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Things have been changing rapidly these last months and weeks since the new Walk On Series started. For me, many things get clearer every day and my experience is actually the other way round from the usual: now the mind is not the first one that tries to explain things and then desperately look for some feelings or reference points where it can apply all it’s ideas. Instead, I first have a feeling and inner knowingness which cannot be explained and later more and more things and details come into my life to give me the bigger picture and understanding of these feelings. And that’s amazing!

For example: some time ago I heard the words, “You have to be open to the impossible so that the impossible can happen.” That made sense to me and it felt “right,” but I couldn’t get the whole picture at that time so I just kept it in the back of my head because I knew the true meaning would unfold over time. Now I know there is no time, TimeSpace is flowing through us, and only those things I am aware of will flow towards me; otherwise they do not exist in my TimeSpace continuum, right?

So while walking the dog on a foggy morning I started to realize the following:

If I am the point in the center of the circle – Yo Soy El Punto – and if the energies follow my consciousness, and if TimeSpace is flowing through me, then things will only be there when I allow them to be there, when I am conscious of them. Otherwise they don’t exist in my chosen reality. And this all happens in a split second. The bird isn’t singing and doesn’t even exist (in my reality) if I am not aware of a bird that is singing. However, if I allow myself to be conscious of a bird that is singing, then it will exist, which is why I hear its singing. Now, this is easy because we already know birds exist (yes, because of mass consciousness), but the same is true with music and movement and many more things. They exist because we are consciously aware of them and because they are also an integral part of mass consciousness (gravity of thoughts), so it is really “solid.” We made it solid to begin with, but then we stopped creating because of our solid stories (the gravity of thought that keeps us imprisoned). We are mostly only able to move inside these solid stories because we forgot to simply allow ourselves to go out of them, out of their gravity.

Now comes the tricky part: to get out of this gravity is to allow myself to go out (sure, that part we all know by now) and at the same time to be open to the impossible and at the same time to receive the impossible! That’s how we started out in this experience – and we completely forgot how it works. We became too comfortable in our solid (gravitational) belief systems, our solidified stories. So, until we open to the impossible again, only possible things can happen inside our possible stories and our possible thinking, which will always be limited.

Space, galaxies, dimensions are created exactly at the moment we are aware of them; they don’t exist before. They start to exist when we, the consciousness that we are, allow them to exist. There has to be only one individual who is conscious of another dimension and it will exist. Later, when the consciousness of others is ready to expand and when they allow, they will also be able to become conscious and aware of that dimension. And then it solidifies more and more over time and will become “real” for many, many more, and they then say, “Yes, this dimension is real. It is true because I am aware of it. I can feel it.” Grand creators we are! But first, there has to be that one consciousness that is open to the “impossible.”

I am not able to create something if I, the consciousness, don’t allow. It cannot be created if I am not this point of consciousness in the middle of this circle, this sphere. It cannot be created if I am not at this still point. Why? Because we don’t have to “move” to create. This movement itself is an illusion – a perfect illusion to make this 3D game possible – but in the end we are not moving and we never did. Everything comes to us the moment we magnetize what we radiate; always, at every “step” of the way! No matter what, in any situation, we are always this circumpunct, this point of consciousness. It is true what Adamus said about being the light of the film projector and not the scenes on the film spool. We have always allowed things to happen to give us different experiences, and now we have to go one step further and start to allow the impossible (“impossible” in our common thinking), to open up to other realities and new possibilities, and to get out of the gravity of thought.

That’s why “I don’t know” is truly the worst thing to say because it keeps us in the gravity of a limited story of possible thinking. Same goes for “this is not possible.” If this is what we are conscious of we will magnetize exactly this outcome. It will be our reality and will always be a self-fulfilled prophecy – “See, I told you this was not possible.” And again we are stuck in a merry-go-round story or hamster wheel story, experiencing the same thing over and over again, because this is the common belief, this is what we are ‘conscious’ of, and this will be our result.

We KNOW all this – we’ve heard it so many times from many different sources – and now is the time to implement all that we “know.” Allowing the impossible means to bring all that you know into realization, to feel it in every cell of your body, to act it out, to be it – and for many that is the scary part. Because to “know” about things is very different than to really “live” and “realize” and finally “implement” them into everyday life. It sounds good to “know” so much, but now it’s time to step over this invisible barrier and allow it to be realized. Otherwise it is a dead-end street. There is no other outlet than to simply allow ourselves to take this next step. The so called “spiritual carrot” that is dangling in front of so many noses, the one that kept so many people going and artificially happy and alive for so many years, has to be eaten now before it gets rotten or vanishes from sight. No more carrot games, no more carrot pretending, no more carrot spiritual ego; simply allowing, feeling, realizing, implementing the “Yo soy el Punto” and the fact that TimeSpace moves through you. The impossible now has to be made possible with the allowing.

The more you can feel that, the more you will notice that it is the most natural way of being. Being, not doing. Allowing you to be. Allowing the impossible into your life. Then all of a sudden it will all be possible and you’ll discover the vastness of possibilities that surrounds us all the time. Then it can come to you, because you, as the consciousness that you are, will radiate this inner knowingness which automatically magnetizes the exact match to what you radiate.

The biggest challenge is that it has to be felt, in every single cell of your body. It has to be embodied! If you “think” you cannot feel it, it will be so. So act as if you can. Allow yourself a different role in your life and pretend you’re being paid for the best act. That is the act of consciousness, and the act of consciousness will lead you to the impossible. It opens doors where you “thought” there were none. Can you see now, how the gravity of “thought” is messing everything up and keeping you literally trapped in the illusionary stories of what is “possible”? We can create a new gravity for new possibilities that were impossible before. Later they will be more common but someone has to go first. That’s what pioneers do.

This is all a result of my experiences over the last weeks and months, and each day I can see how easily and gracefully everything flows to me the moment I – the consciousness – allow myself to be aware of it. For the moment I am aware of it, it starts to exist somewhere. It might take a little while to manifest in this reality, but as long as I can feel it and embody it, as long as it is accompanied by joy and uncaused wellbeing, it comes more and more into the reality that surrounds me, because I magnetize it to myself. And if this is possible for me, it is possible for you as well. So just go for it! What have we got to lose?

Besides translating the Shouds into German and being the webhost for the CC-Website, Birgit Junker has her own successful coaching business called “New Awareness of Life” where she coaches people into their realization. After her own spontaneous awakening and deep realization of the “I Exist” in October 2014, caused by a traumatic incident in her private sphere, she now helps people on a professional basis to overcome their aspects and to come into their own awareness and realization – if they so choose. For that she just graduated from a training with Christian Mickelsen as “Extraordinary Coach.“ For more information visit her website (in German).

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