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Wulfing von Rohr first came in contact with the Crimson Circle at The Gathering workshop in Solothurn, Switzerland in early 2009. Since then, Wulfing has hosted numerous Crimson Circle events and several book tours with Geoff and Linda in Europe, and is Crimson Circle’s publishing agent. His observations are inspired by 1) the recent Crimson Circle events in Grünwlad, Germany, and 2) the release of the German edition of the new book “Memoirs of a Master” (“Entdecke den Meister in dir”)

Imagine there is a pond. We want to look at the bottom to find out what is there. We take a stick and try to remove the rotten leaves, twigs, pebbles and the mass of indescript sediments covering the bottom. What happens? All the old rotten stuff comes up and makes the water even more opaque.

What to do? Remember that all is well in all of creation. I Am That I Am. There’s no need to revitalize past feelings, experiences, expressions and stumbling blocks. Breathe. Allow. Accept that the past is past and we are like a duck or, if you prefer a more “noble” simile, a swan swimming in the murky water, and the water falls off like pearls when we rise above it and fly into the clear skies.

As long as any crutch helps an afflicted being to hop along better than without crutches – great! Let’s make use of good crutches until we can walk without them, by ourselves, independent of external (mental, emotional, philosophical, spiritual) “aids.”

How do we know when it is time to let go of the temporarily helpful concept of Karma? When it becomes like fetters, like a prison; when we feel the need for an outside “savior” to take our karma on him/her or feel that special methods and means (ablutions, smudging, crystals and so on) are necessary to alleviate or even dissolve karma.

A nice story by Osho (which many will know) goes like this: “Imagine a goose in a bottle. How to get it out without breaking the bottle?” No one knew. He clapped his hands and shouted “It is out!” How could that work? Why? Because our imagination put the “goose” into the bottle in the first place, therefore our free decision can take it out. Same with the sometimes frightening concept of Karma. By the way, the notable Indian sage Ramana Maharshi was asked if reincarnation is real. He answered, “Actually, reincarnation does not exist. The Ego may think it is born, lives, dies and then reincarnates. But the SELF has never been born and always IS.”

Why should someone in a bobsled who crosses the finish line 1/100th of a second later than another, be called loser and the other one be called the winner? What is our daily reality? Plenty of people can jump higher, run faster, make more money, have more sex, etc., than we. And there are many more who are less capable then we in many areas.

It is my personal experience that when I stopped thinking I should/would/must/whatever be “perfect,” “holy,” “completely awakened,” “masterly,” “fully enlightened,” etc., and embraced that I am “mediocre,” then peace and clarity of mind began to grow. Inner and outer happiness and success improved, even my health got better, and once in a while even some mystical insights and feelings/sensings/hearings/seeings of other dimensions popped up. So now I am quite happy to accept my mediocrity. <3

Adamus talked a lot of Sensuality at the events in Grünwald. And, with the music of Yoham and the new group SOY, many if not all of us felt some stirring of sensuality within. Yes there still can be blocks to truly opening our sensuality. In my perception, these three come up quite frequently:

- Fear of Loving Another: Should I express my love? What will the other expect if I do? Will the love become a chain, a fetter, or an expectation to them? What if I do not “live up” to that? What if I fail or worse, I am put off, shoved aside? What if…?

- Fear of Being Loving: Is it not strange that we may fear being loved even more than loving? Why? Possibly because accepting love makes us vulnerable, opens us up to unimaginable intimacy. Possibly we harbor the fear that “I may lose myself.” (A very personal note from Wulfing: when I was ready and did indeed love unconditionally, this opened up – accepting, embracing, immersing in and enjoying being loved – even though the love was “fulfilled” for but a short time.)

- Fear of Self: There is a famous poem by the German poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller, “Das verschleierte Bildnis zu Sais” or “The Veiled Portrait at Sais.” The theme is similar to the 18th story in Memoirs of a Master about the student’s visit to The Temple. Am I ready to look unabashed at my Self in its human form and 4D limitations, with its episodes, ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses, and at the same time see its inherent divinity? Am I truly ready to face my I AM?

When does awakening set in? When does embodied enlightenment occur? When do we live in complete Mastership? These questions were touched on by Adamus at this special event in June.

His answer, in a nutshell (and as good or as little as I am able to summarize it): When we stop trying! When we stop working at it! When we stop employing all these various methods. When we stop putting ourselves under the stress of trying to mentally reach awakening, enlightenment and mastership. If and when we truly give up and allow, then the date is set (within a few days or weeks).

That brings me to share a few insights I have had in the course of the last almost 70 years about Forgiving and Forgiveness. Again, just a brief sketch.

We are often told to forgive, because that supposedly helps in the murky business of “processing.” Then there are those who say, “Forgiveness is not for the other but for yourself, to help release and relieve energetic ties,” and yes, that can indeed work, at least as a crutch. Then there are those who say: “Forgive yourself, for that is what helps to relieve and release!” That also might prove suitable under some circumstances.

I took this issue one step further recently, in Southern Tyrol at a little seminar. I felt inspired to share with one woman, “Yes, forgive yourself, but please also forgive yourself that you may not be able to forgive!” She broke down in tears and later told me that her father had sexually abused her when she was a girl. And now, throughout her adulthood, she had suffered under the fact that, although being on civil speaking terms with him, she could not really forgive him in her heart and she felt the pressure to “prove her spiritual development” by forcing herself to forgive him. She was (and is still) so relieved.

To carry it now into yet another dimension: Geoffrey told me that Adamus had mentioned that the hardest thing for human is to accept forgiveness from the Source, similar to our difficulty in accepting love.

Along with Adamus, Geoff and Linda, I would like to challenge you – and myself: Let us decide if we want to be free yet or not. How seductive is the lingering on…?

To Conclude 1 – I am often asked by people from the public, What is Crimson Circle?

This is my short answer: Crimson Circle offers an effective approach for discovering, embracing and living one’s own spiritual self and one’s own essence in such a way that we experience spirituality as liberating and free of dogmas and any limitations. And at the same time, Crimson Circle invites everyone to recognize his/her human nature and being, and manifest and enjoy this very essence on our earthly journey, in an awakened and masterly manner.

To Conclude 2 – Adamus asked during one segment in Grünwald:

Who are Shaumbra?

A hilarious and quite apt answer came from a young lady in the audience: They are pattern breakers and chaos makers.” Very well said!

I would like to finish these slightly erratic musings with my personal answer to this question: “Shaumbra are individuals who have the courage to explore Life, Essence and Being in a way not known before on this planet, as an indestructible Light and Love experiencing and expressing Itself in ever new ways.”

No doubt you will also have your own answers to these questions, and of course they are the proper insights for YOU.

Enjoy ... by Allowing AND!

Wulfing von Rohr is a cultural researcher, author and coauthor, seminar director, translator, publisher and television interviewer. He helps to organize many spiritual meetings, such as International Peace Conference Munich 1999, Interreligious Talks Lucerne 2000; Friedensstage Salzburg 2002, Engeltage Salzburg and Munich 2006, 2007 and 2008; The Gathering Conference for Light Workers in Solothurn 2008, Life Force Symposia in Zurich 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, as well as Aura Basel 2009 and 2010. At the channeling conference in Colorado in July 2009 he was one of the guest speakers. See his website at

2 comments on "Insights on Allowing"

  • Bogdan Shaumbra on November 1, 2017 3:48 AM said:
    Thank you so much for your sharing, dear Wulfing. If I would still choose Duality, I could finally say I have chosen to be in love with my Mediocrity, and, among other insights, your sharing reminded me of my freedom in making this choice.
  • Julia Belyaeva on July 28, 2017 12:47 AM said:
    Dear Wulfing, Thank you for the beautiful exchange of feelings. I'm so glad when I read such simple and clear lines. Yes, the embodied enlightenment is already here, it's just time to relax and get pleasure from life (although it sometimes provokes). And inside of me, I feel so calm and beautiful. Often my Master inside laughs at my (our with him) experiences. Life is Beautiful!!! With blessings to you, Geoffrey and Linda, our beloved Adamus. I am that I am.

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