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As kids, we knew how to dream. Daydreaming was as natural as dreaming at night. It was a sensual, playful, easy thing to do. We knew how to dream big, even though we were small. We didn’t let that stop us; we simply expanded our imagination and consciousness beyond the boundaries of our physical reality. Then, while we grew up, our dreams shrank. We learned to cage them, to live in mental constructs that were nicely organized in square boxes. Now we try to dream again, but the dreams are suffocated, unable to breathe within the box of conformity and predictability. They need to be set free.

In addition to losing the ability to dream, we have consciously trained ourselves to let go of desires. We were told that if you are conscious enough, you don’t want anything, especially anything outside of yourself. So we restricted our natural desires. How boring! I would never want to not want anything. Maybe that approach worked for Buddha, but we’re in the new energy now. We can have desires AND consciousness.

The key to conscious desiring is to dream without fear. Obviously, that’s easier said than done, but just because you feel fear regarding your dreams, it doesn’t mean you have to suffocate them. Instead, breathe with your fears until you have integrated the aspects that felt the fear. Allow Soul’s passion to burn so brightly that it melts your fears away. And then dive into that desire. Really allow yourself to feel with all your senses (including your Master-sense) what it will feel like to have your desire realized. Don’t control your imagination; let it take you wherever it wants. Never judge your desires; instead make it your first priority to fulfill your own needs, and to give yourself experiences that bring you joy. Desiring is not a human inadequacy – it’s a form of self-expression. It is you, the creator stating its freedom: “I am that I am, and I can want whatever I want.” Otherwise, what’s the point of sovereignty?

Dream big. Dream small. Dream multi-dimensionally and non-linearly. Let’s stop viewing dreams as a test of manifestation skills. It doesn’t matter whether your dreams come true or not, because they will exist in some dimension. It’s about the experience of dreaming. Dreaming awakens your imagination, opening you up to new dimensions and liberating your creativity. Dreaming is like sending an invitation to Soul: “Something important is happening here on Earth. I need you to join me in real-time.” The fact is, we can’t live fulfilled, ahmyo-sprinkled lives and love ourselves if we don’t follow our true desires. You’ll know what your true desires are by noticing what brings you joy, what brings you peace, and what makes you feel inspired. Discovering your desires is not astrophysics, but nonetheless many of us are out of practice. If your desire turns into an obsession, or you get a strong urge to control it, it’s not a Soul-desire, but a fear-based desire. If it gives you an incredible high that’s followed by a deep low, it’s an addiction. If it gives you a momentary pleasure but leaves you feeling empty within, it’s seduction. Following your Soul-desires will always make you feel more in alignment with yourself and more balanced in the long run, even though you might temporarily run into some aspects.

Daydreaming is really just another word for doing a DreamWalk into your potentials. Dreaming is realizing that even if life seems momentarily tedious, I choose to be here with all of my Soul. It’s realizing that I have a heart and consciousness and I did not come here to be a robot; I came here to feel. It’s remembering that there are more important and more interesting things to do than just solve problems and limit myself. It’s about feeling the passion within you so shamelessly, so freely that you don’t give a damn about whether your dream is realistic. Because if you’re a visionary or a pioneer you will dream of things that aren’t realistic right now, but they might well be in a decade. Somebody needs to dream the future or otherwise we would all be stuck in the past. Perhaps your dream is so pure and unlimited that it doesn’t fit into this world. But that doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming.

It’s about you loving yourself so deeply that you allow yourself to hear what it is you actually want, without having to please anyone. Just you with yourself, in a moment of raw honesty: what do I truly want? It’s about giving yourself permission to lose that mental control that says you shouldn’t want this or that. Want whatever you want and stop thinking there is something wrong with you. Desire is part of the human experience and part of the thrill of being here. Your desires don’t have to be about just pretty things either. If you are angry, allow yourself to express that anger in your imagination, do some angry daydreaming. Being aggressive in your conscious daydream is a great way to let out anger without hurting anyone.

Whether your desires are soul whisperings or subconscious aspects rearing their head, it’s always worth listening to them. Even if a desire stems from the mind rather than Soul, it will give you important information about what aspects are ready to be integrated. And if you accidentally mistake a mind-based desire for a Soul-desire, it’s not the end of the world. You will follow that desire and soon enough find out what you actually want, on a deeper level. It could even be said that every desire has a shadow side to it, a subconscious part to it (until you become conscious of it). For example, the shadow side of wanting to help other people could be the deeper desire to heal your own wounded Self, or it could be to avoid your own aspects by focusing on other people’s problems. Instead of just abandoning the desire, which you can’t do anyway, allow it and become aware of the underlying aspects.

Many of us are scared of our own desires because of past relationship experiences. We think: “I can’t have any desires about another person, just look at what happened last time.” We associate desire with trouble. So many relationship problems stem from treating relationships (especially intimate relationships) as our source of passion. This of course is a misunderstanding, since relationships are expressions of passion and Soul is the source of passion. Even so, there is no need to let our disillusionment swing us to the other extreme by holding back our passion altogether. Freud did make one good point when he said that suppressing our desires serves no one. Just remember that you are the only one who can fulfill them. Sovereignty doesn’t mean that you never desire to be close to another human; it means that you acknowledge your own needs, that you please yourself by enjoying life and that you allow yourself to receive pleasure. Being sovereign means realizing that even when your desires involve others, it’s still really all about you, your experience and expression, your expansion and your enlightenment. There is no need to sacrifice desires for sovereignty; when you live in the AND, you can allow yourself to experience powerless passion.

You know that your mind has gotten in the way when your dream turns into a to-do-list, a goal or a plan. Dream your dreams, feel them, breathe them in, but don’t control them. Because the moment you apply control on your dreams, they stop being dreams and turn into agendas. Healthy dreams are free: they roam, shift and expand as we do. A dream is a potential that is in alignment with your expansion. See your dream as a beginning, an open doorway into something new rather than a defined outcome; then it can grow without the limitations of the mind.

The Master doesn’t dream in order to manifest. The Master dreams for the joy of dreaming and manifestation is the natural side-effect. Desires are not problems in need of solving; they are way-showers to your creative solutions. Then consciously feeling your desire becomes even more interesting than fulfilling it. You dream because that’s what creators do. We dream, we create, and then we dream new things – and that’s called expansion. Sweet dreams, Shaumbra.

Kim can be contacted through her website or her blog

1 comments on "The Art of Conscious Desiring"

  • Debra L on August 16, 2016 4:56 PM said:
    This expression helped me connect and soar on so many different levels...I can't thank you enough for sharing this with we Shaumbra. What an inspired gift to us all!

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