Villa Ahmyo is the culmination of a long-held dream of Geoff and Linda to create a safe space for Shaumbra to experience the Ahmyo Life in small groups. Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, Villa Ahmyo is filled with beauty and grace, tranquility and ease. It sits in nature among lush tropical trees, foliage and flowers, with a panoramic west-looking view of the Pacific Ocean.

The house was designed and built by an architect in 1978 in a Tuscany style that harmonizes with the surrounding nature. It offers plenty of common area for workshops with up to 30 Shaumbra, whether indoors with a spacious living room and a large kitchen, or outdoors, on the poolside terrace with the stunning view of the gardens and the ocean.

In 2019 the spacious Pavilion was added, dedicated by an island kahuna and designed for Shaumbra gatherings. Complete with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, the Ahmyo Pavilion serves as a workshop and gathering space, as well as “Studio B” from where we can webcast Shouds and record other events. 

We invite you to give yourself the gift of experiencing a gathering with Shaumbra, Geoff & Linda, Adamus, Merlin and more in this magical place. It is truly a manifestation of the Ahmyo Life, a safe space for intense transformation, and a little piece of heaven on Earth!


More Information

• Check out events that are scheduled at the Villa here:

• If you want to know more about how Villa Ahmyo came to be, please read Geoff’s article in the November 2018 issue of Shaumbra Magazine

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