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This story actually began in 2014 when Adamus took us on a most profound DreamWalk to the Crystal Caves. A few days after experiencing that DreamWalk, I found myself going on my own journey to various crystal caves. It was a magnificent sensory experience from which I brought back music that formed the basis of my album ”Music from the Crystal Caverns” (released in May 2015). It was an amazing, interdimensional journey, and now the story continues …

Could you imagine really enjoying a visit to the dentist? Could you imagine feeling exhilarated and tenderly loved while feeling the drills, tasting and smelling strange substances and hearing the dentist discussing the proceedings with her assistant? Well I, with my life-long dental phobia, certainly could never have imagined that! I thought I’d said “Goodbye” to my phobia about three years ago. However, obvious problems took me to the dentist recently, which resulted in scheduling an average of three appointments each week till Christmas for urgent repair work. And, sure enough, the old feelings of panic returned with full force. It was time to move on. I knew that none of the past methods I’d used for coping were relevant so ... I pushed the ‘Alt’ button, brought to our awareness by Adamus in the 3rd Shoud of the Wings series.

I arrived for the first appointment having created a playlist for my iPhone, planning to listen through earbuds and imagining that I’d sink into the music and it would calm me. It was, in fact, a very limited point of view, for what actually happened went so far beyond that. I entered a totally different reality, one which I’d already created but had not yet experienced so vividly.

The first segment on my playlist was my own album “Music from the Crystal Caverns.” Once the music began, I entered the first cavern with its myriads of small, twinkling crystals: I was simply ‘there.’ The beauty of the crystalline forms – long and narrow, transparent white infused with differing hues of blue, and with such a delicate, gossamer-like quality – transfixed me. Tenderness and healing qualities streamed gently out of the crystals towards me and danced around in the awesome blue light. So much delicate tenderness and love for me! This was a place to just ‘be’ without focus or intent. I reveled in the sheer beauty and felt amazed by the astonishingly beautiful, soft sounds I could produce by gently touching individual crystals. This was a place where so much ‘was,’ to be intuitively felt but not perhaps to speak openly about. A place of quietness …

The music began to move on to the next cavern and this time, the journey was a memorable one as I seemed to be riding through a dense, greenish substance, seated on warm crystals shaped rather like small dolphins. These crystals transferred me effortlessly from one to another and each time I moved to a new one, the old one dissolved back into the substance, which was so thick and grainy like sand that normally I’d not have been able to breathe. It enveloped me and I felt safe and caressed by it.

Once inside, my gaze was drawn to the crystal-lined walls stretching high above me in this immense cavern. They had a greenish hue and the almost blindingly brilliant light in the centre was white. In this cavern, vitality streamed into me and I suddenly realised that I was sitting on a gigantic carousel, astride crystals which – like those on which I’d just ridden – formed and reformed to fit my body as the music streamed through the cavern. These crystals were warm and softer than the ones in the first cavern with a slightly exotic spicy scent, each one itself a living organic being. The carousel moved round slowly, and lifted me up to great heights at a slow, graceful pace and then seemingly released me so I dropped in free fall till one of the crystals moved into place for me to ride on again. There were no jolts and everything was smooth. In the heights of the cavern wafts of ‘soothingness’ blew at me, rhythmically caressing my body. The cumulative effect dissolved my earlier fears completely.

The journey to the third cavern surprised me since I was crawling on hands and knees through long, low yellowish-brown crystalline structures that were moving slowly as if in rhythmical breathing. I had the impression of being inside an artery in a gigantic, living being and the realization that this crystal structure could be alive was startling! When I stopped to embrace these crystals, it was as though time was suspended.

Emerging into the cavern itself I sensed unbelievably compassionate love for me. These crystals were able to ‘project’ their sense of touch as though they had extended arms with hands that stroked me. Some that seemed to have a more humourous nature actually tickled me and I had to stifle giggles to avoid interrupting the dental work! Very soon, I was breathing in unison with the whole cavern – an indescribable experience – and as each full breath finished, a wave of love came softly trickling over to me. I felt this loving breath all over my body, gently stroking my skin and infusing into me until I was just filled with pure love. I, in turn, carefully caressed nearby crystals and as I did so, they merged with me by a sort of sensory osmosis, bringing their individual healing love to me in a most intimate way … and then there they were outside me again!

What an unbelievably wonderful experience to be surrounded by this mass of living crystal! I felt so much love and compassion for me as the human, and recognition of me as the master, that, in a way, I was sad to leave this cavern. In this place, there were no secrets, nothing was hidden and it felt so good to be open and exposed, knowing I was perfectly accepted and loved. It was a place of integration, which is the title I gave to the music from this cavern.

As the music moved onwards to the last cavern I knew I was assimilating everything I’d experienced in the other caverns – delicate tenderness from the first, invigorating and soothing feelings from the second, and the compassionate, loving integration of the third cavern. This time I did not move at all; everything else moved through me until, at a point of contentment and resolution, I stepped forward boldly into the last cavern on this journey. It was as though I had a sense of expectation, you might say. I felt myself seemingly soar upwards – up and up and up – although my feet stayed firmly in contact with the ground. How far? I cannot measure the distance at all; it simply was, and was all-expansive. I can, however, express it as pure Joy, as this was what was causing the expansion. While my human self stayed standing on the ground, the master exploded in joy, becoming unbounded and infinite in pure ecstasy. I’m now aware why I called this cavern “Reflection – Celebration” on my album. The crystals here were like jewels, and constantly changed colour between many orange and yellow hues, interspersed with flashes of gold. This was a place where I felt complete: grounded and standing absolutely in my mastery. All of me was content; I needed nothing.

I’ve felt the existence of what I call Universal Music for many years, though this is different from the “Music of the Spheres” described by the Ancients. By “Universal Music,” I mean music which exists in many dimensions and ‘spaces’ as a sort of connection, and I knew that you could travel on it. I incorporated this in the introductions to each cavern as well as the last track, “Continuation.” But the first time I travelled on it so vividly was during this dental session. During “Continuation” I truly experienced being both individual and multi-dimensional and, as the layers continually merged and separated, I felt a growing orgasmic feeling throughout my entire body; one which was not erotic, but ecstatic. It was an experience I cannot convey in words, and certainly not one to forget.

Now I’m ‘back’ and I find it quite remarkable that I could be so fully in that other reality while the dentist was carrying out her treatment. At one point, she needed to ask me something so I stopped the music to talk to her and, without thinking, I said “Actually, I was in a completely different place.” Maybe I sounded a little irritated because she replied “Oh, I didn’t want to disturb you. You go back then!” Now that it’s over, I can really see the funny side of this. It is certainly remarkable for me to have such an experience in one reality at the same time as being in another one which had previously caused me very, very much distress. I had full sensory perception in both realities concurrently! Today I re-listened to the last Shoud, where Adamus introduced the ‘Alt’ button. And it dawned on me that you really can’t have expectations (as I did originally) when using it, because you open yourself up to magnificence and potentials that our human selves simply cannot imagine.

Kay is a music channeller, composer and Crimson Circle Teacher who thoroughly enjoys Life itself and seeing the beauty in simple things. Her work as a channeller of personal Soul Songs grew from the inner calling to move away from her background as a classical musician. Discovering the essence of an individual sound and then combining this with others to create sound spaces fascinates her and will increasingly feature in forthcoming compositions. Kay offers her services and music through the Shaumbra Marketplace and her InnerSpheres website. Kay may be contacted here.

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