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Over the years, as I listened to and learned from Adamus, trusting in his unfathomable wisdom, I observed how his teaching techniques would lead us, guide us, and expand us into unforeseen lands. As we know very well, he is extreme, compassionate, playful, humorous and informative. He can also be assertive, commanding and demanding. He doesn’t put up with our illusions or our bullshit, and he directly sets us straight when we’re off-course. There are no hard and fast rules, but there are standards, standards that he strictly upholds and strictly holds us accountable for.

And, there is magic in the air as well. Always.

Adamus, aka Big Daddy, offers great parenting advice even though he never discusses the topic directly, other than advising us not to delay Embodied Realization because of our children. He shows us, with every confident stride across the Crimson Circle stage, how to be great parents of young pirates.

He openly admits that his words and jokes are distractions to get us beyond the mind. As we lighten up, we open up to receive what the words invite us to feel. The pure vibrations of consciousness offered by Adamus and his team of angels catalyze the unlimited bounty of the I AM within us. As we allow, we shift and change in profound yet powerful ways governed only by the I AM.

In Adamus, we have an incredible role model to emulate. We’ve witnessed this fascinating combination of lawless, compassion-filled guidance embedded in waves of I AM Presence. Ah ha! Now we have the formula. We’ve seen how it’s done. Now we can parent like a boss.

Are you a parent? And if so, did you take prolific notes from the Big Daddy Playbook? I did, and now it’s time to put it all into action. Here is a story of one of the many ways I’ve decided to allow my I AM to serve me.

First, I gently and quietly disconnected from each of my kids when they were around 13 years old, unbeknownst to them or anyone else. It stung a bit, I admit, but it was worth it, and I am certain my kids would agree. Why? Because they know, at a very deep level, that they are free. What a wondrous feeling that is indeed. They also know that they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for themselves and their lives. As a longtime parent of 22 years, this feels amazing. I think it’s the deepest damn breath I’ve ever taken.

This certainly doesn’t mean that as parents we spend the rest of our days skipping through a garden of wildflowers, but it kinda-sorta does. Our kids will go through whatever they choose to go through. They may or may not turn to us for guidance, but if they do, we’re ready. Here’s a case in point.

Last year, I witnessed our I AM Presence, our Unseen, Invisible Brilliance, do its thing. I observed the effect, the Shaumbra Effect, on my family and my children. It didn’t have much to do with my parenting experience, expertise or even my wisdom, sorry to say. It didn’t have much to do with my human self at all. The most impactful part of us is the I AM, that seemingly remote, mysterious God-Self we all possess.

One of my kids had hit a massive “brick wall,” the dreaded steel trap of the mind. The downward spiral was extremely intense, dark, and very frightening. To see your beloved child enter into a profound state of suffering is supreme torture for any parent, needless to say.

Wanting to fix it, heal it and comfort it is only natural. But as we all know, deeply imbalanced states of consciousness cannot be so easily mended. My child had entered into the dark night.

I flipped through my mental notes from umpteen Crimson Circle events I had attended over many years. I had to dig deep. Words of wisdom were superficially helpful and offered only temporary relief. Hmm. Not enough. What to do. What to do.

My child was asking for my help, so I had to decide what my role in this drama would be. Because of my close proximity to the situation and the excruciating pull on my heartstrings, it was very challenging to be clear. It was mandatory, however, that I was crystal clear if I was to be in true service to this one I love so dearly.

Ultimately, there was only one thing to do. I had to step beyond my human identity and allow the I AM to step in and step up. Could I do it in this case? I could at least try.

As I sat with my young adult within the safe space, I let it happen. I let myself relax and let go. My mind softened. I allowed the I AM Presence to bloom. My human identity quickly faded. Words that were beautifully metaphorical, poetic you might even say, began to flow from my lips.

The energy in the room began to soften, lighten and expand. The space we inhabited was beyond time. It was filled to the brim with deep compassion. It seemed to shimmer in some unseen way. It was wondrous.

I no longer felt a mother’s concern for her child’s suffering. I felt the profound wisdom woven throughout my loved one’s intense creation. I caught a glimpse of his future and where this painful, challenging breakdown would eventually lead him.

The most profound part of this experience had less to do with the verbal counsel that instructed him; it was more about the impact of the energy presence that filled the room. To be sure, the verbal counsel that came through my lips was very insightful, heartening and deeply supportive. In fact, I look forward to the day when we address one another from this level of consciousness at all times. Our human wisdom is excellent, but this type of relating is superlative, perhaps even flawless.

What makes us astonishing is the waves of I AM consciousness that pulse and flow as we allow it to come forth. During this precious time with my child, the I AM was washing over him, over and over and over, reminding him of who he truly is. It was a radiant pulse, a wave form that could be felt. It silently chanted, “I AM. I AM. I AM.”

My child and I sat together for these meetings several times over several months. My words would change, but the I AM pulse never faltered because it can never falter. My job with my child was done for now. I had played my part, the very same part Shaumbra have volunteered to allow on Earth at this time.

My child went back to his independent life, the bumpy road ahead fraught with heartache intertwined with deep insight and rapid growth. He was required to work through the details of his pain of his own accord, as we are all required to do. But the I AM Presence was there, quietly emanating its light. “I AM. I AM. I AM.”

What I have witnessed since that time is an acceleration of his life path. What might have taken five, even ten years or more to come into full awareness has taken about 12 months. With each passing day, my child’s empowerment and sovereignty are expanding at warp speed. It’s breathtaking to behold.

Incidentally, over a decade ago, I asked Tobias how I could help my child with his nightmares. Tobias’ short and sweet reply was, “Teach him that he is God Also and watch what happens.”

It’s time we trusted the I AM to go to work for us in our lives, first and foremost by allowing Embodied Realization. My journey with my child gifted me with the opportunity to experience the Radiant Pulse of the I AM as it offered its miraculous grace, one that my human self alone could never have otherwise given. As we embody the I AM, our life flows generously and transformationally through all. What greater gift is there to offer?

Now, I truly know that I don’t have to effort for anything ever again. I can take that deep breath and allow the I AM to do all the work.

This is the Shaumbra Effect.

This is, of course, what Big Daddy has been telling us all along.

Susan is an old timer, discovering the Crimson Circle in 2005. By virtue of the profound integration she experienced with the Crimson Circle, she now lives as a free energy being, enjoying nature, working with music, sound and the divine imagination. She spends much of her free time loving life and writing about her experiences of integration and completion. She is married with 3 children and lives happily ever after in Golden, Colorado. She can be contacted through SusanHaidStudios, or via email.

6 comments on "The Shaumbra Effect"

  • Elena on May 20, 2020 8:57 AM said:
    Thanks for your story. Very inspiring.
  • Narcisa Vinces on May 16, 2020 10:39 PM said:
    Fabulous, this really resonated with me because of a situation I was living with my son and I thought that as a human I could solve it, until a week ago I gave up and told my soul to take care of this; humanly I cannot more; then I open myself to you; And now I feel calmer knowing consciously that all is well in all creation and so it is.
  • Romina Vinces on May 16, 2020 10:23 PM said:
    Fabuloso esto realmente me llegó por una situación que vivia con mi hijo y pense que como humana podia resolver, hasta que una semana atrás me di por vencida y me dije alma mía hazte cargo tú; yo humanamente no puedo más; asi que me abro a ti; y me siento mas tranquila ahora sabiendo concientemente que Todo está bien en toda la creación y así es.💕
  • Suzanne on May 16, 2020 1:41 AM said:
    Thank you for the words along with the brilliance You offer ! Agree totally. The release into the integrated Being the Grace shows the most accurate wisdom in that moment of awareness. Human-me then needs patients, Opening to an overview, being In more than the emotions in the short run .... Thank you So much for writing this !
  • BeatrixChristine on May 16, 2020 12:06 AM said:
    Thank you dear Susan Haid for this article. . . the story touched me a lot. . . all love with all your heart BeatrixChristine
  • Adays on May 15, 2020 5:16 PM said:
    Thank you so much for coming forth and sharing your beautiful story for SHAUMBRA. It's really nice KNOWING (AMHYO) that this outpouring of CONSCIOUSNESS is what we are when we focus in our BEINGNESS and drop our old stories. I WELCOME and CELEBRATE the NEW in ME, in YOU and in everyone who is willing to ALLOW... We can have it ALL with the ALLOWING and the AND... "ALL IS WELL IN ALL OF CREATION"

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