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We recently talked with Patti Severance, a long-time Shaumbra and dedicated Keahaker who has participated in Keahak from the very beginning (2011). We asked Patti to share her thoughts and feelings about Keahak.

Patti: The House of Keahak is not only the sacred and magnificent place where we gather to have these clarifying and expanding experiences of stepping fully into our I AM Mastery. In the AND, it was one of the potentials we saw in the Wall of Fire, and have just recently (6 years ago) realized. The members of the House of Keahak have been drawn together by the knowing that we would be the first group of embodied Masters to walk upon our beloved Earth in full love of our selves. It’s never been done before.

The newly configuring Love relationship of Isis with herself and with Adam and Adam with himself is changing everything. The original question, “Who Am I?” that catapulted us into this magnificent journey is now complete. We’re no longer looking at our reflection, but beyond the reflection into Pure Love!! And Keahak is the place to experience all of this.

Question: What are the three greatest benefits you’ve experienced from Keahak?

Patti: It’s about love. At the end of Keahak I, when so many people came to Colorado [for the finale] and we got in that circle and we circled the Keahak II people, the only way I can describe that is palpable love. I have never felt such love, and that’s what Keahak is. It’s the safe space.

But what three things? Intensity, intensity and intensity! I mean, that’s what we told Adamus we wanted. We told him we wanted it intensely, deeply, clearly, and we asked him – I truly believe that – we said, “Okay, we’re ready. Put this group together.” And those of us who knew we were supposed to be in it, we’re all in there now. It is our safe space. And, oh, there was so much insight from Wound of Adam when he told us we’re afraid to love ourselves here. It’s not safe because there’s predators and mockers and bullies, all the things we’ve experienced. But in the House of Keahak, when we go in there, we’re safe. And we can allow ourselves to bring this love back from Theos and we can dance around with it in the House of Keahak and experience it here.

It’s safe here in my room; it’s safe there where you are. But when we go out in the world, it’s scary. So it’s delightful, it’s refreshing, it’s regenerating to get together every two weeks in that space and remember what it feels like to be safe. It’s nice to have that camaraderie.

Ever since ProGnost 2017 we’ve been going at warp speed. There’s been so much happening with The Wound of Adam and, as we become aware of the light body, walking on this earth is like walking through muck in farm boots. It’s exhausting to keep going through the gravity of emotions and crap, but Keahak just makes it all brighter and easier. In Keahak, Adamus talks to us like Masters. I’ve felt that so clearly, that he was truly speaking to us as Masters. It’s palpable.

My bumper sticker would be: Keahak is the Masters Club here on Earth.

Registration is now open for Keahak VII

(enrollment deadline June 15, 2017)

2 comments on "The Safe Space of Keahak"

  • Kathy Ness on April 13, 2017 11:27 PM said:
    Thank you!! so very well said .... we did ask for intense... ha ha good thing we weren't thinking.... we were just knowing... blessings and hugs master Patty❤❤
  • Kathleen McWilliams on April 13, 2017 10:42 PM said:
    Dearest Patti, I look forward to joining you in Keahak VII. What a wonderful acknowledgment of how I've been feeling about joining the House of Keahak. Of everything I've heard about Keahak, your description really expresses exactly how it feels to participate in such a way that your words flowed straight to my the core of my heart. Thank you for your lovely words... Kathleen

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