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I always had foresight. I was only 18 years old when I started doing communication strategy for companies, but not even then did I worry about getting to the essence of things on time.

Years into my career, on a Friday afternoon, the VP of a large communication group  –  with 12,000 employees at the time  –  asked me to go through a ton of market research and present the international positioning strategy to the CEO on Monday morning. As I had planned a weekend–long trip with my Mom, I refused, but the VP insisted, as apparently nobody else had been able to get the job done.

I did not change my plans, though; after returning to the city on Sunday night, I devoted two hours to fill my head with all the information and went to bed undisturbed, adjusting my alarm clock only an hour earlier than usual.

I woke up fresh and clear, with the core issues distilled, as I knew I would; the document was ready on time, of course: pristine, simple, and on point, and it worked beautifully at the meeting.

With such an orderly and strategic mind, very much aware and in sync with time and timing, I intuitively used the dream state to bypass conditioning; I understood possible futures and trends but also inevitable outcomes months before people around me could see them. It took me a lot to go back and reconstruct for them how I had reached those conclusions, but the thing is, it was not a mental process. Those were not conclusions; it was knowingness.

In essence, that was the first door I opened into dreams, one of the many topics Adamus covered in the splendid, enticing, and fascinating dissertation he offered in Adamus on Topic: DreamWorlds. I did not remember anything from the dream state; I just woke up knowing. I  still do .

Naturally, just before I was forced  –  by my own self  –  out of that corporate world and into this Shaumbra journey, I was sure that my future lay in nationwide prospective planning, or maybe even global planning, nowadays called futures design; strategy and future were my things, and it was painful to leave my dream, or so I thought.

The remembrances of actual experiences in dreams opened for me as a bottle of champagne. But even if those early dreams were undeniably real and intense happenings, shaking me to the core  –  an odyssey I was trying to share with colleagues around me, to no avail  –  I can vaguely state that the trigger was Tobias calling in September 1999. Such a shame I did not document all of them from the very beginning.

I went from distilling the essence of things to getting precise information ahead of time. The rules of this 3D world shattered in front of my dreamy eyes as I started flying, visiting places that would typically be inaccessible to me, including outer space, and having unnatural perspectives of the material world. I also began attending events I wouldn’t have been invited to, in the physical, and meeting dead people, literally. At a peak in 2005, I met my Soul alongside a group of us led by Adamus in Paris; where else? And all along, I was aware of dark forces observing me.

Of course, I have had the 2007 “puppy living in a fish tank with oxygen” or the 2011 “eagle hunting a raccoon and having Mexican beans as a side dish for dinner” kind of dream. Yet, I consider those vague, symbolic dreams to be rare occurrences, more fitting of the early years of my dream journeys.

I progressively realized that there is this parallel non-physical reality in which we are all connected; there, I have conversations with people with whom I do not have contact in real life, for whatever reason. In a dream of 2012, I was the first to congratulate a Mexican presidential candidate before the end of the election day — just a formality, as we both knew he had already won. And Queen Elizabeth II appears to be a cherished acquaintance in the other realms, whom I last encountered in September 2021.

There are also private parallel realities, so to speak. In May 2011, just after Adamus mentioned the brand new program, I attended the Keahak classification exams, which he held on an island. Thousands of postulants gathered in a massive conference room with volcanic rock walls; it may have been a gigantic cave within a mountain at the heart of this peculiar resort, and we were all waiting for our turn to get harshly examined. Seeing that I visited the island a few times, I suspect this was a deliberately created reality for getting acquainted in the pre-Keahak days.

And I became fascinated with dreams in time. Not only have I been to the past, or to fantastic scenes that can only be called “future past,” I have also been to alternate branches of reality that did not materialize and different aspects of future potentials for this timeline. I even documented having been outside of time altogether  –  I know.

I have seen myself in the future  –  that was quite impressive. Now that I think of it, I have also seen myself in the past, with a large group of people in their past selves, in events that never occurred. Isn’t that something?

In September 2007, I dreamt about the assassination of Jacqueline Kennedy in a museum in Germany; the feeling was intense. After doing my research, I concluded that it could have happened when JFK visited the country in 1963, but she was pregnant and feeling unwell, so she skipped the trip, sending her sister instead. If it had taken place, could JFK’s assassination have been avoided? Mere speculation.

And I contend that by connecting to some real future potentials, they fade away or transform: before the Mexico City earthquake of February 16, 2018, I dreamt about it twice. In one of the dreams, an entire building crumbled in seconds in front of me; I felt every bit of the energetic collapse while leaning crouched onto the wall of a smaller building a short block away. Fortunately, not a single building crumbled in the actual 7.2 Richter magnitude earthquake that took place.

In time, it also became evident that all experiences are simultaneous, a topic I explored in the post Parallel Lifetimes on my blog on Medium. And the awareness of timelines, realities with the same characters and general circumstances but with a different feeling, is most recent. I touched upon this in the post The Art of Dreaming Part 1, also on Medium.

But the whole dreaming experience continues to evolve into a fun and fascinating multidimensional way of living. In 2021 I was looking for an investor for The Book of Dreams and, in real life, sent an email to a prominent businessman; a few weeks later, I encountered him in dreams. There he was in the back seat of his armored van, accompanied by corporate executives, discussing the possibility with me. Sadly the matter remained undecided, but I take the meeting as perfectly real.

Something similar happened with Oprah, to whom I also sent an email; in dreams, she told me to use some keywords so she could identify the message in real life, but she hasn’t answered so far. This is part of the dreaming experience: frustration. Either she is not so aware, or I dreamt the whole thing. Just kidding.

On the other hand, sometimes dreams permeate my conscious experience, like when Adamus and Tobias visited me for a healing session in September 2019. Needless to say, Adamus opted to explore the terrain while leaving Tobias to work on my body on his own, not that he needs help, of course, but that is not the point, if you know what I mean. Anyway, in the dream, it was raining inside the room, and a few hours after waking up, I saw the same scene in a movie, now with god fairies instead of Ascended Masters. What are the odds? And the message? No idea, and does it really matter?

I was never invested in interpreting my dreams  –  not by any traditional standards, anyway  –  and by now, I do not crave to bring data from the dream world; it is just fascinating to be there, an experience unto itself. And it is hard to say; what if Queen Elizabeth represents my grandmother? Although, I seriously doubt it, in dreams I have been encountering the whole royal family for years..

Ultimately, the information we want or need gets to us in whatever way possible, in this reality or the others; in my case, it is mainly through dreams because my mind retracts in those realms. But the exploration is not about that: it is about the inexhaustible experience of bridging new-found realities.

The dream worlds and the real world are intimately and inextricably connected; dreams are as much a reflection as they are the building blocks of this 3D world. And I see their potential to affect our own lives, the lives of others around us, and the planet, something that Adamus brilliantly touched upon in DreamWorlds. I will say, poetically, that we can bench on the other side, too.

It is not that the future is at the core of the dreaming experience; far from it. But I continue to be fascinated by it, and it is a present–moment endeavor, as strategy itself, as dreaming itself. Interestingly, to this day, I continue to dream I get summoned into strategic groups working to save the world.

But the dream to dream my dreams, share them and continue to explore dream worlds is beyond any of my human, earnest drives; it is a Soul passion, and I can attest that even when profoundly loving my expertise, this is something else.

It was utterly unrealistic from a practical standpoint to be at the Shoud on June 4, but standing in the kitchen of my father’s apartment I heard: “we are behind you, if you do it now.” In the dream I don’t remember having dreamt, I sensed this solid support for the enterprise I was about to embark upon, regardless.

After so many years of feeling cold, dispassionate, in a void, of knowing that any new venture or project would take me only so far, the recognition of what was always right there shocks me. But I do not judge myself harshly; it was appropriate.

In a very literal way, I now know I have to dream before my dreams can come true, and inspiring a beautiful planet has finally become my strategy and future.

In a way, I never left my dream, I merely started living it.

Olivia M. Zenteno [aka Aberdeem] is a branding and business strategist. With 20 years of documented dreams (2002–2022), she explores the dream worlds and writes about them on Medium.

Along with her team, she is venturing on A Thousand Dreams, a platform for dreamers to document, analyze data, and share dreams with the world.

3 comments on "The Dream I Dreamed"

  • Alexandra on July 11, 2022 5:47 AM said:
    OMG!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! This is wonderful to read and reminded me what's real - I was starting to forget.
  • Josée on July 9, 2022 10:15 AM said:
    Go for it Olivia :) It's fantastic!! With a comment as: we are behind you, if you do it now. And I was listening online at the 4th June Shoud... Adamus was also entusiastic about your project ... ouuuuuuula! :) From a Shaumbra sister who almost never remember her dreams exceptions some very precise ones. haha! Big hugs ! I am sure all the Shaubra familly is behind you!
  • Lena J on July 1, 2022 5:21 PM said:
    Just a brilliant article!! Thank you for that!

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