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When I first moved to the Big Island, Hawaii, I lived in a pretty sketchy town called Ocean View. I didn’t know any better when I chose it. The place was so sketchy that the first thing my new neighbor told me was the time and location of the local AA and NA meetings. Gulp. I tried to make the most of the situation, so once I’d realized there wasn’t much to do or see in this weird, creepy town, I decided to venture out and find me some nice nature.

One day, I drove 40 minutes to the nearest beach. It was very hot, and I had to park my car a ten-minute walk from the shore, but when I reached the water, something told me to keep going. After a few more minutes I discovered a small, hidden tidepool. The cool water was so inviting and there was no one around, so I took all my clothes off and dived in. I had a glorious time.

On the drive back, I noticed I was feeling blissful and euphoric – totally high.

“Interesting,” I thought. Getting to this kind of high, what Adamus refers to as “Sublime Joy,” has been pretty rare for me. It always took a lot of effort. This had just happened. When I measured my vibration, it was 840. More on that later.

Two days later, I went back to the little tidepool. This time I brought a chair and a speaker for music. I swam with the fish and snorkeled. I took some selfies and I got very, very high. My vibration measured at 850.

“What is going on here?” I wondered. Had I finally found a formula for reaching “Sublime Joy”?


Sublime Joy is the radiation of the joy the I AM feels all the time – just from existing. This Sublime Joy is always there, but we don’t always feel it.

The I EXIST used to be such an elusive and mysterious term for me, but if you’ve ever felt this profound sense of Sublime Joy, you’ll know it’s not mysterious at all. Just as Adamus said, it’s like an orgasm that keeps flowing and flowing from the I AM, from the pure joy of Beingness, the joy of existing.

Beloved St. Germain said, in The Master’s Life Part 7- I Am Creation, that when we are in Sublime Joy, we are creating. We don’t know what we are creating because true creation has no agenda, but our creation is always for our highest good. So experiencing Sublime Joy is a very worthy pursuit, not just because it feels so incredible, but because this is also how we allow the creation of what we want.


Before I became aware of Adamus, I was a student of Abraham-Hicks for many years (a great resource for those who are embarking on their awakening journey). Abraham talks a lot about vibration and the relationship between your vibration and what you create (The Law of Attraction). They teach that the more joy you feel, the higher your vibration, and the more you create what you want. The worse you feel, the lower your vibration, and the more stuff you draw into your life that you don’t want. That’s spirituality 101.

This is what Abraham had to say about Joy: “There is nothing you cannot be or do or have if your dominant intent is to be joyful. The doing and the having will come into alignment once you get that one down.”

So Adamus and Abraham are totally in alignment on the importance of Joy. They both agree that Joy is the ultimate way to activate energies and get what you want, while experiencing joy at the same time.


A huge milestone in my evolution was when I started measuring my own vibration. I was finally able to get a clear idea of where I was, and how different things, people, and situations impacted my vibration.

“You can’t improve what you can’t measure.” - The 4 Disciplines of Execution

If you think of vibration as a scale from 0-1000, wouldn’t you want to know your current score? If certain things in your life lower or raise your vibration, isn’t it worth knowing what they are?

Your vibration is not stagnant. It changes from one moment to the next. Some days are mostly low vibration, some are high. Some are a mix of high and low. Experiences, too, can be high or low vibration. (The high vibration experiences feel fantastic!) Some people have a high vibration; you know who they are because you always feel great around them. Other people have a low vibration; you want to run from them as fast as you can.


So how do you measure a vibration? With Muscle Testing.

Muscle Testing is used in different alternative health methodologies to determine whether something is true or false. It takes advantage of the fact that when you make a true statement your body stays strong, but a false statement makes your body weak. It’s a way of accessing the unconscious.

Editor’s Note: There is a lot of online information about muscle testing, and many techniques. Some are listed HERE.

Because Muscle Testing only produces a True or False response, I created a simple system to quickly measure a vibration. My first score was 610. That looked high but I felt pretty flat. I didn’t feel bad, but I was certainly nowhere near Sublime Joy. I wasn’t sure then how high my vibration needed to climb to be in Sublime Joy.

I became a bit obsessed with this and started measuring the vibrations of the people in my life, of gurus, etc. Mostly though, I measured my own vibration. I noticed that I was around 630 most of the time, with some ups and downs. Surely not good enough! Where is this elusive Sublime Joy? I didn’t want to feel flat for the rest of my life. I wanted to feel passion, joy, excitement! I started trying different things to increase my vibration. I measured my vibration before and after different methods to see what worked and what didn’t. I started noticing what raises my vibration and what brings it down.

I also started mapping out my own emotions and their correlating vibrations:

     😫  300-400 Upset, Angry, etc.

     😒  400-500 Sad, Unhappy

     😔  500-600 Just ok

     😐  600-700 Flat to Good

     🙂  700-800 Very Good to Great

     😀  800-900 Sublime Joy

     🤩  900+ Super Sublime Joy

The more I measured my vibration, the better my sense of the relationship between how I felt and my vibration. In time, I realized that Sublime Joy was over 800. I verified this with a few friends, but different people might have slightly different levels. Now I had a clear goal, though: to reach the 800s as often as possible! I started noticing what took me to the 800s, but it still required some effort and I was far from discovering a formula for success.


After spending a few days in that little tidepool and reaching Sublime Joy every time, I realized that I was on to something. I knew this had to do with being in nature. I suspected it also had to do with being on my own, with no one around. My formula started looking like this:

Nature - People = Sublime Joy

After a few weeks in that dreadful town, I moved to Kehena, a nicer town full of new agers. It had a much better vibe all around and more accessible nature. I found that heading into nature does the trick almost every time. I walk and listen to Adamus or good music, and I usually reach Sublime Joy. Walking almost always works. Taking photos works as well. People? Not so much.

Here are some of the formulas that work for me:

Nature + Adamus - People = Sublime Joy

Nature + Walking + Music - People = Sublime Joy

Nature + Photography - People = Sublime Joy

Sometimes, being around the right group of people can actually work. For example, if I take a workshop with like-minded people, I can get to Sublime Joy:

Learning Environment + Like-minded People = Sublime Joy

I also tried these formulas, but they failed:

Nature + People ≠ Sublime Joy

Nature + Audio Books ≠ Sublime Joy

Nature + People + Adamus ≠ Sublime Joy

Nature + Screaming Children ≠ Sublime Joy

You can see some recurring themes here. It is hard for me to reach Sublime Joy with people around. I think a lot of Shaumbra resonate with that. If people are far enough away and in small numbers, it’s fine. But the closer they are, and especially if they bring screaming children, the harder it is to reach Sublime Joy. Luckily, I can always find a quiet spot close by without people around.

I always listen to something, and what I listen to is very important for achieving Sublime Joy. If I listen to high vibration material like Adamus’s Keahak (Vibration = 930), it will help me get there, but if I listen to an audio book (usually a much lower vibration), it makes it harder or impossible.


When I’m in Sublime Joy, it feels like there’s no resistance. I can feel the I AM radiating the Sublime Joy of existing. I’m wide open. That feeling has led me to believe that:

Sublime Joy = Allowing

I’m sure there are many other ways to Allow, but this is MY way and I love it.


Finding my formula to Sublime Joy and Allowing was another huge milestone for me. It changed my life entirely. I now spend 3-5 hours in nature every day and reach Sublime Joy almost every single time. What effect will it have on my life? To begin with, I’m already in the most joy I’ve ever experienced. Sublime Joy used to be a very rare occurrence; now it’s a regular part of my life. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I create.

I expect that since I experience this Sublime Joy every day for a few hours, this state will integrate deeper into my being so that I won’t need to do anything special to get there. It will become my natural state. I can see this is happening already. I recently got high just by driving to Target. Go figure. On another occasion, I listened to a Keahak session on my way to the big city, got to Sublime Joy and stayed there all day, while I was running errands. Even a visit to Walmart didn’t get me out of my Sublime Joy!


Now that Sublime Joy in the 800s is a daily occurrence for me, why not aim for the 900s?

I once reached a 930 vibration while seeing a very beautiful place in nature for the first time. There were rainbows everywhere, huge waves, and sea turtles. It was totally magical. In the 900s, I had a huge smile on my face and a sense of awe and magic. I felt like I was about to explode from joy. What an experience!

Later that day, I had a little chat with our friend Kuthumi, and he told me that he is always in the 900s. That’s his natural state. If you have ever listened to Kuthumi, you know this is true.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to reach Sublime Joy with people around. Perhaps even in the company of some screaming children. Wouldn’t that be something? And maybe being in the 900s all the time will become my natural state, no matter the circumstances. Now that’s something to look forward to.


You don’t need to know how to measure your vibration to know you’re in Sublime Joy or to find your Allowing Formula. You can simply sense the Sublime Joy. But measuring your vibration does give you more awareness.

Each of us is unique and what takes me to Sublime Joy and Allowing may be different from what takes you there. It is worth trying a few different things to see what works for you. Nature is always a good start. I have found that walking in nature is the fastest and surest way for me to get there. Listening to your favorite music or a nice Merabh from Adamus can also do the trick.

You can also try to reverse engineer the process. What were you doing the last time you felt Sublime Joy? How did you get there? Could you get there again in the same way?

Sublime Joy and Allowing are a worthy pursuit, not just because you feel fantastic, but because of the hugely positive impact they have on your life:

“The joy of I am-ness, of beingness goes activates all the energy that is yours. And that energy comes back to serve you. Constant loop: joy, energy, service, experience” ~ Beloved St. Germain, The Master’s Life, Part 7 – I Am Creation

So, get out there and discover your Allowing Formula, and when you finally get to Sublime Joy, know that you are now truly creating.

Merav Knafo is an award-winning software designer, a technologist and a serial entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years she started six companies and sold five of them. After traveling and living abroad for 7 years, she finally repatriated in The Big Island of Hawaii, perfecting the Art of Allowing and enjoying the beauty of nature in this amazing energy vortex. She may be contacted on Facebook.

7 comments on "Sublime Joy & the Allowing Formula"

  • seynabou cisse on May 30, 2021 10:15 AM said:
    Thank you Merav for another great article and putting into words what I have been experiencing as well. You actually reminded me of the sublime joy that I experienced when I was last in Mount Shasta, a pure joy that you can't explain, but just is. Thank you for once again sharing your experience and wisdom!
  • Kate on May 24, 2021 12:12 AM said:
    I thank you for a wonderful story. She really inspired me a lot. And my formulas for sublime joy are very similar to yours. This is what I need now to keep creating. thank you
  • Светлана on May 15, 2021 1:28 PM said:
    Это чистой воды ментальная мастурбация. Простие, но другого слова я не нашла для ясности. Какие измерения вибраций у себя и окружающих? Какие цифры? Вы серьезно? Детский сад.
  • Mojie on May 13, 2021 1:43 AM said:
    Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with the world, to allow yourself to be vulnerable. That shows courage and strength on your part. There are many ways to reach the top of the mountain. I always say, realization is a matter of personal effort and prioritization where one can further their own consciousness into the infinite field of potential. So, congratulations for your continued dedication to self realization!
  • Hila on May 13, 2021 12:55 AM said:
    Thank you for this wonderful article! I've been practicing a similar formula and once I get into the sublime joy zone I feel incredibl! This is when I start experiencing magic in my life. Can't wait for your next article! I also enjoyed the one about the different paths to enlighetenment.
  • Alejandro Dordelly on May 12, 2021 6:37 PM said:
    Dear Merav, Thank you very much for sharing the way you get Sublime Joy & the Allowing Formula. You really gave me some very good ideas to find mine. Best Regards. Alejandro
  • Clem on May 1, 2021 7:58 AM said:
    This is ridiculous.

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