circle, and feel the authenticity of the humans that are on their way to embodied Mastery.

• Please take your time, browse around and see what feels right to you. One of the nice things about Crimson Circle is that there are no rules, no memberships, no dues. You can feast on the free monthly channels in video, audio or text format without having to buy a thing or even register on the website. In fact, you get a lot for free and you never have to join anything.

• Our motto is Relax into Enlightenment™. True realization doesn’t require anything other than Allowing. It’s just that simple. Enlightenment doesn’t require rules or memberships or hierarchies or even secret passwords (we don’t have any of those). So please, relax into your enlightenment and enjoy your time here on the Crimson Circle website.

• Not sure where to start? CLICK HERE for a helpful PDF