At every Crimson Circle event you can count on hearing from Ascended Master Adamus Saint-Germain. However, he is not the only entity that has challenged, uplifted and inspired Shaumbra over the year.

Tobias began working publicaly with Geoffrey Hoppe in 1999 and, over the next ten years, he was often joined by other angelic beings. These included Metatron (also known as Yoham), Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Amiel, Quan Yin, Kryon, Yeshua, and many more. But the most significant guests were Tobias’ partners on the Crimson Council, Adamus Saint-Germain, introduced in January 2003, and Kuthumi lal Singh, introduced in June 2004.

Then, with his final message delivered in July 2009, Tobias handed over leadership of the celestial Crimson Council and its earthly counterpart, the Crimson Circle, to Adamus Saint-Germain. Since assuming this role, Adamus has brought his unique and provocative style to the monthly meetings and workshops around the world. He is now focused on supporting those who have chosen embodied enlightenment in this lifetime.

Kuthumi lal Singh plays a different role with Shaumbra, occasionally taking the stage in the various workshops, but more often working with individuals on a deep, intimate and personal level. Click on the following to read more about each of these Ascended Masters.

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