Crimson Circle is a connecting point for humans who are allowing their enlightenment in this lifetime. The material you’ll find here supports the journey from spiritual awakening to embodied mastery. We honor all people and their chosen belief systems, and do not subscribe to limitations involving the human condition.

We’re all about consciousness. It begins with the simple, personal realization of “I Exist” and then expands into multi-dimensional creation and experience. Some would say we’re New Age or spiritual, but not really. We’re definitely not a religion or church; we don’t have any rules, memberships or dues. We’re just about consciousness.

The Crimson Circle began in 1999, guided for ten years by the inspired messages of the angelic being known as Tobias. After returning to human form in 2009, Tobias’ guiding role in the Crimson Circle was assumed by his good friend and fellow Ascended Master, Adamus Saint-Germain.

Here are some other facts About Us:

• We’re based in Golden, Colorado, USA. We love having a “Golden” postal address. It just sounds better than Plainsboro or Hoboken.

• Our Internet broadcast and recording studio is in Louisville, Colorado. It’s pronounced “Lew-is-vill” not “Loo-vill.” Loo-vill is in Kentucky.

• We have a second base of operations in Kona, Hawaii. It’s called Villa Ahmyo, and includes the beautiful Shaumbra Pavilion where we host intimate and life-changing gatherings with Adamus Saint-Germain.

• We have about 20 full- and part-time staff members, plus dozens of international web hosts, translators, helpers, volunteers (you'll find them listed in the back of Shaumbra Magazine every month). Many of them have been with us for 10+ years. We’re getting older (and younger), and we’re still having fun.

• We do a live webcast on the first Saturday of each month (with one month off during the summer), featuring Adamus Saint-Germain. It’s free. You don’t have to pay anything. Sweet.

• We do about 25 live events around the world each year. We used to do more, but traveling has gotten harder and we like our studio, the Crimson Circle Connection Center, in Colorado and our new center in Hawaii.

• We have no Rules, Rituals or Requirements. There are no memberships or dues, and you’re not required to take any courses unless you want to.

• We’re a regular “C” for-profit US corporation, because there’s just too much paperwork to be a non-profit. And we’re not a church.

Company Information

The Crimson Circle Energy Company, Inc. is a wholly virtual company. Based in Golden, Colorado and incorporated in the State of Nevada, we broadcast from our studio in Louisville, Colorado and sometimes from the Shaumbra Pavilion in Kona, Hawaii. Our purpose is to offer information from Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, Kuthumi lal Singh and other angelic beings as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, and to support those who are consciously choosing embodied enlightenment.

Our activities include a free, live monthly webcast; frequent online classes and events; many workshops and schools presented around the world each year by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe; and an online store with a vast library of inspiring content available for free or purchase. We also host social media sites for connecting with kindred spirits.

The Crimson Circle serves humans who have had their spiritual awakening in this lifetime and are now going into their Embodied Realization, also known as enlightenment. These Masters come from all walks of life, a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds, and from over 130 countries around the world. The common element is that they have all experienced a deep and personal awakening, and are now experiencing what it is like to come to Realization.

Very little has been written or taught about this process because few humans have done it while staying in the physical body. Through the messages of the angelic guides, as well as the experiences of those who are part of the Crimson Circle, a new chronicle is being compiled about coming from awakening into mastery, and ultimately Realization. This recorded history will be available to others making the journey from awakening to Realization for generations to come.

The Crimson Circle began in 1999 based on the inspired messages of Tobias. Tobias is best known for his lifetime over 2,500 years ago as portrayed in the apocryphal Book of Tobit. He brought his messages, wisdom and humor delivered through Geoffrey Hoppe for ten years, offering assistance to those who are going through the process of spiritual awakening and transformation. Since Tobias returned to Earth in July 2009, Geoffrey now delivers messages from Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of St. Germain who is here to provide guidance and inspiration for those committed to their full Realization.

The core Crimson Circle work deals with the integration of the Human, Master and I Am. In this trinity, the human is here for experience, the Master brings all experience to wisdom, and the I Am is the pure consciousness of the soul. Realization is the conscious awareness of the human, Master and I Am, also known as the Body of Consciousness.

The Crimson Circle has an open belief system that honors all people and their diverse beliefs, and does not subscribe to limitations involving the human condition. There is no membership, and the only dues are those related to the personal challenges and joys of coming to Realization.

Crimson Circle Energy Company, Inc. P.O. Box 7394 Golden, CO 80403 USA


The material presented here is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations.

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