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  • In Honor of John Kuderka
    Posted October 3, 2017

    John Kuderka made his transition late Tuesday afternoon. John helped make the Crimson Circle what it is today with his technical expertise and passion for Shaumbra. Please take a moment and join with thousands of Shaumbra and angelic entities to greet and honor John as he comes to the other side. This is not a DreamWalk, but rather a Procession of Honor for a dear, sweet and amazing man. THANK YOU John, we love and admire you!

  • Shaumbra Magazine - October 2017
    Posted October 3, 2017

    The October 2017 issue of the Shaumbra Magazine is now available.  Click here for the PDF or e-reader format.

  • ProGnost™ 2018 - "Into the New" is now available for In-Person or Online Live!
    Posted October 3, 2017

    Live In-Person and Online Event happens on January 13, 2017 (Spanish and English)

    What’s going on?

    • Technology accelerating at a rate soon to exceed the human mind’s ability to handle
    • Weather and climate catastrophes happening at unprecedented levels
    • Duality at an all-time high in politics, race, gender, finance and more

    Adamus says these changes and more are coming about because we’ve asked for them. Consciousness is opening and it’s a messy process; not everyone wants to wake up just yet. What does this mean for humanity, planet Earth and Shaumbra? Tune in to ProGnost 2018 and find out!

    Fore More Information - Click Here

  • Amirya – The 12 Year Collection
    Posted October 2, 2017

    Amir Yakobi came into this lifetime with a true gift – the ability to translate energy into sound, inspiration into harmony, and passion into rhythm. He has spent the last 12 years composing, creating and performing music for film, theater, concerts and more.

    Now, as Amir moves into the next phase of his inspired creations, he is offering this 12 Year Collection to celebrate. The tracks include highlights from four other albums, as well as a number of previously unreleased recordings. The downloadable set also includes 3 bonus tracks, recorded at his beautiful Music Farm in Slovenia.

    For More information - Click here

  • Sexual Energies School Online: December 1-3, 2017
    Posted September 22, 2017

    SES teaches the student about a consciousness virus that emerges as a result of energy imbalances, most notably the imbalance between masculine-feminine energy. The student learns about victim-abuser dynamics, and about how nearly all humans feed on each other’s energy.

    For More Information - Click Here

  • The Master’s Life Chapter 5 – Ahmyo - Now Available!
    Posted August 30, 2017

    St. Germain opens this chapter of The Master’s Life Series by stating that “Ahmyo is the state of the relationship between the human and the divine. In other words, we’ve come to that time now for the integration of the human and the divine, the Master and the student.” He then proceeds to explain what Ahmyo is, why it’s now coming into your life and what it means to live the Ahmyo life – a life of ease and grace.

    For more Information - Click here

  • The Ahmyo Retreat, Kona, Hawaii, April 15-19, 2018 - New!
    Posted August 24, 2017

    In the Ahmyo Retreat, Adamus will discuss the difference between the human life and the Ahmyo life. He’ll guide sessions for allowing into this energy dynamic that provides the basis for the Master AND the human to live an embodied and enlightened life. All sessions will feature new materials from Adamus, even different than the previous Ahmyo Retreat workshops in Italy.

    For more information - click here!

  • August 5, 2017 - Shoud 1 - Wings Series
    Posted July 6, 2017

    The Audio and Video of the August 5, 2017 - Shoud 1 of the Wings Series is now available in the library, click here

  • Adamus' Sensuality Clinic - Munich, 2017 - Now Available!
    Posted June 26, 2017

    This “Day with Adamus” was recorded with more than 250 Shaumbra in Grünwald, Germany and the musical collaboration of Soy, a flamenco band from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France. As Adamus says, sensuality is what will allow you to stay embodied as a Master here on Earth.
    This is a cloud class - for more information - click here

  • The Simple Master: Allowing & And, Australia - November 2017
    Posted April 21, 2017

    In The Simple Master, Adamus Saint-Germain helps clear the clutter and bring you back to the basics: Allowing & And. Adamus says these are the keys to embodied enlightenment. Allowing means to get out of the mind – and get out of your human-aspect ways – to allow the Free Self to be present in your everyday life. And brings you back to the realization that you are not singular, linear or local. You can be the Master and the student simultaneously. You can be the light and the dark without conflict between the two. You can be human – with all of the human quirks and quacks – and, at the same time, be divine.

    For more information - click here

  • Faces of our Shaumbra Family - Video
    Posted May 8, 2016

    CLICK HERE to enjoy this heart touching video with photos of Shaumbra around the world. What a beautiful family we are!

    To participate in the next "Shaumbra Family" project, please send your photo to [email protected] You may also see these photos in our family album.

    Posted April 25, 2016
    A brand new venue for selling and sharing your creations with other Shaumbra. Check it out! 
    Posted March 30, 2016
    We have recently added a Crimson Site Map, that will give you an immediate view of the entire website.  The site map can be found on the footer of every page. All headings in the site map are clickable.   Click here to view.