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I am on the Adamus “Invest in your future” bandwagon. Hell, I am a major supporter of this for one reason and one reason only: it’s an opportunity to present the Sexual Energies school in a whole new and very ‘current’ way! (I’ll explain later.)

Diving into the “Invest in your future” experience has been epic for me. I am the poster child for being the slow starter. I wanted to ‘start’ but found the lingo laborious, tedious, boring and difficult to understand and, to add to that burden, I have the attention span of Dory (in finding Nemo).

Every ounce of my spiritual acuity knows that learning about Crypto currencies is the way forward, but how was I going to overcome my inner obstacles when I was drowning in overwhelm?

Overwhelm is a funny thing. It has the capacity to prevent brilliant ideas, inspirations and creations from ever leaving the ‘idea’ phase. And, if you are anything like me, you have probably been around the block, and are most likely completely fed up with this repeating pattern.

Well, I am well and truly over myself. I made the commitment to just ‘start’ and I am so glad I did, because the journey into Crypto opened my closed, sleepy eyes.


The love of my life is SES, and to this day it is unquestionably the most life-changing and profound experience that exists on the planet today.

The most basic principle of SES is Self-love; and while it may sound uncomplicated and easy, the reality and truth for human beings, spiritual or not, is that Self-love does not come naturally and is not, or at least was not, easily obtained.

Self-love is Realization. There is nothing more uncomplicated than that.

So, what does Self-love have to do with “Investing in your future”?

It has everything to do with it.

SES, in its old format, was designed for my generation and for those older than myself, and for those who had similar experiences to ours.

The words, the stories and the experiences were all, word for word, ‘our experiences.’ In SES there was no escaping from the brutality of rape, torture, horrific abuses, and no running from the insidious ways that our energy was stolen and how we stole in return.

We were hurt, we were harmed, and we were without a doubt very broken and fractured people at the time. It is because of SES that thousands of Shaumbra have been able to slowly put themselves back together, piece by piece, aspect by aspect.

We are no longer broken, nor are we fractured. We have reclaimed lost and wandering aspects and put a stop to victimhood, and we did it in a way that few humans would understand. The culmination and end result of us taking those actions is what is visible today in the Shaumbra community. This group called Crimson Circle is now the center point for the creation of a group of very empowered human beings.

The original SES was created specifically for us because we carried specific attributes. Though we didn’t remember at the time, we wanted to see how far we could take our personal commitment to expanding consciousness, even though it meant we might experience intense suffering and may not find our way out. We did it because we wanted to know how to show others how to ‘get out’ and the good news is we actually did it!

Tobias, in his infinite wisdom, knew that we would one day take the principles of SES and share it with the world, each in our own unique way. The language of SES is what we resonated with because it was our story. But the language of SES is not for everyone because there is a new wave of awakening people appearing who do not carry the same attributes.

Fast forward to present day, enter Adamus with “Invest in your future.”

I discovered for myself that diving into the Crypto world can potentially, if you want it to, be another pathway to Realization (SES = Self-love).

You may be wondering, “Leigh, how could you possibly connect the SES principals to the ‘Invest in your future’ experience?”


Entering the Crypto world has made me hyper aware of what I am putting ‘out there’ and has honed my skills in observing what I am getting in return. (Money seems to be an efficient motivator to actually put this in practice lol).

Every time I purchase, deposit or withdraw Crypto, I also deposit (throw out, or bank) components of my energy (how I feel about myself). This means that I need to be very clear about what I want and do not want for myself, and be clear about what I will and will not accept.

The awareness of how my energy behaves started as soon as I took my first few very small steps, preparing to learn about Crypto. When I first started, I felt unsafe and vulnerable in the Crypto space. But that was a good cue for me to check in on my personal energy and feel into what part of self does not trust self, and yes, it did take time to move through that.

Call me crazy, but isn’t that the best gift ever? To be able to see my own vulnerabilities and fears just by exchanging invisible currencies? And when I really want to test my mettle (strength of belief and love in self), I move money around! Seriously, if you want to see if you still have baggage and test the cold sweats, just move that stuff around!

As a self-confessed extreme beginner (the painful sort), I learned that the quickest way for me to get over myself was to do self-checks, (managing personal energy) and ask myself: “How do I feel about this? Do I feel doubt, suspicion, vulnerable, anxious or fearful?”

If the answer is yes, I make sure to take care of that aspect before I proceed forward, and I care not if it takes me weeks, because I am dead determined that I will not lay a foundation (the beginning stages of Crypto) that is built on mistrust, self-doubt and fear. I refuse to inject those nasty little energy drops into my exchanges. They can “Sart” off! (As in the t-shirt). Those energy draining things belong in my past, they are not welcome in my Crypto space.

It is also great fun to observe what I am putting out there and watching how that comes back to me (manifests) in return (pardon the pun). Even when something goes bad, it’s good because it is just an aspect (easily fixed). Honestly, no matter what we do, we just can’t go wrong!

Investing in your future has been the ultimate way for me to practice ‘standing behind the short wall’ to just observe self. Because in the Crypto world, observing self is what is going to pay dividends, not just plain old investing in the old way!

I think the most valuable thing I have gotten out of taking my first few steps is knowing that the groundwork I do on this now is the foundation that will support my future wealth. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have our internal house in order before we begin, because that is what is going to effortlessly influence future monetary outcomes.

When it comes to this subject, I get really excited about knowing my personal energy this intimately. And even though I do not understand the practical application (yet) of investing, I absolutely thrive on and adore the SES aspect of investing! I found my home, the place I belong, and its right here in the starting phases of ‘Investing in your future,” because I know it’s going to be the platform for many to awaken into their Realization. And even though I may not be a tech wiz or the investment guru, I am a Conscious Crypto Queen.


Entering the Crypto world is a brilliant opportunity to release any residual victim mentality, because in this industry there is no room for it. Anything that does or does not happen is on me. I am it – the sole sovereign decision maker with no one to blame or condemn.

‘Investing in your future’ gets us used to how it feels to be responsible for self, until we get to a point where we don’t need anything outside of ourselves. Once we attain this state of being, the need to ‘feed’ by stealing energy will diminish and continue to diminish until it ceases to exist.

And this is what leads to empowered sovereign beings.


I love this. The words say it all and the bottom line is “Everything literally is my energy.”

By investing in one’s future, I don’t think there is an easier way to remind a Creator that they are the Creator of their reality. How’s that for pure empowerment!


As for Aliyah, what better way to love myself than for me to refine the attributes listed above and jump in a hot steamy, sensual bath of wealth? (Abundance is a direct reflection how much I am willing to give to and love myself, aka Self-Love.)


I think there has been an extraordinary gift contained in allowing myself to go through the process slowly, because it allows me to see the ‘blockage and sabotage’ part in myself and in others.

Time and time again I see and hear people who desperately want to be a part of the “Invest in your future’’ bandwagon but lack the courage and self-belief that they can do it. The fact is, they can. All anyone needs to do, to smash through this debilitating holding pattern, is to simply begin.

The bottom line is that investing in our future gets us used to how it feels to take responsibility for our personal energy by taking responsibility for our finances. And the most outstandingly clever part in all this is that this happens incrementally and naturally, because even by just starting into the world of Crypto, we repeat the cycle of taking responsibility over and over.

It’s an opportunity to let go of residual victim mentality and to really own our Creator abilities because we are in the unique position of being very motivated to observe our energy (and the fact that all the energy is ours).

It gives us the courage to stand on our own two feet and say, “Hey I did it.” And every time we do that, we gather emboldening and empowering strength within self.

The more we do it, the more we feel it, and the more unwilling we will be to surrender to anything or anyone but self again. That is why I love “Invest in your future.” The knowledge of the gift it can offer us (if we want it), is too beautiful for words.

If you want it, just begin.

Investing is the practical application, but it’s our consciousness that pays the dividends.

Leigh found the Crimson Circle in 2003 and was an SES teacher for a number of years. She lives in Perth, Western Australia and enjoys anything that is related to SES. She can be reached via email or on Facebook.

5 comments on "The Conscious Crypto Queen"

  • Arantxa on June 23, 2022 3:20 AM said:
    Hola, quería saber dónde de aprender sobre criptomonedas que sea fiable. Gracias
  • Vanessa on January 28, 2021 11:05 AM said:
    I first got this inner calling the end of 2019 to invest in crypto. It was very overwhelming. 2020 passed and I had yet to invest in anything. Read your article and it made me realize all the blocks I've put in front of myself. No more. Thank you for your beautiful sharing :)
  • Jerod on December 15, 2020 12:48 AM said:
    Amazing!!! With extra zing!! Thank you!!!
  • Joselito Basnillo on December 14, 2020 4:20 PM said:
    How to begin and invest? I really want to start but I'm afraid if; fisrt, I don't have knowledge, second I'm afraid it is a scam. Thanks.
  • Elvira Gomez Serrano on December 14, 2020 12:19 PM said:
    Magnifico Leigh! Un placer leerlo, gracias

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