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I love nature and most of Shaumbra do as well. According to Adamus it is the number one thing we’ll miss when leaving Earth. But if we love nature, what about climate change, global warming, species extinction, dolphins and whales?

I grew up in the pure and natural surroundings of the Austrian Alps and spent most of my free time as a child in nature. I loved to explore the nearby lakes, rivers and forests, and stay in our wooden cabin higher up in the mountains. From a very young age, I would go with a few friends to remote valleys or alpine meadows to camp, sometimes for several days. We would make campfires, cook simple food, collect berries and mushrooms, and basically feel very comfortable and at home in nature.

I have felt this desire and love for nature throughout my life, and wherever I go around the world, I find refuge and the sense of home in natural surroundings. I feel nourished, refreshed, balanced, inspired and peaceful after receiving the pure harmony of nature, its colors, sounds, smells, shapes, textures and the perfect interplay of all its elements. I could go on and on here praising nature, its infinite richness, beauty and expression, and the magical spirit of stones, plants, animals and all creatures here on this planet. I do not feel myself as separate from nature, at least my human part doesn’t.

We are living in a time of great transformation of human consciousness, and nature is also undergoing major changes. For many years now, we have been learning more and more heart-breaking facts about the destruction of nature and natural habitats all around the globe. We all know about things like the plastic pollution in the oceans, the aftereffects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster for the sea and its creatures, the rapid melting of the ice shelves and subsequent rising sea levels, the steadily increasing number of droughts, flooding and forest fires, and this list could go on and on and on.

We are constantly bombarded with all kinds of information about global warming and climate change and it seems as if we’re in the beginning of an ecological disaster that could threaten the very foundation of human life here on Earth; and somehow, we have to deal with all of that. I’ve been consciously watching the cycles of nature in Austria for many years, and kind of said goodbye to regular seasons a while ago. The weather patterns are becoming increasingly unpredictable and extreme, and I feel concern at times about where all of this is going.

During the last couple of years Adamus has made various statements concerning nature and its changes, and I must admit that I got a little bit confused by his perspective. It seemed to me like an uncaring attitude and even a slight arrogance towards all of that; like it’s ‘no big deal’ for a Grand Ascended Master while sipping his cappuccino in the Master’s Club. In some channels he ridiculed nature healing rituals and ceremonies, joked about certain esoteric groups trying to save dolphins and whales, and in general really played down the importance of any kind of action regarding what is happening to nature and Earth. On top of that, his declarations that “Gaia is leaving” and “Old Earth and New Earth are not coming together” didn’t really make things easier.

At the end of the recent Master Code workshop in Norway, we were offered one of the rare opportunities to ask questions and I addressed the issue of nature. I asked Adamus to share with us his point of view concerning the changes in nature, the need for action, and our role in all of that. Shouldn’t we, Shaumbra, if we truly love nature, gather our forces and be a clear voice against all that destruction? Isn’t there a chance, if many realized Masters join together, to facilitate a shift of some kind and prevent an apocalyptic scenario here on Earth? Shouldn’t we try to preserve what we love for future generations?

I was very curious about his answer and got really surprised. Watching Adamus while he responded to my question, I felt a lot of compassion from him. There was compassion and love radiating from his eyes and flowing through his words. He was not downplaying the importance of the issue but rather expressed his empathy to what I and many of us feel – our deep love for nature and our struggle with what is happening on the planet.

Adamus truly acknowledged the importance and magic of nature, but he made one thing very clear. It is not for us Shaumbra to “make nature our cause.” Others will do that, and many are already. It is not for us to go out and fight on the forefront of those battles. Others will take on that responsibility and are already doing so.

He said that our job and function is simply different. We are not supposed to engage in fights and battles of any kind, but to solely focus on our Realization, our embodied enlightenment, and become fully realized Masters here on Earth. We are here to be present, aware and to fully shine our light, and in doing this we best serve the Earth and consciousness.

Even though I had heard similar messages from him before, this point suddenly got clear to me. I felt the wisdom and grander perspective of it and something inside of me relaxed. By our presence and awareness, we are serving the global consciousness of the planet and that itself might inspire actions, ideas or inventions that influence where all of this is going.

It’s like the difference between applying force on the surface of the water or creating a movement deep down in the ocean; not small ripples of action but big waves of consciousness.

Thank you for that clarification, Adamus! We are here to be standards of human consciousness and true Masters. Let’s be that!

Gerhard Fankhauser, or Master G, as Adamus calls him, is a master musician from Austria and founder of the musical group Yoham. He is an accomplished guitarist, song writer, overtone singer and an inspiring teacher with a deep passion for the timeless mysteries of music. He has worked with the Crimson Circle since 2007 and facilitates a musical safe space during many live events. He has created various recordings of ‘new energy music,’ co-created many merabhs with Adamus and his music has become an integral part of the journey of Shaumbra.

Contact Gerhard via email, visit his website or listen to Music and merabhs.

5 comments on "The Cause of Nature"

  • Claire on November 3, 2019 9:33 AM said:
    Thank you for sharing this. I believe that we shouldn't "worry" about this situation and get drawn into the negativity around the subject. I try to keep my own environment as close to nature as possible. Reuse as much as possible or even better don't use 😄. Make your garden and house friendly to your local flora, fauna and all the insects around. It has a very real knock on affect.
  • Fabi on October 19, 2019 6:02 AM said:
    Me quedo con esta frase: "Por nuestra presencia y conciencia, estamos sirviendo a la conciencia global del planeta y eso en sí mismo podría inspirar acciones, ideas o inventos que influyan hacia dónde va todo esto". Gracias por compartir.
  • Jeanette de Ruiter on October 18, 2019 8:21 AM said:
    Thank you for sharing. I feel so much better about this topic now it is clear to me how it actually works. Much love&light and nature’s wonders to you.
  • Trudy Propson on October 14, 2019 4:31 PM said:
    I needed this clarity. Thank you. 💕✨
  • Людмила Нужная on October 14, 2019 1:41 PM said:
    Герхард спасибо за то что поделился проиникновенным и любящим разъяснением Адамаса. Для меня это очень важно.=Thank you Gerhard for sharing Adamas' expressive and loving explanation. It is very important for me.

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