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My Shaumbra friend told me that she longs for more magic in her life and that she would like to be more open to nature spirits and other levels of reality. But when she said that, I had a bit of the impression that she was looking for it in the wrong place, so to speak. An experience from my own life immediately came to mind, and I told her the story of my beloved lawn mower. She said it helped her indeed, so I would like to share my story with you as well.

In my last home in Worpswede in Northern Germany there was a huge garden that was shared between me and my neighbor Marion, who lived in the other small house on the property. When I moved there in 2011, Marion had offered to let me use her lawn mower. I broke it the first summer, and the replacement I bought lasted a year. We probably bought 3 or 4 more lawn mowers together, none of which ever lasted more than a year or two. The lawn area was really quite large, but the mowers were produced very cheaply of mostly plastic parts.

When the last shared mower broke down, we weren’t friends anymore and so we each got our own. For the first time, mine was a petrol lawn mower rather than an electric one. My last boyfriend had given it to me as a parting gift, so to speak, because a week later the relationship ended. The lawn mower must have been about ten years old, but I loved it from the start. The first thing I did was make it sparkling clean, bought it new oil and a sharpening attachment for my drill so I could sharpen the blade myself. The lawn mower made a huge noise, and after a moment of embarrassment I found this actually quite appropriate because it made it impossible for me to hide anymore like I tended to do all the time. From now on, when it was time to mow, the entire street would know, “Mareike is mowing the lawn.” In addition, the lawn mower stank like a tractor, always immersing me in a thick cloud of smoke. But none of that bothered me at all. On the contrary, I thought, “This is a REAL lawn mower, not an electro thing for wimps!” I was just glad the days of those crappy electric mowers were over.

So, I mowed my big garden a couple of times and was full of bliss. Then one day the mower suddenly switched off and didn’t say another peep. It just wouldn’t start anymore.

Can you imagine how frustrating that was for me? I had thought the lawn mower trouble was finally behind me and now this! I could no longer ask my ex-boyfriend what could be going on and I had absolutely no knowledge about lawn mowers, whether electric or petrol. I suddenly felt tired to death and thought, “How can life be so incredibly exhausting??!! You really can’t rely on anything. Even if I take the lawn mower to a workshop now, it may break again next time.” The hours I had wasted on broken lawn mowers had far exceeded my tolerance. On top of that, I knew I wouldn’t be living in that place for much longer, should I buy a new lawn mower just for that one year? Even a cheap plastic one???!

My body immediately reacted to this unpleasant situation with terrible pain. Everything in me screamed “NO!!!” I just wanted to hide in my bed and never get up again, feeling it would be best to finally get out of this endlessly exhausting life.

I just lay there in pain for a long time – frustrated, depressed, exhausted, unable to move – until suddenly something occurred to me. I remembered a channel with Sam (Tobias) where he had talked about a dusty old vintage car he had discovered in a neighbor’s shed. He was allowed to keep the car and got it into excellent shape – without any prior knowledge of cars – because he learned to commune with the car itself. It kept telling him what it needed next, and step by step it had shown him how to fix it.

As that story suddenly came to my mind I thought, “Sam doesn’t have any better skills than me, I must be able to do this too!” So, I became quiet and inwardly turned to my beloved lawn mower. The first thing I wanted to know from it was whether I was wrong, and that it had become far too old to be able to work for me anymore. I wanted to know if our time together was already over.

The answer came immediately. “NO! Our time is not at all over yet! I want to be with you and serve you! You fixed me up so nicely and I like that you like me so much!”

I breathed a sigh of relief, for now a faint hope grew in me for a solution I could feel good about. So, I kept asking, “But why don’t you run anymore? What can I do? What do you need?”

And then just one word popped into my head: SPARK PLUG. It was so clear and distinct, it almost scared me. My ex-boyfriend had briefly explained the lawn mower to me so at least I knew that something called “spark plug” existed, where it was located, and how to clean it. So, I bought a spark plug wrench, unscrewed the spark plug, and saw a lot of black stuff stuck to its tip. I cleaned it up with a wire brush, screwed it back in and... the lawn mower started up and roared in perfect health with its deafening rattling noise!

I was so happy and felt so much more empowered for my life after this experience! I knew now that I could solve many more problems than before and wouldn’t have to find and pay a professional for every little thing. I knew I could “commune” with everything in my world in this way – just like Sam.

Later it became clear to me why the spark plug was so sooty in the first place. The engine sometimes ran very irregularly, sounding as if it was about to die, then the next moment working fine again. It was in those sluggish periods of running rough that the oil or soot or something got stuck on the spark plug. Through communing I realized that the problem was incredibly mundane: If the tank wasn’t completely full, the engine sometimes couldn’t draw gas when the mower was lopsided. But it almost always was at an angle, because the property was on a slope at the edge of a forest, and the ground was quite bumpy. I just had to make sure the tank was at least half full, and the problem didn’t arise.

With my beautiful lawn mower love story, what I want to show you is this: Don’t look for colorful, fluffy fairies and elves that mysteriously scurry around in front of your nose. Your energy is everywhere – in every tree, every leaf, every table, every brick, even every lawnmower. It has no face for you to see with your eyes, but you can feel that all these things are beings. And not beings that are separate from you, but they are the being that YOU ARE. When you remember that, communication comes easy.

Mareike Schauf lives and works in Paderborn in Germany as a life coach/counselor. Many years of physical pain repeatedly forced her into a complete inner retreat, from which she awakened each time with a new awareness of herself. You can visit her website here and contact her via email.

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