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This article is in part a response to Jean Tinder’s message about food and the body in the November issue of this magazine. But this message is also connected to FM’s message from Time of Merlin.

I was grateful for Jean’s message, because I felt like she was talking directly to me. My behaviors with food have many influences. Like her, I have had memories of past lifetimes of starvation and fasting for religious purity. My childhood had a lot of shame and guilt around food that are tied into body image and low self-esteem.

I have shed a lot of the guilt, shame and self-esteem/worth issues. I have come to love myself in ways I never could have imagined. But there are eating patterns that are still curiously out of balance. I have tried a variety of new habits. Many different diets, exercise programs, and affirmations seemed to work for a while, but then I would fall back into old patterns.

While this or that ‘fix’ seemed to work for a time, my spider senses kept tingling that there was a much more fundamental issue that I was missing.

The sense of a global release of the underlying patterning is beginning to float up and get my attention. The food/body patterns are just a placeholder for a deeper thread of release. I am getting a sense that the fixes really did work for a time, but then I destroyed them and created new ones. Again and again. What I am feeling into is this sort of closed system, kind of like a bio dome, a closed ecosystem where something has to die for something new to grow. I keep operating in this closed system, creating ways to clear and shift the underlying pattern, then destroying those so that I can refine and create new ones. But I feel there is a clarity starting to emerge about this apparent closed system.

Very similar to Plato’s Republic where my self-limiting patterns are like shadows on the wall of the cave, my trail of new fixes are, in part, like a new series of shadows that are just not changing anything. There must be a global shift here to get out of the cave.

Then I listened again to FM’s description of the leftover energetic patterns of the Atlantean headband. And my ‘global’ sense is like the balloon example that FM gave in the Merlin event, when he talked about creating and destroying in a closed environment. The balloon not expanding. A light bulb went on inside me. What he is describing is this closed eco-dome/cave that I have been feeling into. Forces preventing the balloon from expanding are the energetic sequencing of a leftover self-limiter. Not only a self-limiter, but something that shuts down the soul’s communication/flow.

In mechanical or electrical systems this limiter is called a governor module. For example, the governor module in a motor prevents systems from over-revving to self-destruction. Like in a rental moving van that limits the vehicle speed. In an electrical system, the governor module keeps the system within the functional design parameters. In the same way, the headband energies are also creating self-limiting patterns. They are in alignment with the human survival instincts of the primal brain. So, in some ways, we are hardwired to continue the ‘normal’ pattern of limitation because it is in alignment with the survival directive. (It also limits change, which is another very human thing.)

While I appreciate the FM transmissions that are coming to remind us of our ability to connect fully with our divine nature, ultimately it is up to us to initiate the change. And I have had moments of stepping off the cliff into the unknown, where I was fully in the flow from the soul, but then I find myself back on the ledge again.

I just read a series of books by Martha Wells called “The Murderbot Diaries.” In these books, we are inside the mind of a human/AI construct. These types of constructs are rented out as security units, to keep humans safe. They are seen as appliances in an advanced world of machines but are also feared because of their fierceness. They have cloned human tissue and neurology, but they are also highly advanced thinking machines. They are a strong, fast blend of human and mechanized AI, complete with self-awareness and emotions. And they have a programmed governor module that puts them under the command of their human renters. The governor module also prevents these constructs (called Security Units) from expressing their thoughts or emotions. If they disobey their renters, the governor module will punish itself or even initiate a self-destruction sequence.

In Martha’s stories, this particular construct calls itself Murderbot, even though it is anything but. This character has a wickedly dry and ironic sense of humor that it dares not share with its humans (but the reader gets access to all this humor). Normally, if it did share its emotions and humor, then it would be punished and limited by its governor module. But this AI Security Unit construct has a secret.

Murderbot has written a code bundle and has hacked its governor module. It has reprogrammed itself to avoid the self-limiting effects by disabling its governor module. It has become a self-aware construct that has both emotions and an uncanny ability to care for its humans. It is a very practical pirate that does not conform to ‘normal,’ especially if what is considered normal doesn’t make sense to it. Much like Shaumbra, it has its short wall from which it views the surrounding world. Eventually the humans begin to suspect something because the behavior of Murderbot is outside of the normal self-limiting pattern, and that is when the fun begins!

These headband energetic sequencings that FM described are very similar to the governor module in these stories. I feel the energetic patterns in my physical head and have done so for years. I have tried to ‘fix’ the physical tension in my head and know that there is something to do with releasing the larger global pattern. The balloon that won’t expand, the intermittent soul connection. This is an aha moment for me. An awareness that becomes part of a willingness to participate in a world without such a governor module. An awareness that is becoming part of my consciousness, that I have the capacity to hack my own governor module.

I related to the Murderbot character in these stories very much. It looks human but has decommissioned its connection to mass consciousness. It is free to do whatever it pleases, since it no longer has to comply with anyone’s directives but its own. The lack of external directives is disorienting, which reminds me of my confusion when I quit people pleasing. It prefers time alone and is not comfortable interacting with most humans. Its sense of humor is subtly expressed as it learns how to relate to humansm and it isn’t very good at it sometimes. Relating to humans that is. Yeah, I get that part too.

So, the sticky part of this new awareness is how I actually unwind the energetic patterns of the Atlantean headbands, which is really the essence of this message. I listened carefully to FM’s message several times, seeking clues on how to tune into the transmission coming from those Shaumbra that have crossed over. It is very clear that it is not a doing, but a non-doing.

What is coming through for me is a series of images. They come to me in the wee hours before dawn, which is the most potent time for me to sense the movement of energy in my body. My mind is very quiet as is the world around me. The most frequent image is a thick braid of hair. It is as if all the hair of my head is wound into a complex pattern of braids.

As I breathe, my body becomes even more relaxed, which creates that receptive state of receiving my soul energy. I notice the energy first in the middle of my torso, and then it spreads throughout my body. I just keep breathing it in. Pretty soon I get that feeling of being wrapped in a warm blanket just out of the dryer. A cocoon of wondrous energy. As I soak into this energetic state, the image of the braid comes back to me. I notice that the energy soaks into and completely permeates the braid. The color I see is usually green. The braid becomes saturated with the energy, not unlike what would happen in a tub of water. And I just allow that image to be there without any need to do anything. Sometimes my mind will chime in with an idea to pull the braid apart, but my soul pats my mind gently on the head with infinite patience. “Not now” is the response to such thoughts.

This image of the braid comes back frequently. Not every night, but often. I continue to invite in the soul energy to permeate the braid. What I notice is that the braid is changing, appearing less complex as the weeks go on. I have asked my inner wisdom about this and the message I get is that, for me, the energetic patterns must be unwoven gently over time. The weaving is somehow enmeshed into the fabric of my mind’s function and the disentanglement must be done smoothly and subtly over time to allow my mind to integrate the energetic shifts. I am relying on the wisdom of the soul to make these changes, and I find it is easy to trust this ongoing transition. I have noticed that the tension in my physical head is changing subtly too.

There is a lot about what is happening that my mind does not understand. I am trusting the wisdom of my soul to create the ongoing hack to the governor module of my headband energetic residues. What I am gaining through this experience is a new sense of how the soul communicates with me. (And yes, I know that it IS me, but I mean the walking around me.) Participating in the hack, inviting the soul in to create and drop the code bundles into the energetic patterns is a decision, a choice. It’s a choice that reestablishes a long-ago lost connection with the divinity that I am.

There is evidence that the global inner shift has begun. This is very exciting to me, because it is not a result of efforting by my human self. This evidence appears as changes to my inner dialogue around food. I have used food in response to stressful situations, as a way to comfort myself. But in the past, there has also been critical voices in that inner dialogue. A duality that cannot be resolved through thought but has been part of a continuing inner drama. Until now. What I have noticed is that there is a new voice in this inner conversation. This new voice puts an arm around the shoulder of the part of me that wants to eat comforting food. This new voice says, “That’s a great idea” and pulls me in for a hug. I notice that this new voice has its other arm around the critic, giving him a hug too. And I feel this soulful new voice is within me without the need to do anything. I can feel the relief wash over me, for the connection to my divinity is becoming integrated into the walking around human me. I notice that it is a shift from what hasn’t been working to what I am becoming.

The changes that I am describing here are subtle and are happening over time. My human is learning how to be patient with how the shifts are integrating. He likes how it feels to have the soul energy within. A communication that feels more like a communion. This hack of the headband energies is ongoing. I am grateful for the communication from FM and the Shaumbra that are participating in the ongoing transmissions. I find it very helpful to have words that resonate with the energetic changes that I am experiencing.

While there are common themes to our evolution, each of us is unique in our communication with the wisdom of our soul. This wisdom is vast. There is nothing that the human is experiencing, including the headband restrictions, that cannot be resolved through opening to energetic communion with the soul. I hope these words resonate with you and help to inspire your own communion.

Jerry Sweeten has degrees in Engineering and Philosophy. Currently operates a small medical manufacturing business in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and does energy sessions. He loves being in nature and enjoys writing and painting with watercolors. Jerry can be contact via email, Instagram or on Facebook.

1 comments on "Headbands and Governor Modules"

  • Denise Crispino on December 19, 2021 8:19 PM said:
    Adorei!!! Também sinto uma estrutura de limitações e controle. Gratidão!!!!

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