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Dear Shaumbra…

We are finished, we are here and it’s real: Rude Awakening the movie launches through you on October 15th, 2022!

When we started on our own cinematic journey four years ago, we wanted to create a film that captures the story of Shaumbra. The incredible and real story of awakening but also feeling alone and utterly crazy. The story of not fitting in anywhere and not belonging to one particular group or demographic. The story of never wanting to get stuck anywhere yet a deep desire to belong to something. The story of always wanting to be a rebel and a pirate but eventually even resenting belonging to that group.

This is the story of a group of old souls who chose to incarnate on the planet to fulfill their last lifetime and allow their individual realization right on cue during the time of machines.

But how in the hell do you capture something so deep, personal, and sacred in just a two-hour movie?

Our story does indeed sound like something straight out of a Hollywood movie. And we are pretty sure that if you would present this story to a big movie studio, they would probably laugh you out of the room saying “This story is way too far out there. Even for today’s standards!”

But we all know this journey for the incredible far-out story it is. That indescribable drive to uncover that deep truth within and the unwavering desire to know, feel and be all we truly are.

So, we did what any rebellious Shaumbra storyteller would do. We tried turning this far out and incredible story…into a coherent script.

We started out simple enough by conducting some initial interviews and trying to see which Shaumbra to include. But as we all know with a subject matter as vast and personal as realization, the soul usually has different plans in store than what the mind would like. The initial list of interviewees quickly changed, and we shifted gears towards a more accessible story. Not only for Shaumbra but also for a larger audience. Perhaps we could create a movie you could finally show your family and friends that explains what kind of “cult” you have been a part of all these years.

We created some beautiful conceptual trailers and got our initial funding in place at the monumental 2018 Merlin Event in Bled. But as with everything these days, just as we thought we had it figured out… it all changed again. Now the project wanted to be even bigger and despite ballooning budgets and producers losing their minds, we just had to follow through. We had to replace our initial cameraman due creative differences and quickly felt we needed to focus much more on a cinematic and epic story. The story of our journey was certainly not to end up as a YouTube video or a sloppy indie film gathering digital dust in the lower regions of Gaia TV’s streaming discount section.

Despite having a deep and passionate vision on how to do our story justice, we didn’t really have an overall plan like you would have with a traditional documentary. As we were traveling in the United States to interview Geoffrey Hoppe, Jean Tinder, and Andrew Martin, we were shooting extra cinematic scenes not really knowing exactly where to place them. We did it all on gut instinct and intuition.

It was a magical time where we were following our unbound creative flow and feelings without having to know a specific outcome. But it was also quite scary at the same time as we were spending other people’s money without knowing exactly where the movie would end up or with what specific focus or story. With a documentary, you can never really plan as thoroughly as a traditional movie. This is because you are bound to discover new storylines and story angles while you conduct your interviews. We all felt pretty early on that this story needed to be all about deep trust and allowing the project to find its own path.

As the movie grew, so did our roster of investors and interviewees. We filmed interviews in the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, Australia and eventually ended up in Hawaii. Along the way, we had an amazing time finding the movie’s true voice. We were barreling towards our initial deadline of June 20, 2020, with just our narrative section to still film in an Amsterdam studio. The narrative story was the story within the story where we follow a fictional character (played by Jonathan Kray) that goes through his realization kicking and screaming. We had 22 pages of dialog left to shoot and we felt confident at the beginning of filming. At that time, even though we were following intuitive and creative impulses, we were still on budget and on schedule.

The first day of the shoot was a total blast. We were like little kids playing with grown up toys in the town that we now call home. We were filming with the car from the 80’s hit movie, Back to the Future. Even the town’s mayor, in full support, paid a visit to our set. However, on the second day, true disaster struck. After a full day of filming, at around four o’clock our producer told us that we were the only film crew in Europe still filming. Every other production had halted their remaining filming schedules due to Coronavirus and we were literally the only ones left standing. We felt like total pirates for a split second, but we quickly made the decision to send everybody home for safety, thinking it would last a couple of weeks.

Yeah, right.

Famous. Last. Words.

It is now more than two years later and during this time we went through every possible emotion with each other, and all involved. We nearly went bankrupt, were questioned for all our motives and decisions, and had to rethink our entire business strategy, story structure, vision and what we wanted to experience with this movie. It was rough for everyone involved and for a time all we had to hold onto, however dim, was our initial dream to see our story launch into the world.

Like a nail-biting thriller, at the very last minute, we got another round of funding to finish the movie. We just had averted major disaster by trusting that deep feeling within and allowing new potentials and solutions to come to us from anywhere.

We found a totally new angle for the story that was simpler, more elegant, focused, and could include all of the previously shot material. Shots that we previously had no idea where to place started to find their own rightful space and everything gracefully came together. After stopping production due to Coronavirus and nearly going bankrupt, this was a very welcome breath of fresh air.

We recently wrapped filming on the missing scenes that were needed to complete the movie. All the ideas we had – and hoped would work when we wrote them – have now fully come to life in the grandest visual spectacle. At the end of it all, we finally got to enjoy seeing this epic project come together.

As Adamus has sometimes said: “From Angel’s Peak, everything is clearer.” Getting up to the top of Angels Peak, however, has been quite the rude affair.

With only a few short months to the grand premiere of our story, we can now finally look back at this project’s evolution with a calm humbleness. To say that this project has truly transformed the sh**t out of each and every one of us involved is probably the understatement of lifetimes. It will likely be some time until we can fully understand the project’s real depth and all its wisdom.

We hope this project will shine a light of inspiration for both Shaumbra and anyone who may ever wonder if this journey is real.

And, to any Shaumbra out there who may ever ask “Is it really possible to make my dream a reality in this world”? we are here to gently remind you… F***K YES!

Editor’s Note: There will be a special one-time launch online of the Rude Awakening movie on October 15, 2022. After this SINGLE LAUNCH EVENT, the film will find its way to the general public in the upcoming months.



2 comments on "Rude Awakening - Shaumbra Launch"

  • George Georg on July 1, 2023 3:39 PM said:
    Where is the movie
  • Finn on August 23, 2022 5:11 AM said:
    Beautiful to hear/read. Congratulations to you and all of us ❤ Looking forward to the premiere 🎶🍾🥂🎵

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