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The journey to Embodied Realization is riddled with doubts.

Over the years I’ve heard Adamus making statements and promises that were so bold they made me raise an eyebrow or two. He promised us magic, multidimensional and timeless living, a power-less life, and that all the energy is ours. He said that it’s all natural and it’s going to happen anyway and all we had to do is to allow it.

It is easy to feel doubtful when you hear this and I’ve had my share of doubts about whether I can be realized in this lifetime. After all, who am I to join the prestigious club of Buddha, St. Germain, Yeshua, Kuthumi, and Madame Blavatsky? I’m just a lowly human...or am I?

It seems that with every introduction of a bold promise or a new concept, my default state is doubt and skepticism, but then I have a mind-blowing experience that shatters that doubt and takes me to a new level of acceptance and allowing, and a new excitement for what’s to come.


In the summer of 2016, I was sitting in an apartment in Milan, attending the Sexual Energies School. Tobias & Adamus were talking about a “virus” that is everywhere and that results in power games, energy feeding, sexual abuse, and pretty much every other human issue.

I wasn’t sure why they were calling this thing a “virus.” They were using the word too loosely, I thought. A virus is physical. It has a shape and a form, but they were talking about a kind of energetic virus. Nevertheless, I thought it was an interesting concept.

That night, in my hotel room, I performed Aliyah then went to sleep. Soon I was woken by violent shaking. My entire body was rocking and what looked like sparks were shooting from behind my jaws. It didn’t stop. All night, I shook and sparked.

By the time morning came, I realized that the Sexual Energy Virus may not be physical, but it was still very real. It resides inside our physical bodies – and the previous night, it had poured out of mine.

That was when I realized that the Sexual Energy Virus was more than an interesting concept.


At the Emergence Shoud 9, May 2019, Adamus told us that over the next 45 to 60 days, “something” would come along.

“You’re going to have an experience in the next 45 to 60 days that’s going to seem so incredible, beyond, ungrounded, unreal, dreamlike, almost horrific like, a little bit of everything, and that whole experience is about getting you out of the mind.”

Again, I was skeptical. It sounded like a bold promise to make to all the Shoud listeners. He was promising a powerful experience to thousands of people in a very specific timeframe.

Two nights later, as I lay asleep, I had an experience that was definitely not a dream.

I was in a room with my back to a glass wall. A girl outside called my name. When I turned towards her, I was swiftly sucked through the glass and into a tunnel that led to another dimension. I don’t remember what happened next but at the time, it was vivid and real. And very exciting. When I woke, I realized that this was what Adamus had promised.

Over the following month, I had two more multidimensional experiences. Those experiences were some of the most exciting events of my life. They helped me understand why I had chosen to remain as an embodied master. I now expect multidimensional experiences to be a regular part of my life. They’ve made my human life look pretty dull in comparison and I can’t wait to experience more.

Once again, Adamus’ promise turned out to be real.


In Keahak 9, in The Master’s Life 1 – Transfiguration, and in a number of Shouds, Adamus talked about the physical body being integrated into the Free Energy Body.

This time, I knew exactly what he was talking about. For the past few years, and more intensely over the past six months, my whole body feels like it’s gently vibrating as soon as I lie down to sleep. Sometimes the vibration is not gentle at all and feels more like shaking. Sometimes the vibrating is so unrelenting that I feel my body is about to come out of itself. At other times, I’ve wondered if there’s an earthquake because it’s so intense, but no, it’s just another integration session.

A couple of months ago, that integration between my physical body and my Free Energy Body led to an entirely new experience.

It happened when I was almost, but not quite, asleep so it definitely wasn’t a dream. As I lay in bed, I saw in front of me what looked like a hologram of my body. Parts of my body were falling out and other parts were changing. Soon, I started to levitate, and I remained there for some time.

It was fascinating to watch, and a very exciting and uplifting experience to undergo.

When I tuned in the next day, I received the knowing that the experience was a quantum leap of my Free Energy Body integration. I also had shed some of the Anayatron and released a bunch of energy patterns that no longer served me.

That super intense experience was another reminder that the Free Energy Body integration and Anayatron shedding were more than a concept. They were real and I had been experiencing them for a while.

I haven’t had that kind of experience since, but the vibrating continues – every night.


It hasn’t all been uplifting and exciting experiences though. Body aches are a less-fun indication of this Free Energy Body integration process. I often feel like an arthritic 85-year-old with aches in my knees, hips, shoulders, and back. There’s no reason for those aches and no disease. As all my body systems are being overhauled, my Anayatron is shedding, and my Free Energy Body integrates further, my physical body is feeling the strain. Sometimes I wonder if “Embodied Realization” is such a great idea. It’s certainly not a painless one!


When Adamus explained the concept of the Dragon in Threshold Online, I thought I knew exactly what he meant. I’ve had plenty of Dragon experiences: dark days in which I felt depressed for no reason; days of feeling out of sorts with no logical explanation. That was what he was describing, right?

On the second day, Adamus suggested that we formally invite the Dragon in. That seemed a bit dramatic. I had already had plenty of Dragon experiences. I wondered what a formal invitation could do. That night, I went to sleep and again had an experience that was definitely no dream.

It started with very strong chills all over my body. This was more than a typical coldness. It was an all-consuming shiver that arrived with nausea. I had never felt anything like it. I didn’t hear the whisper that Adamus had talked about. I didn’t see the Dragon. But I felt it at that moment, with every fiber of my being.

When the chills ended, I started seeing events from past lives that were about guilt and shame. They were horrible and very hard to watch. I hadn’t been previously aware of these events, so there was no way to clear them myself. That’s why the Dragon was there.

The visions were awful, but they were soon replaced by what looked like an ice tray that hung vertically in front of me. It had ten rows and two columns, and from each slot a dragon’s talon was clearing away whatever lay inside. When the tray had been cleared, another showed up, then another, and another. Over the next four hours, from 9pm when I went to bed (like any respectable 85-year old lady) until 1am, the trays appeared and were cleared by the Dragon.

It was the trays that so surprised me at the time. Why would my guilt and shame be organized into “trays”? The next day, I figured out my answer. I realized these trays were actually my DNA.

It has been proven scientifically for a while now that we keep our trauma from past and present lives and of our ancestors, inside our DNA:

“Animal and human investigations indicate that the impact of trauma experienced by mothers affects early offspring development, but new research is also discovering that it is also actually encoded into the DNA of subsequent generations.” [source]

That was what the Dragon had been clearing away.

The experience wasn’t pleasant, but I knew then that the Dragon was real. It’s here to clear away all guilt and shame, especially the events that we’re not even aware of. The Dragon is not just an interesting concept, it is real.


If you still have doubts about your journey to Embodied Realization, remember this quote:

“ the mind it may sound incredible, exaggerated, grandiose. And to the mind I say, ‘Fuck you.’ ...It’s not grandiose. It’s not a made-up story, not anything other than finally coming back to truth and clarity...Isn’t it funny how the mind has a way of minimizing? Says, ‘Oh, it couldn’t possibly be true.’ Grandiose? No. No, not at all. Exaggerated? Heh, not at all.”

Adamus, Shoud 9 (May 2019), Emergence Series

And if you’re yet to have experiences that prove this is more than a delusion, I hope my story gives you some extra validation and helps you to open up and allow your own experiences to enfold for you.

I can promise you that Embodied Realization is more than just an “interesting concept”!

Merav Knafo is an award-winning software designer, a technologist and a serial entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years she started six companies and sold five of them. After traveling and living abroad for 7 years, she finally repatriated in The Big Island of Hawaii, perfecting the Art of Allowing and enjoying the beauty of nature in this amazing energy vortex. She may be contacted on Facebook.

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