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I have an amusing story to tell you about Alt Reality. My twelve-year-old daughter Ria, who is actually a quiet and shy child at school (although loud at home), was having problems with her friends at school. They were “leaving her out and ignoring her.” She was worried that she was going to lose them and, if this happened, she had a terrible fear of losing confidence in herself even more.

Seeing her misery, I told her about the Alt Reality button. (I don’t know if this button is just for Shaumbra, but I thought I’d give it to her to try and get inspired.) “Just say ALT REALITY,” I told her, “and see what happens. Don’t expect anything specific, but just know things will change for the better.”

Ria took it on as a magic button without any questions.

When I picked her up from school the next evening, she was beaming! “Mum, I had a great day today! Everyone was talking to me, and Charlotte too” (one of her friends who’d run off with someone else had now come back to her). “I said that ‘Alt Reality’ word in the morning and it worked!” I was amused, wondering if maybe she’d been lucky and just had a good day. I told her to continue using it.

The next day, I didn’t ask her straight away about how her day at school went because there were things on my mind. But she interrupted me as soon as she got in the car. “Mum, are you not going to ask me how my day went?” she said in excitement.

“Of course, how was it?”

She beamed again. “It was the best day ever!” she said happily. “I got picked to be captain of the basketball team. There were four teams, I scored the most goals and our team won!” I congratulated her.

“Mum, that has never, ever happened to me before! Everyone was cheering for me and calling my name. It was really good. I didn’t know that I was even good at basketball.” I was pretty surprised and told her to continue using the ‘magic button.’

Whether it was the Alt Reality button that changed things for Ria or whether she’d simply changed her perspective of how things were going to be when she spoke the magic words, something had definitely shifted for her. Children are more receptive to magic and, unlike adults, they don’t dwell in too many doubts about whether something will work for them or not.

Whatever had happened over those few days, a shy kid was given the opportunity to develop confidence in herself – and it worked.

Anjalin is a health consultant who advises people on natural ways of taking care of their bodies and life by listening to their intuition. She lives in Manchester, England and has enjoyed travels to other parts of Europe, Asia and America. Anjalin can be contacted here.

4 comments on "Alt Reality"

  • johanne Laflamme on March 3, 2018 10:41 AM said:
  • Onya on February 23, 2018 8:08 AM said:
    Way to go, Anjalin and Ria!
  • Carmen on February 23, 2018 5:57 AM said:
    What A Magical story! Short, beautiful and a deep lesson. Thank You! Blessings!
  • Jeanine Lecluse on February 23, 2018 2:02 AM said:
    fantastic share - it is great when those stories get out and be read by others - inspiring - today is going to be an alt-reality day for me too ;) Jeanine

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