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Alex Ferrari

Next Level Soul Podcasts

"Super RARE Channeling - Adamus St. Germain Speaks LIVE!"

March 23, 2023



Bastianela Gloria

"Personal Ascension Guide"

February 2, 2023



Alex Ferrari

Next Level Soul Podcasts

"Channeled Wisdom That Changes Lives"

January 31, 2023




Stewart Pearce

Deep Dialogues

"The Crimson Circle with Geoff Hoppe"

September 27, 2022



Tania Castilho & Alexis Srsa

Inspiring Passion

"Free Flow with special guests Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe"

July 30, 2022



Sandie Sedgbeer


"Face to Face with Geoff Hoppe"

May 26. 2022




Sandie Sedgbeer

OMTimes Media

"Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe – Act of Consciousness"

October 15, 2020



Susan Blanton

CREATE Happy Now

"Geoffrey Hoppe - Enlightenment, Death and Your Awakening"

October 14, 2020



Paul Congdon

Positive Life Magazine

"Positive Nights Interview Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe"

June 19, 2020



Nikki Luna & Theo van Dort

Time of the Sixth Sun

"Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe live with Time of the Sixth Sun"

April 16, 2020



Kevin Moore

They Call Us Channelers

"Meet Adamus Saint-Germain"

 October 6, 2019



Kevin Moore

International Spiritual News Network

"Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe Channeler for Adamus and Tobias"

July 21, 2017



Jim Self

Mastering Alchemy

"Conversations With ... Jim Self and Geoff Hoppe"

October 10, 2014



Rob Gauthier

The Enlightenment Evolution Network

"The Enlightenment Evolution Hour with Geoffrey Hoppe"

August 20, 2014




Jim Self

Mastering Alchemy

"Conversations With ... Jim Self and Geoff Hoppe"

April 26, 2013



Nina Wallinder

Soul Sight Services

"LOH: Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe"

January 26, 2011