If the Crimson Circle was a movie, its staff members would be the co-writers, co-producers and even some of the key characters. They’re so much more than stage hands behind the scene; they’re an integral part of every scene.

Crimson Circle has ten full time and six part-time staff members. Most of them were involved in the Crimson Circle and the quest for enlightenment long before they joined the team. Some of them are active, certified Crimson Circle teachers. We even have a full-time Customer Service manager to handle Shaumbra needs and requests. It’s pretty unusual for a company of our size to have a full-time customer service person, but we know the journey is already tough enough without extra technical challenges. We want to make sure that your experience with Crimson Circle is as masterly as possible.

It’s also unusual for a company our size to handle nearly everything in-house. We do our own monthly magazine, audio/video productions, event management, graphics, music and sound production, book publishing, technical support, etc. We do it this way so we can assure the highest level of quality and professionalism in every step of the process. We add our personal energetic touch to everything we do for you rather than send it out to contractors that might not have the same energy dynamics. The end result is a product, Cloud Class or event that resonates with and for Shaumbra.

Read more about each of our staff members HERE!

  • Virgilia (Vili) Aguirre
    Advanced Studies & Social Media
  • Alain Bolea
    Management Advisor
  • Bonnie Capelle
    Customer Service
  • Seissa Cuartas
    Event Services
  • Geoffrey Hoppe
    Co-Founder, Channeler
  • Linda Hoppe
  • Michelle MacHale
    Online Experience
  • Jorge Merino
    Technology Director
  • Peter Orlando
    Studio & Technical Services
  • Steve Salins
    Financial Operations
  • Jean Tinder
    Content and Communication

    Our part-time staff includes:

    Michelle Carazao Dinu - Villa Ahmyo Manager
    Kerri Gallant – Studio Services Coordinator
    Gail Neube - Transcriber
    Marc Ritter - Shaumbra Magazine Art Director, Assistant Studio Manager
    Dave Schemel – Photographer
    Suzy Schemel - Special Projects
    Gaelon Tinder – Video camera operator