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During a recent Crimson Circle Teacher Council Meeting, Linda presented statistics about the different Crimson Circle Schools. At the top of the list is the Sexual Energies School, followed by Aspectology and DreamWalker Death (DWD). All the other schools combined make up a small percentage of the remaining classes, and these statistics show where the main interest of Shaumbra lies. However, I sometimes wonder why DreamWalker Birth (DWB) is not closer at the top, at least at the same level as DWD, because in a way DWD and DWB belong together. DreamWalker Death and DreamWalker Birth give you the whole picture of the circle. In DWB there is even very valuable information about how we can just walk out of this physical reality after our last incarnation here on Earth.

We had a funny chat during the teacher meeting when Kathleen Haws, a DWB mentor teacher, mentioned in the chatroom, “For the record, if it wasn’t for birthing, there would be no need for any information about death!” In other words, you have to be birthed before you can die. And that is so true, at least in the experience of coming to Earth. Maybe most Shaumbra think that they are already birthed and the next thing that will come is death. No, I’m kidding! Most Shaumbra know that they are re-birthing. On the way to our realization we are really not dying, but rather constantly rebirthing ourselves into our true Self. You may say that something has to die in order to rebirth, but what actually is birthing and dying?

Within the first words in the updated DreamWalker Birth School, Adamus says, “Ah, you’ve gone through many deaths, but so many births. That’s so important and it’s so important for all of you personally, individually right now, because, even as I speak, you’re going through another type of birth. Not the physical birth that you experienced when you came back into this lifetime, but your body, your biology is rebirthing right now. Your consciousness is rebirthing right now… You’re drawn to the energy, because there are so many similarities in the physical birth, coming from the other realms, taking on a new physical body for yet another lifetime; there are so many parallels, similarities between that and what you’re going through right now on your path to enlightenment.

In fact, Adamus goes on to say that DWB is his favorite school because of this similarity. “That’s why I love DreamWalker Birth. We have other DreamWalker courses, of course. We have DreamWalker Death, DreamWalker Life, DreamWalker Ascension, but truly one of my favorites is this – DreamWalker Birth. It was recorded a number of years ago. The content, the energies are as relevant as ever, because, once again, of this similarity to rebirthing the Self.”

I am very passionate about DWB, not only because I have worked as a midwife and have had a lot experiences around birthing. I also really feel what Adamus says, the parallels of birthing into this earthly dimension and birthing yourself into your true Self.

Adamus says that birthing is much more difficult than dying. He says that death is easy, but it takes tremendous energy for the birthing process. It is much easier just to leave the body and move out of an unnatural state of being, than it is to be birthed into matter, for matter always has a resistance towards a spiritual being. And in addition to that, the passageway, the tube to enter earth is an old one and is very congested.

However, now the birthing process is changing. The work we are doing is bringing more consciousness into the process of birthing, especially when we are working as an Adoula. And, as a result of putting more consciousness into the birthing process, there is a disruption of the old system, the old way of birthing. There is a disruption of the unconscious patterns of repeating the same story, repeating the carrousel of physical rebirthing again and again. And of course the ascended masters who are living now on earth did not use the old congested passway; they created their own tube, which is now used also by the crystals, the clear ones. So everything is changing.

In the recent update, Adamus shifted the DWB School more into an experience of our own rebirthing into realization. There is still the deep and complete information about physical birthing and the Adoula work. (An Adoula is a birth connector, one who helps parents choose the being they want to invite in and then supports them in allowing the full experience of breathing, connecting with the incoming being, with Eesa, the Monatry, and so much more.) However, Session 5 Adamus states that DWB is not only about coming back into biology. He says that, ultimately, the ever-evolving DWB class is really about the continual birthing of yourself.

In the school there is a lot of precious information about the way we come here to Earth, something I would expect Shaumbra would want to know. For instance, do you remember the Monatry, a preparation area where most of us studied before coming into this lifetime? Adamus provides very detailed information about the Monatry and says that only about 20-25% of all beings go through a preparation class, cleanse and release before they come to earth for another lifetime. Most beings are unconsciously sucked back in into another lifetime, often an aspect birthing another aspect with very little soul consciousness involved. Reading or hearing Adamus talking about the Monatry always touches me deeply. He is still teaching there as well, and the energy is just beautiful; very, very sweet and loving. It makes me with all Shaumbra knew about it!

Most of the great people on Earth – leaders, musicians, scientists, consciousness workers and more – have studied in the Monatry. And I loved it very much when Adamus mentioned that a lot of us were already in service in the Monatry, helping others who are preparing for another incarnation, or even for their first incarnation. Adamus also says that Shaumbra may be recruited again for work in the Monatry because nobody else will have this experience we are going through now. Perhaps it gives you some idea of what to do after your ascension. ☺

There is so much amazing information in DWB, and I wanted to give an idea of what it is all about. I feel that all Shaumbra should have an understanding of how we got here and that there are now new ways of coming back in. And if you know anyone who wants to have children, it would be wonderful to be able to tell them that birthing can be a choice and that they can chose who they want to invite into. There are thousands of crystals that are ready to come in; or parents could choose a being they already know, who has prepared themselves in the Monatry.

There are many reasons to participate in DreamWalker Birth, including two wonderful merabhs, one to revisit our first birth on the planet and the other about rebirthing ourselves. A funny thought came to me, that Adamus is not only a distractor but also a midwife and adoula for us. He encourages us again and again and again on our way to realization and is helping us experience our rebirthing with as much ease and grace as possible. And that is what DWB is about –- bringing consciousness, ease and grace into the whole process of birthing, whether into biology or into realization.

In one of the merabhs Adamus says, “Once you’ve come by way of Earth, you’ve embodied into biology, you’ve experienced what it is to be in it and then to integrate all of that, you will always be an embodying creator. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be within everything you create – everything you create with your hands and your mind, your creativity. That’s why you came to Earth. That’s why you’ve taken this journey.

Take a deep breath and truly feel what DreamWalker Birth is all about!

Heidi lives in Switzerland and her favorite things to do are experiencing herself, playing the flute, being in nature, cooking a good meal; she is a Sexual Energies and DreamWalker Birth teacher, an Adoula and also loves to give Hawaiian massages. Recently as a Qi Gong teacher she is experiencing a sweet facet of her who knows Qi Gong very well. She can be reached at

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1 comments on "DWB and Birthing Yourself"

  • Camilo Herrera on February 9, 2017 12:45 PM said:
    Excellent article, thanks Heidi Stäheli.

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