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I learned that duality and conflict can hide the wonderful magic of the short wall.

Things between my neighbor and I had become very tense due to years of conflict. But recently, I had a real conversation with her for the first time. It was the kind of conversation that resolves conflicts instead of making them worse.

I was the first to move into the neighborhood and was enjoying a quiet life, when the neighbor, her husband and children moved into a house 5 meters away from mine. Right away they informed me that they were uncomfortable with my house, so I listened to their concerns and tried to be agreeable. However, there were a lot of kids in that house, which meant a lot of noise. I complained about the noise several times over the years, but the neighbors refused to hear my requests for peace and quiet. The conflict intensified, resulting in many arguments and fights between us.

Eventually I knew I shouldn’t do this anymore because after every fight with my neighbor I became ill, both mentally and physically. My heart felt very hurt, and the conflict moved into my body. And, after years of tension and hatred, the entire neighborhood was wary and on guard.

So, one day, I took a deep breath and prayed. “God, I’m not feeling well, and I don’t want to be in this conflict anymore. Please open a way for me to talk to my neighbor.” After deep breathing and praying for hours, I finally got up the courage and knocked on my neighbor’s door, not really expecting a response. To my surprise and relief, she opened the door and came out. That’s when the conversation began.

Before doing this, I had decided not to hurt or insult others in any way. I took a deep breath to remind myself of this, and began speaking, explaining my position in a calm tone to make it clear I wasn’t here to fight. My neighbor actually listened to my story, and then explained her position and concerns as I listened to her, something we had never done before. Although we couldn’t reach agreement on every point, we finally heard and understood each other for the first time. We even talked about how to consider each other’s concerns in the future to whatever extent that we can.

As time passed after this remarkable conversation, I was able to get insights on my perspective of the neighbor and her house. Most obvious was the need to make conversations with neighbors transparent. But eventually, the dragon appeared to show me what was really going on, to reveal the truth I so desperately wanted.

With honesty and clarity, the dragon showed me that I was both a victim and an assailant. It was only when I put down the sword and stopped fighting that we could come out of our respective caves and truly hear each other. This had been impossible up to now, first because I had the selfish idea of being in a superior position simply because I had moved into the neighborhood first. Therefore, I thought my neighbor should be more considerate of me.

Secondly, I had purposely chosen a quiet, solitary environment, and therefore didn’t recognize or even acknowledge my neighbor’s existence as my true neighbor. Because of this, whether consciously or unconsciously, she didn’t recognize my existence as her neighbor either.

Third, I was finally able to realize the lesson of the short wall that Tobias often used to talk about. I learned that if I try to win by going into conflict, the conflict will eventually rule me. There’s a low fence between my neighbor and me, the short wall. But when I was fighting, I couldn’t see it, perceiving only a lot of hateful things about my neighbor and her house. But, at the end of our conversation, I said, “If there’s a problem between us, let’s talk together.” Instead of using power to build up conflict, I learned that starting a real conversation requires courage of the heart.

Applying this to a macroscopic point of view, I thought about the country where I live, because the national energy of a country is closely interconnected with the individual consciousness of its people. I live in Korea, a divided country that has been in a wary truce for more than 70 years. Residents of South and North Korea, close neighbors and even family members, live in a constantly tense energy, distrustful of each other. The war may have stopped for a while, but it hasn’t ended. Sometimes each side exchanges arrows to elicit the energy of war, to stay in the fight.

Just as it wasn’t easy for me to step out of the fight and make up with my neighbor, from a national perspective, ending the war with North Korea and bringing peace, and unification will not be an easy process. But I think it must begin by acknowledging each other’s existence. Unification – of my country, of humanity, of duality itself – begin when each side recognizes the existence of the other.

In 2009, Tobias did a workshop in Seoul that included the message called “Do You Remember?” In that event we talked about the unification of South Korea and North Korea, and Tobias said that Atlantean and Lemurian energy is deeply rooted in Koreans’ unconsciousness. In other words, South and North Korea symbolize the conflicting energies of Atlantis and Lemuria. Currently, we are reenacting the confrontation and tension from that ancient time, but Korea will be unified soon. The strife between South Korea and North Korea is conveying tension to outside regions, just like the fights with my neighbor brought tension to the entire neighborhood. But Korea’s unique dragon energy is emerging to transform and bring integration. In doing so, it also brings about the integration of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis.

Adamus has said that the dragon comes to help clear the inner self of guilt and shame, both individually and collectively. Through the dragon, you can look inside yourself and see what has been suppressed. In the conflict with my neighbor, I always considered myself a victim who was hurt. But, after listening to her, it became clear that I was also the perpetrator who was hurting her. It was a shameful expression of me that I didn’t want to face, but the dragon insisted.

In the same way, at the national level, dragons emerge to help clean up the old energies and perhaps, as it happens within individuals, South Korea and North Korea can also achieve gradual unification and integration.

Barriers cause energy distortion and blockage. But allowing them to become beautiful short walls can bring back the transformational magic of energy. The way to become Merlin is to clean up the debris by looking at myself honestly. The integration of self is the starting point of any reunification on any level, and I have no doubt that the integration of my own aspects will also lead to collective integration. Sometimes anxiety and mistrust, even about a truce, can prevent people from standing behind the short wall. But in due course, dragons will pop out and shake things up, even opening people’s deep unconsciousness.

I feel that the dragon Adamus mentions is connected to the energy of Tobias’ short wall. I also feel that standing behind the short wall means being a Merlin, and my recent experiences have made me realize that it takes courage to be Merlin.

Now we have a new series, The Art of Benching, where Adamus leads Shaumbra to the park bench, which provides us a wider and wider view. Without any more fight and effort, now we simply exist, shining our own light toward the world without pressure or agenda, and with the courage of Merlin.

Eun Jung Kim first learned of and dramatically felt Tobias’ energy in 2007. She lives in Cheongju, South Korea, where she is studying spiritual counseling and psychology. She can be reached via email.

2 comments on "Courage to Become Merlin"

  • SanMari on January 23, 2022 8:59 AM said:
    What a beatufull story ending. Thank you!
  • Denise Crispino on November 20, 2021 12:11 PM said:
    Thank you!!!! Amei!

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