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Once I got used to Adamus’ Shoudly habit of yanking wisdom from Shaumbra, I would wait for the question, pause the recording, and provide my own answer. Then I’d tell my mind to shut up and enjoy watching the microphone go around. I thought myself quite clever.

During the Walk On series, I learned to answer quickly and with little thought. There’s something intoxicating about answering questions straight from the gnost. It’s like a blind taste test from a well-stocked liquor cabinet: I KNOW what’s coming without any specifics. As soon as the liquid hits my tongue, my mind tries to guess what it is.

Sometimes, the information from the gnost arrived the same way.

A week after listening to Emergence 1 for the second time, I was walking my dog around my neighborhood AND attending at an imaginary Shoud. The microphone came to me and Adamus asked, “How do you balance your body As the Master?”

Holding the microphone in front of my face, I took a deep breath, held it for a heartbeat, and let it all out with a short, audible sigh. I smiled and moved to hand the microphone back to Linda, who looked confused.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, “Did I answer too quickly? Here, I’ll answer again as slowly as I can.” I took a long, slooow deep breath in, taking care to expand my body as much as I could. I held it for a good five seconds. Then I exaggerated the sigh on the way out. “Heeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh.” I leaned forward as the air flowed from me, breathing out and rolling in until standing relaxed and empty of air.

I stood straight and smiled. “Did you get it that time? No? Okay, let me explain.”

The whole exercise was my gnost delivering a complete dissertation about “As a Master.” Not as words, but as a practical exercise. In a sentence, it goes: Step over the short wall and into the padded boat, which takes you past the House of Keahak and a Shaumbra Service Center, all the way to the top of Angel’s Peak where you can rest on the park bench and mingle with your body of consciousness (BoC). All accomplished while breathing in.

While holding the breath, I performed, from within the BoC, a complete energetic analysis of the energy in service to my biology. Not a mental analysis—could you imagine!?—a gnosty analysis. Most of which happened so quickly my mind wasn’t aware of it.

But it was done. Any energy within my biology representing anything less than my full magnificence was identified and prepared for release. It came out as I exhaled my audible sigh.

During the first month of Emergence, I found myself doing more As the Master. When I sat down to write something, a typewriter waited for me on the park bench. When it was time to brush my teeth, my toothpaste glittered with the clear energy from my BoC.

New and thrilling realizations kept flowing through this process. I went to a restaurant the other day and had a Master Burger and a Master Beer. Or, if you prefer, I had a meal As the Master. Personally, I went to my park bench and observed my own energy within the food. I welcomed it back into my physical body and BoC. It was one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever eaten.

I used to wonder what Tobias meant by “Not compromising yourself,” what Adamus meant by “Being authentic” and “Accepting only the best.” At the time, my mind was quick to point out that I should buy the most expensive things and wear fancy clothes and have the best of everything.

During my imaginary Shoud, as I walked barefoot through my neighborhood wearing very comfy mesh shorts and a t-shirt, I felt my own energy in the ground under my feet and in the sunlight on my skin. I smelled my Mastery in the wind.

All the things in my life are the best, because they bring my energy back to me. So the food I ate is the Master’s food. The clothes were the Master’s clothes. The quality wasn’t about price tag or anything material; it’s about the inherent energy.

As easy as allowing, the Master’s energy was everywhere. It always was, but now my awareness was there, too.

And it shook things up. My ‘balanced’ biology did not respond with only a sigh. For a few days, my body was a gastronomical orchestra. A symphony of odors. Nothing horrid, but probably not the most pleasant either. Sometimes, Mastery smelled a lot like cayenne pepper and rotten eggs. But it felt amazing! Mild air pollution aside, releasing stuck, imbalanced energy had me floating. 

Heading into the second Emergence Shoud, I found myself completing old “homework” assignments. Believe me, I understood homework reluctance. Especially when it felt as though it came from somewhere else.

“As the Master” cleared it up for me. There was beauty in viewing “external” realization as a return from an internal creation. I relaxed and let it serve me, As the Master. External assignments became internal expressions returning to me the long way round. Sometimes I dove into the experience. At other times, I sat on the park bench as they drifted past. 

Writing this as we approached Shoud 3 of Emergence, the “As the Master” experience wasn’t constant. Often, I had to consciously relax into it. I sat in the realization of why I did this, As the Master, and it hit me: I’m dabbling. It was a new and exciting experience. Each time I went into it, I’d go a little bit farther. And come back out. 

Adamus was right: it turned Emergence into a very raw, painful at times, experience. I loved it! Not from a silly masochistic or “love to suffer” perspective; I loved it as my conscious creation. As an expression of self-compassion. 

The in and out created a push and pull effect. An homage, if you will, to how my body existed in duality. My mind and body, through this integration time, needed to go through these cycles. It alternated rapid change and integration with periods of rest, which provided time to realize what happened. The mind and biology had to adjust slowly to change, or this process would destroy both. 

Now, the As the Master realization sits in the back of my head. Or maybe, the Master does. Watching. Waiting for me to declare I’ve had enough back and forth. Waiting for me to decide to stop stepping beyond the short wall and instead to live there. To finally cross the threshold and transcend duality, while still playing within it.

I’m thrilled by the idea. Soon, very soon, I’ll be thrilled by the experience. I hope to join many other Masters in it. I’ll create you a drink at the Ascended Masters Club!

Peter is Master Kuriel’s aspect. His awakening has included military service, dream art-science, and numerous other distractions. At this time, he masquerades as a cybersecurity professional/project manager and a writer. His writing is available via his blog: To contact Peter, send an email here or here.

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