As angel beings living on Earth, humans naturally experience cycles of ebb and flow, especially within our own energy and emotions. In awakening, these cycles can become more pronounced and challenging for a time. Adamus has stated that depression is often a symptom of the suppression of this natural movement of energy. Furthermore, in the case of awakening humans, depression is often one of the first symptoms of a budding awareness that the 3D reality in which we live is very limited and suppressive to who we really are. In a sense, awakening causes “cracks” in our awareness of this 3D construct, which can be overwhelming to the human personality.

Anti-depressants, of which the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) are some of the most potent, appear to act by smoothing over these “cracks” and reinforcing our perception of 3D reality. This may help an awakening human feel better at first. However, as they continue along the awakening journey and more things about who they really are come to the surface, the depression may significantly worsen. Suppressing these emotional states with medications is detrimental to the process, because these cycles are what build the momentum to bring one out of the old patterns into a more expanded consciousness.

Keahak, Aspectology, the Sexual Energies School, and other workshops serve to facilitate this awakening and expansion. They require that one is able to fully experience all emotional states as they occur, because going through such deep experiences while under a “blanket” of suppression can cause even greater imbalance. While it can be difficult to feel the depths of darkness and trauma, going into and through these inner layers is the only way to go beyond them.

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