The Crimson Circle Angels are an extraordinary blessing to Shaumbra® around the world. They make it possible for the Crimson Circle to expand, stay up to date with technology, offer world-class customer service, continue to create more and more material to support our enlightenment – and so much more.

Why the Crimson Circle Angels?
In Adamus Saint-Germain’s first message after taking over for Tobias on September 5, 2009, he asked Shaumbra to add their energy to the Crimson Circle, to be involved and contribute in some way to the well-being of the organization. This could be as simple as sending blessings, volunteering at events, or perhaps contributing financial support. At that point, because so many people wanted to send in regular donations, we created the Crimson Circle Angel program as a way for Shaumbra to participate with their financial support.

How are Angels' funds used?
Financial contributions from Angels provide support for the many different programs and activities of the Crimson Circle. The funds are used to provide services such as the extensive Crimson Circle website, free webcasts, free transcripts, highly responsive customer services, multiple social media communities, free audio and video recordings of all the monthly Shouds, the Shaumbra® Magazine, international websites, and the Crimson Circle Store, which provides a vast array of life-changing presentations and an entire selection of free downloads.

How does it work?
If you are interested in supporting Crimson Circle through the Angel Subscription Program, there are three levels of participation to choose from. Depending on your choice, benefits include: access to two special “subscribers only” Adamus channels each year; discounts on products, Cloud Classes and live-hosted events; advance registration notice of workshops; special announcements of new releases; membership in the subscriber-only private social network, the House of Angels.

No obligation
Although it is always very much appreciated, there is never any pressure or requirement to become a Crimson Circle Angel or to send financial support, and we never ask for donations. This program was created for those who desire to energetically and financially support the work all of us are doing, and it is also a way for us to express our appreciation in return.

Becoming an Angel
If you would like to become a Crimson Circle Angel, please click here to see the Angel benefits and select your preferred level of support. We will list your name on our special Crimson Circle Angels list below (unless you choose to be anonymous). 

We extend sincere and heartfelt gratitude to these and other anonymous Angels who choose to financially support the Crimson Circle. Together we bless and expand the consciousness of All That Is.

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