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Since body issues are a frequent theme lately, and rapid changes on Earth are affecting everybody one way or the other, I’d like to share my own story and experience with physical pain, healing, and the integration of the free energy body.

About 3 years ago, I felt pain in my body every morning crawling out of bed. My back felt like a rusty rack, and after a long sleep I wondered how to move all day long in this vehicle. My left foot, left hip, left shoulder felt weak, tense, inflexible and out of order. My mind desperately tried to make sense of it. “CRAP!” I thought, “is this the aging-process already? It’s waaaay too early! I turn 50 this year but this isn’t it how I’ve imagined my middle age-days...”

Neither a change of mattress nor body movement habits did anything to help. After a 10-minute walk, everything hurt. This also led to an avoidance of physical activities like hiking and swimming, and the feeling of being a woman in her 90’s rather than her late 40’s.

This lasted more than two years. Determined not to go to a doctor, I was still in fear of finally having to get surgery – something I would usually never even consider doing. But how to navigate with ease and grace in such a rickety, hurting, unbalanced vessel??

The idea of replacing my hip or knee, like some of my elderly relatives did, scared the hell out of me, and I tried to ignore these feelings and thoughts. Sporadic visits with therapists and some new exercises led to mediocre improvements, but the pain and weariness in my body stubbornly persisted. Also, I KNEW that I KNEW my own biology more deeply and intimately than any other expert could possibly know it.

Of course, I’m not in any way saying that therapy is never needed. I am myself a trained art therapist, albeit not practicing it in the typical setting. In fact, by the very effective methods of art therapy, I have experienced many astonishing body transformations and learned how to let energy serve me by expressing myself creatively. With that past experience, I just had a deep knowingness that I can go through this on my own and come out safe. So I kept trusting that resolution was waiting for me, even though I did not know how. And oh! How many times I felt some shamanic past live aspects showing up, experienced in the art of healing, that wanted to help out.

What I knew was this: nothing is stagnant. Everything is moving, vivid, alive, vibrating, and connected to consciousness. Bodies have the capability to heal. Healings occur in magical ways that do not always follow logic or rational mind power. Therefore, my biology is taken care of by an inherent intelligence, which I trust deeply. Therefore, this uncomfortable state cannot remain. It must move, evolve, transform – it has to!

Even though I could not know the details, I deeply believed that there was a version of my body without pain, and I chose to calmly allow this version to come in. Embracing and embodying that wisdom gave me peace.

About a year ago, I noticed that the final musical sequence of the Master’s Pause I Am Cleansing had an intense impact on me. I could lie for hours and hours listening to it, totally relaxing and indulging in the music. There was no aim or agenda to doing so; I just felt that, while listening, I was allowing something that would not otherwise be happening.

Feelings of ease, expansion and physical wellbeing streamed through my body as I relaxed with the music. It seemed like every single cell was immersed and touched in an infinite pool of love. I could feel the most beautiful waves of energy flushing through my body. And soon, internal imagery began emerging that accompanied these sounds and senses. Imagining myself floating in the depths of the vast ocean, diving into the various blues, turquoises and greens, my sensory perceptions deepened drastically and evolved on their own.

Obviously, I had created my own vibrational wellness spa. Over time, it expanded with fancy jacuzzis and refreshing shower applications and what not, and I loved the playfulness in this! Whatever I can imagine is energetically right here! Allowing fantasy is opening up to my energy. It’s the same way I design my park bench, crap processor, spa or anything else – it does not matter – all energy is in service to me. Always moldable, transforming to my consciousness in the moment.

The brain cannot differentiate between an “image” and so called “reality.” Since Adamus inspires us with the idea that all pain derives only from the brain, we are gifted also with the opportunity to approach these issues from a totally new standpoint than we are used to. Everything in existence is inside, not external. I’m still digesting that one, but already feeling the impact it has on, well, everything.

The experiences in my wellness ocean evolved. Ironically, in exactly this timeframe, all the “real” spas in town (which I used to visit often) were closed due to corona lockdowns. Sometimes, when listening to the music, I could sense my consciousness embodied in the life of an alga – sometimes very tiny, sometimes really huge, covering the sea floor over hundreds of miles. As an alga or as myself in my biology, I could feel every single wave in that huge ocean – inside or at the boundaries of the physical body. I could feel layers of slightly cooler or warmer waves, caressing my body, and I could adjust the temperature to my requirement.

The sensation of the water flushing my body was exquisite. I could sense the light shining through the layers of water, shining through the body, filling each cell with rejuvenation and love. Suddenly, there were huge empty spaces sensible within my tissue. The light, providing an extra layer of beauty to the experience, enabled me to play with the luminous spots of color variation in the water.

I kept gifting me that time in the morning, diving into my personal wellness spa ocean, and then emerging from it, sometimes hours later, in total refreshment and relaxation. Every time it was a completely different experience.

Not even thinking of the drastic impact this would have on my biology, I recognized a few months ago, slowly but surely and in pure astonishment, that the pains had vanished completely!

I simply could not detect pain anymore and instead, I literally felt as if I was inhabiting a rejuvenated body of a 20-year-old today, one that loves to run, dance and jump.

My body awareness completely changed over that time spent in my ocean spa, and now I enjoy the sensation of pure aliveness in my body on a daily basis – as long as I am present and not scuffing around in too much mind activity. There’s a saying: “Lose your mind, find your body.”

A while after realizing what happened, I checked in with my Master self, and wisdom poured over me. Even though I intuitively knew that everyone has an inherent ability to heal, I had not been looking for a special method or treatment to “heal.” Instead, I allowed myself to follow what felt good for me, in total absence of a specific expectation or resolution.

How did I allow? For example, many years ago I got rid of stressful jobs on a regular basis, which enabled me the freedom to create my own rhythms of “work time” and time off. The body still exists in 3D, and it deserves time and space to be nourished. I allowed myself this time and space to be with my body, whereas the “human logical part” might have chosen to run and seek a cure, and probably get caught up in the field of pharmaceuticals or surgery.

And in this experience I gained absolute clarity about how creative we really are as Masters of the new energy. Not only do we create spas and benches, but we also can allow tools and doorways that work best for our individual expansion and healing. And this is always unique and personal, as every human is their own sovereign Master.

Mentioning this, I remember an early realization I had – in the bathtub (eureka!). I am kind of a nervous person (highly sensitive, thin-skinned, scanner – doesn’t matter … but finally, I live here on earth and have to deal with stuff), and wellness-activities are gifting me a certain grade of relaxation within my nervous system. So, relaxing in the bathtub many years ago, I watched how my feet and toes were moving. In a flash, I became aware of I AM THAT I AM. When I can move my feet freely to my will, I AM. I am not an object or robot, I am a souled being. Contrary to the robot, I am consciousness. I am sovereign.

It may seem minor, but to me, it meant that my body is a temporary vehicle, and I am not my biology. I am everywhere and can, at the same time, experience it. It meant that, as soon as I relax, I am allowing more of myself into myself. It meant that by relaxing and being present, I’ve received downloads of creative ideas, clarity, solutions. This experience deepend my determination to totally surrender to that “divine intelligence” of the body.

I feel that there is such a strong tendency in mass consciousness to seek for answers on the outside, especially when it comes to physical glitches or ailments, and to sometimes get lost in the many options. Mass consciousness in general is so trained to turn away from one’s own energy, when actually the key to wellbeing is everybody’s internal sensory perception that can guide the individual through their own experience.

Last, but not least, I deeply trusted that somehow, this state must make sense in a way I didn’t know yet. Otherwise, it simply could not be. This may sound terrible if one is experiencing awful pain; how could there be anything good in it? But I felt a knowingness very deep inside me, an awareness that’s been with me since childhood: Whatever it is, yes, it just is. I’ll go with it and discover something about me, for ultimately, nothing will harm me. Is it communicating with me? Am I open or closed to it? On the deepest level, I am always safe.

Back to the spa. I enjoyed these sensual body communications as something totally unrelated with the pain. In awe, I later became aware that this rusty old thing which I call my body helped me to dive into peace and stillness where my free energy body and healing process were already awaiting me. A deeper part of me “already knew“ before the human knew! Also, when pain arose, I prefered not to ask “Why is my physical vessel so totally out of balance?” but instead to simply acknowledge the experience.

Yes, all energy is mine, but it was important to discover what that really means to me. And it means something totally different for me than for you, or for him and her, because every one is their own sovereign creator. The perception and sensation is alive within me and I AM the only participator in it.

Every tone, feeling, inspiration is ultimately me. Every neuron, every move, every bone and every drop of the ocean is me, because it is my perception. Now, how am I going to communicate and create with it? Isn’t this also the fun in it?

With that, I can have deep fulfilment with my sensuality. To me, this means diving into fantasy, my feelings and knowingnesses, which I call my own multidimensional hologram. This is awaiting me while benching, singing, bathing, painting, sailing, gardening, feeling my body, being in nature, creating, listening to music, and so on, all of which I only can experience in this magnificent vessel called my body. That’s what makes me feel alive. That’s when I merge with my true, joyous self. It is not awaiting me while thinking, controlling, worrying, judging or forcing. If I do not consider my senses, in a way I am leaving the body – the home of all my feelings and spirit – and therefore missing the richness of the experience.

I invite you to feel into the energy of the story. There is a lot of physical suffering perceptible on Shaumbra social media platforms, and my heart goes out to everyone in pain. Perhaps some will consider this article as another random happy-cliché-story, and that’s okay. AND aren’t we pirates of new consciousness? So why dig around in the same old energies, also known as doubt, logic, judgment?

Today, when moving, walking or running, I still marvel about the new stability of my joints and the balanced power of my new skeletal structure. When feeling into it, I sense strength, joy, balance and aliveness. Imagine how relieved I am now, trusting myself deeper and deeper, still diving into my own oceans of infinite surprises. Dear ones, of course, this is not meant as a guidance, for everyone knows what is best for self. I share my story as a heartfelt inspiration to connect with energy gracefully, creatively and letting it serve you; to allow your own magic and wholeness, and maybe to illuminate some hidden potentials.

PS: I wonder where the magical soundtrack of I Am Cleansing comes from, for I did not get any fulfilling results with Shazam. Well, no matter. It is heavenly – and it is mine.

Corina is living with her partner Silvio on the shore of Lake Zurich. She’s a former graphic designer, one-time author and not-practicing art therapist who loves to paint and inspire people with her colorful artwork and way of living. She can usually be found in the studio, on the lake or at home in their marvelous garden. Corina met Tobias & Crimson Circle in 2002, while sitting bored in her long gone “employment office job,” surfing around the Internet. She can be contacted via email or through her website, Art Gallery and Instagram.

4 comments on "My Own Ocean Spa"

  • Liah'ah on March 21, 2022 1:56 PM said:
    What an amazing article! Having a safe space where we can go to and rejuvenate, relax and feel ourselves is the most precious gift we can give ourselves. I love when we can see the impact multidimensional adventures have in our lives, and this story is a perfect example of this. I am feeling so deeply into this sharing, this ocean is sensual and beautiful. Thank you so much!
  • Claire on March 19, 2022 3:52 AM said:
    Thank you, Corina, for your story. I just loved the idea of creating a personal spa experience. I appreciate your insistence on this being personal to you but there is so much in it that is inspiring. I can't wait to work on my haven!
  • Diane on March 18, 2022 4:20 PM said:
    Thank you. Beautiful
  • Nabi on March 12, 2022 11:39 PM said:
    Thank U. 😘 My spa is Im sleep master pause music. Wow thank i have my puzzel 🙃. Hugs from Poland Corina

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