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  • ProGnost™ 2021, January 16, 2021 - Early Price extended!
    Posted January 10, 2021

    ProGnost is Adamus’ annual trend forecast to discuss the potentials and energy dynamics for the planet. These much-anticipated messages are accurate and helpful tools for tuning into the current consciousness, developments and changes on Earth, as well as average human life and the future trends. ProGnost 2021 will give you tools to help maintain an abundant balance in your life, facilitate your embodied realization, and have the discernment to know the difference between distractions and opportunities.

    $75 USD early bird EXTENDED through January 12, 2021
    Regular price $100 after January 12, 2021.

    For more information - click here

  • Shaumbra Magazine - January 2021
    Posted January 1, 2021
    The January 2021 issue of the Shaumbra Magazine is now available.  Click here for the PDF format.
  • Important Change - January 2 Shoud moved to January 9, 2021!
    Posted December 21, 2020

    We moved the January 2021 Shoud from January 2 to January 9 in order to give the Crimson Circle staff more time to enjoy the holidays, and for Linda and Geoff to stay one more week in Hawaii. Please join us on Saturday, January 9 at 1:00 PM MST for the first Adamus Shoud of the New Year.

    For more information - click here
  • In The Air - Special Message from Adamus - Free
    Posted December 19, 2020

    In this unusual news flash, Adamus Saint-Germain makes some significant announcements. The Ascended Masters Club has now reached the milestone of 10,000 members; there is a corresponding number of embodied Masters on Earth; the coronavirus, having done its job, is on the way out; and all this happening at the Grand Conjunction on the 2020 Winter Solstice. This transformational time is all about your own personal freedom and the tremendous weakening of external power. With the Order of the Arc closed – which Adamus said was the “keeper of Time” – now is the time to let energy serve you boldly and fearlessly. Embodied Masters are on the planet and magic is in the air.

    For more information - click here

  • Special Message from St. Germain -For 12 12 2020 - now available!
    Posted December 11, 2020

    2020 will be remembered as a pivotal year for humanity – and beyond. The profound planetary changes in this Time of Machines have gone beyond Earth to affect the angelic families, aliens and the Order of the Arc. According to St. Germain, all viruses exist to bring energies back into balance. And, with human consciousness ready for a fundamental evolution, the coronavirus emerged to facilitate massive changes across the planet. New discoveries are emerging in technology, biology, physics, manufacturing, politics and more, all made possible by the presence of a relatively small group of conscious beings on the planet. As humanity nears singularity, ungrouping changes the very nature of life on the planet and people turn towards humanism and individuality, the consciousness of those allowing their Realization is needed now more than ever. It’s exactly why you’re here.

    For more information - click here

  • Merlin I Am Series - Shoud 3, December 5, 2020 is available
    Posted December 8, 2020
    Shoud 3 of the Merln I Am Series is now available - click here
  • Sexual Energies School Online: June 18 - 20, 2021
    Posted December 1, 2020

    Nearly all of us have experienced childhood trauma, emotional wounding, energy feeding, power games, and even physical or sexual abuse in our lives. With these painful things in our history, it’s easy to see other people and situations as the cause of our unhappiness and limitation. However, with a deeper understanding of energy dynamics and the choice for self-love, one begins to realize that it has all been a wisdom-gathering game played out in the basic pattern of the masculine-feminine energy split. As a result of this duality imbalance, there is an energy virus that has brought distortion to every part of life, including relationships, sexuality, physical health and more. Even though this virus is pervasive and seemingly inescapable, there is a solution, one that opens the way to self-love, energy sovereignty and enlightenment.

    For more information - click here

  • Relax Into Realization Vol 2 - New Music Audio - Free!
    Posted December 1, 2020

    This is it, our time of Realization, and we truly hope that this music inspires you and gracefully supports your journey to embodied enlightenment. Volume II of Relax into Realization is based on compositions that came to Gerhard during 2020 and is an expression of different phases he experienced during this extraordinary year. The general mode is positive and uplifting with tunes like the “Realization” song, the only track with lyrics, or “Master’s Lounge,” a very chilled Ukulele tune. But this album contains also some tracks with a deeper, more complex and jazzy expression like “Hope” and “Ease and Grace.” The last two tracks, “New Horizons” and “Freedom” are especially dedicated to all our Shaumbra friends who crossed over and left their body in this year of transition, a farewell to our fellow travelers.

    For more information - click here

  • New! Master's Pause - "I Am Free" Now available
    Posted November 30, 2020

    Everybody wants freedom. Or do they? True freedom means absolute responsibility for oneself and releasing all protective barriers in order to finally experience the soul’s innate liberty. According to Adamus, the human has been “outside” of consciousness, an intended separation for the sake of experience that has caused issues of suffering, abandonment and more. Now it’s time to transcend that separation and experience absolute freedom. Some of the biggest things standing in the way are the past, mass consciousness, time and the mind. When these are released, we can move toward something that’s never been done before – the integration of consciousness and energy, allowing oneself “into greatness” of mastery and wisdom.

    For More Information - click here

  • Three New Events in Europe 2021 - Available for sign up!
    Posted November 7, 2020

    The Channeling (and Sensing) Workshop, Rust, Austria. September 1 - 5, 2021

    From Geoff:
    This is one of my favorite workshops because it's fun, it's interactive and you'll walk away with many valuable tools. Plus, I have the opportunity to share some of my personal insights and experiences that I don’t usually get a chance to talk about. The Channeling and Sensing Workshop is a practical, hands-on event for those who want to learn how to communicate with Spirit, angels, nature and even pets.

    For more information - click here


    Time of The Merlin, Bled, Slovenia. September 11 - 12, 2021

    Join us for a big Shaumbra gathering in September 2021 in Bled, Slovenia.  Bled, in the area of one of St. Germain’s old Mystery Schools, is a beautiful setting surrounded by mountains, Lake Bled and Bled Island. Bled is a small village less than an hour’s drive from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It’s easy to access from just about anywhere in Europe, the prices are reasonable and we know the area well because we’ve been there 5 times in the past.

    For More Information - click here


    Energy Works, Saintes Maries de la Mer, France, September 17 - 21, 2021

    Shaumbra is at the forefront of understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy. At this gathering Adamus will go in depth into the physics and psychology of how to put energy to work in your life, in a practical and useful manner. This will be one of many Shaumbra groups to explore the intimacy and sensuality of their own energy, and how to let it serve your true desires and creations. We can’t say too much more about this gathering because Adamus always surprises us, but we can say this event is for those that are eager to live abundantly as Embodied Masters, with energies serving them in the most graceful way.

    For More information - click here

  • Dreamwalk of Realization - Available Now!
    Posted October 30, 2020

    You chose this exact time for your Realization, and it’s right here. However, of utmost importance is letting go of all expectations about what ascension or enlightenment really means. The fact is, anyone can choose and allow their Realization, but human feelings of guilt and shame often stand in the way. In this profound journey into your own heaven, Adamus Saint-Germain invites you to feel how everything, without exception, is your energy. The “veil” or perception of separation is caused by thinking that anything is outside you. Then he guides you into a moment beyond time, surrounded by your past lives and coming face to face with the Merlin. For those who truly allow, this is the end of separation and the Realization of every part of yourself, a fact which literally changes history.

    For more information - click here

  • Act of Consciousness Podcast available
    Posted October 16, 2020

    Title: Act of Consciousness – Creating Your Life and Your Reality with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

    Click here

  • "Create Happy Now" podcast
    Posted October 7, 2020

    Geoffrey Hoppe joins Susan Blanton on the "Create Happy Now" podcast for a wide ranging discussion of interest to awakening humans. Geoff shares a perspective on how Consciousness is expanding in 2020 and the appropriateness of what is unfolding in the world; What it means to live Realization/Enlightenment on the planet and its challenges for the human. The discussion includes karmic relationships, how energy serves the conscious being, death and why we are here at this time.

    The hour long podcast provides a comprehensive summary of the wisdom from those involved with the Crimson Circle. The Crimson Circle began in 1999 as a connecting point for humans allowing their Enlightenment in this lifetime. 

    Click here

  • Positive Life Interview
    Posted October 5, 2020

    Paul Congdon, "Positive Life Magazine" conducted a thoughtful interview with Geoff and Linda which included an audience question and answer session at the end. Paul, having done his homework, asked wise questions about the relationship of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic imbalance on the planet. The discussion continued on the differences between channeling Tobias and Adamus, as well as abundance, death, and the free energy body. Geoff and Linda took audience questions that centered on our role in the world as this momentous time. In addition to the article link, there is a full YouTube video of the interview in the Positive Life Magazine channel. Be sure to check out the back page for the special Crimson Circle advertisement. 

    Click here

  • 3 New Online Events Early 2021
    Posted September 20, 2020

    ProGnost™ 2021 - Online Only - Saturday, January 16, 2021 (English and Spanish)

    Since 2014 ProGnost has become one of the most sought after and discussed Shaumbra events of the year. Adamus, dedicated to guiding us into our embodied Realization, doesn’t usually address the state of the planet, politics, aliens, the environment or the future. But twice a year he opens his cloak to reveal what he and the other Ascended Masters foresee for our planet in the years ahead.

    Adamus has not yet given us the title or subject for ProGnost 2021 but based on previous events it’s likely to be compelling, insightful and provocative.

    For more information - click here

    Aspectology® School ONLINE - January 22 - 24, 2021

    Originally channeled by Tobias in April 2008, it’s among the most transformational classes offered by the Crimson Circle. We updated Aspectology in August 2015. It includes additional channels from Adamus that are now an integral part of the Aspectology School, as well as comments from Geoff and Linda before each channeled session as they host the School live.

    If you’ve never taken Aspectology, now is the perfect time. We offer it online once a year only.

    For more information - click here

    The Threshold™ Online - February 12 - 14, 2021

    According to Adamus, what one experiences in the Threshold workshop is something every single Ascended Master has gone through. It is the final step before Realization.

    For more information - click here

  • Sandcastles on the Edge - New Music Audio - Free!
    Posted August 5, 2020

    The human is still trying to get it right, creating aspects, projects and identities, working hard at Realization like building elaborate sandcastles on the beach. But inevitably the tide of consciousness comes in and washes it all away, leaving only the I Am. It’s time to allow and to own everything about yourself. In Shoud 12 of the Passion 2020 Series, Adamus offered a “super merabh” to support this release. This unique session provides a few words from Shoud 12, followed by about 40 minutes of music infused with the energies of the merabh. A beautiful gift of letting go and owning all of yourself.

    For more information - click here

  • New - Energy Works & Master Code Events - Hawaii, 2021- now available!
    Posted June 6, 2020

    Energy Works
    Join us in Kona, Hawaii, to celebrate a new Energy Works workshop at Villa Ahmyo!Shaumbra is at the forefront of understanding the relationship between consciousness and energy. At this gathering Adamus will go in depth into the physics and psychology of how to put energy to work in your life, in a practical and useful manner. This will be one of the first of many Shaumbra groups to explore the intimacy and sensuality of their own energy, and how to let it serve your true desires and creations.

    The Master Code
    Join us in Kona, Hawaii, to celebrate a new Master Code workshop at Villa Ahmyo! 

    The Master Code is an all-new gathering with Adamus Saint-Germain. The word “code” means a form of communication or symbols, as well as a set of ethics and conduct. We can’t say too much more about this workshop because it has only been done once and Adamus is prone to making changes and adjustments right up to the last minute.

    For more information - click here

  • The Master's Life, Part 12 - Pathways to Realization
    Posted April 28, 2020

    Until now, spirituality has been the most common path to Realization, but there are many others. In the past, these have included very difficult things like torture, suicide, and other traumas, as well as easier paths such as nature, creativity, and even impending death. In this modern era, things like physics and technology can also provide the pathway to Realization, but there are also distractions, dead ends and steppingstones along the way.


  • Master Up with $44!
    Posted March 28, 2020

    You’re amazing! We have been inundated with inquiries, both on social media and in emails, asking how you can support the Crimson Circle right now at this Time of Convergence. Someone had the brilliant idea to do a special $44 one-time “Master Up” donation to tie into Shoud 8 of the Passion 2020 Series, to be aired on April 4, 2020 (4/4/4), when Adamus talks more about the disbanding of the 144,000 angelic families. It’s also the time when the planet moves from the “33” Christ-consciousness number to the “44” Master number.

    Thanks to this great idea, we have created this special donation page. The funds will be used to continue the work of Crimson Circle in providing up-to-date and insightful information about Realization, and what’s happening on the planet and around the cosmos.

    For more information - click here
  • Adamus' Global Virus Prediction - Free!
    Posted March 17, 2020

    At the ProGnost event in January 2014, Adamus Saint-Germain predicted a virus coming to the planet, stating, In the next few years there will be an uncontrolled – mostly uncontrollable virus – whether it’s something like a cold or flu, and it won’t have a solution. He continued talking about what a virus actually is, beyond the biology and science, and now, six years later, humanity is faced with one of its biggest dramas in modern times. The public is fearful, mass consciousness is in a state of near chaos, and nobody seems to have the answers.

    For more information - click here

  • About the CoronaVirus 2020- FREE!
    Posted March 2, 2020

    In early 2020 one of humanity’s biggest concerns is the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus. In late February, Adamus gave a short message with his insights on what this virus is about and why it is manifesting on Earth. He said that every virus, even the common flu, is ultimately a consciousness virus. It stems from an imbalance in human consciousness and serves to bring resolution to the imbalance. Adamus stated that the “coronavirus” is specifically related to the current economic and financial imbalances and lack of equality on the planet. In fact, it is technology that can ultimately help to rebalance this situation. For Shaumbra, Adamus says there is nothing to fear when you allow all energy to serve you.

    For more information - click here

  • Villa Ahmyo
    Posted November 3, 2017

    Villa Ahmyo is the culmination of a long-held dream of Geoff and Linda to create a safe space for Shaumbra to experience the Ahmyo Life in small groups or individually. As Adamus brings into focus what Ahmyo represents in the integration of the master and the human, the opportunity for Villa Ahmyo showed up and became reality in a matter of weeks.

    Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, Villa Ahmyo is filled with beauty and grace, tranquility and ease. It sits in nature among lush tropical trees, foliage and flowers, with a panoramic west-looking view of the Pacific Ocean.

    For More Information click here

  • In Honor of John Kuderka
    Posted October 3, 2017

    John Kuderka made his transition late Tuesday afternoon. John helped make the Crimson Circle what it is today with his technical expertise and passion for Shaumbra. Please take a moment and join with thousands of Shaumbra and angelic entities to greet and honor John as he comes to the other side. This is not a DreamWalk, but rather a Procession of Honor for a dear, sweet and amazing man. THANK YOU John, we love and admire you!

  • Faces of our Shaumbra Family - Video
    Posted May 8, 2016

    CLICK HERE to enjoy this heart touching video with photos of Shaumbra around the world. What a beautiful family we are!

    To participate in the next "Shaumbra Family" project, please send your photo to [email protected] You may also see these photos in our family album.

    Posted April 25, 2016
    A brand new venue for selling and sharing your creations with other Shaumbra. Check it out! 
    Posted March 30, 2016
    We have recently added a Crimson Site Map, that will give you an immediate view of the entire website.  The site map can be found on the footer of every page. All headings in the site map are clickable.   Click here to view.