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When I chose the name Yoham for our musical expression in cooperation with Geoffrey & Linda, Crimson Circle and Shaumbra I didn’t really know what that name meant. I’d heard it in a channel of Tobias and loved it, resonated with it. From the very beginning, making music as Yoham was something very different, more like plugging into a certain musical sphere than simply a performance. Even though there was still the performance, dance and celebration parts, the essence of Yoham went deeper. It really came into manifestation through Adamus’ introduction of Merabhs, where the music and channeled message evolved into a live interactive space of transformation. In the following years, Adamus referred to Yoham as the voice of Metatron, and in some events, even invited the presence of Metatron into the gathering. I started to understand in a new way the space we are connecting to through this music, and came to realize that Yoham is not a band but a musical channel, an expression of the vibration of Metatron.

As always happens, times are changing and Yoham as a project has also gone through some transformation, especially through the departure of Amir. Out of that initial vacuum a new wave of creativity slowly emerged, and I received an inspiration that conveyed a wonderful clarity and a new dimension of Yoham. What I received was “The Voice of Metatron,” a new and crystallized musical expression. Also, for the first time, I received a message of Yoham in words, clarifying it’s domain, essence and purpose.

It didn’t feel like suddenly channeling Metatron, because the music is our channel. Instead, it felt more like a remembering and giving a voice to Yoham, as if giving a voice to the music itself, an expression of its timeless wisdom and its role of supporting us on our journey of realization and embodied enlightenment.

‘The Voice of Metatron” is a musical channel in four parts, each around 30 minutes long. Each part is a deep and inspiring space to dream, receive, allow and connect to the Master that you are. Every part starts with a spoken message from Metatron.

I feel very honored to share this creation with you and wish you a great experience listening to it. Take your time and make sure that you are in a safe and comfortable space that allows you to journey along, dive into it and expand.

~ Master G

CLICK HERE for more information on Yoham - The Voice of Metatron

1 comments on "Yoham - The Voice of Metatron"

  • Marlene on September 17, 2020 2:26 AM said:
    Hello Gerhard and Einat Thank you so much for all that you do for us.I particularly enjoyed your gift of "Relax into your Realization" which I listen to very often. I have sent a message to CC Customer Service requesting a saleable copy of your recent Merlin performance. I do hope you can make this available to us. With great love and superb respect. Marlene x

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