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Not too long ago I realized that my job as an industrial designer no longer fulfilled me as it used to. Having discovered the Crimson Circle at age 20, more than 10 years before, I knew I couldn’t ignore this feeling of unrest, so I was having daily chats with my mental self about starting something new. But the same answers always came back – “Are you serious? What exactly are you going to do? And if that doesn’t work, who is going to pay the bills? Did you forget you have a family that depends on you?” and so on. For years I was stuck in this never-ending fear loop.

But one day, out of the blue, a thought came in that would become the turning point in my life. I realized that the thing I would regret the most would be reaching old age and seeing that I’d never had the courage to pursue my dreams. To me, that would be far worse than trying and failing because hey, at least I would have tried! So from that moment on I started being positive about this idea of creating something new. I began welcoming change into my life and asked for inner guidance to help me see the opportunity, should it appear, and then I just let go of all of it. I knew it would show up when the time was right.

Many months passed by, and then suddenly, without any warning, I had an epiphany, one of those personal realizations that give chills and goose bumps! It had worked! Finally, here was the idea I had been looking for! I was so happy and felt so blessed, for in that moment I saw a clear relationship between three experiences that I had just lived at three separate moments. The realization was very simple but very profound, and it was this: In each of those experiences I had simply wanted to let some friends know I was thinking about them. I wanted them to know they were present in my thoughts at that very moment, and I wanted this communication to be done instantly, as if we were sharing our thoughts and feelings in real time. As the idea came together in my imagination, I saw that this could work as an App and that the result could have a very positive impact on people’s lives. I reviewed the entire concept and the mission of this project was very clear. It would help to strengthen people’s relationships. It felt like the idea was custom-made for my skills and for my core values and beliefs as a person!

Now that I had found my passion it was time to get practical about it, so for the next six months, while still working at my old job, I started designing the basis of the new project. There were a lot of details to consider. I made a list of experts in the field and shared my idea with them to have their feedback. I got many estimates on how much this might cost, defined a family budget that allowed me to be 100% dedicated to this project without any income for a period of time, did the business plan and business model of the project with the help of some friends, got some family and friends interested in helping finance the project, and – the most important thing – defined Plan Z. If everything went wrong, I had to know what could happen to me and my family and then determine whether we were willing to take that risk. And we were.

So, after gathering all the necessary information, I told my employer I would be leaving to start my own project, and one month later I was starting my new life developing the App THOUGHTS feels good!

Almost two years have passed since I started this new project. We have had many surprises and difficulties that weren’t expected, but we always found a way through them. Most of the time was spent on developing and testing the Beta version of the App with a close group of users. And finally, on the 14th of September 2016, we were finally able to make the app available to the rest of the world. It took much longer than what we expected, but what a journey of creation!!

Since starting this project we’ve already been covered in more than 20 news articles and even went to a TV show, but spreading awareness about this App is also proving to be much more difficult than we had expected. Many were the days when I just wanted to quit and run from all the problems, but I knew from the start that this wasn’t going to be easy, so every time I have a bad day I just stop what I’m doing and go for a walk in nature or do something else to ease the pressure. And it works!

Since the September release date things have been slowly (but surely) moving in the right direction, and it seems the energies are really aligning now. We were just informed that our startup was selected to be present at the Web Summit 2016 event and to participate in the PITCH contest in early November!! Web Summit is the biggest tech event worldwide and this year it’s going to be taking place here in Portugal – my home! What a perfect “coincidence”!! More than 20,000 startups applied from all over the world, 15,000 were selected to be at the event and from those, only 200 are going to be presenting at the PITCH contest!! This is what can happen when a creator allows their creation to unfold, even when the human is ready to give up.

The Web Summit will be by far our best opportunity to create the so-much-needed awareness around this project and hopefully it will reach very far and help many people to share their thoughts and feelings with friends!

If you have a project or idea that you would like to develop, but are not sure where to start, I suggest that you explore the following questions. They can help you clarify and focus your idea and finally bring it into manifestation.

  • Is this idea/project my passion?
  • Do I have the know-how to develop this project?
  • What is the problem I’m trying to solve? What is my solution? Who is this solution for? How do I reach them? Who is my competition? How does my solution differentiate?
  • Do I know someone who would like to be part of this and bring more knowledge to the project?
  • Where can I find the top specialists on my project’s field of expertise and have a meeting with them?
  • How much is this going to cost me? (Time, money, energy)
  • Can I do a Business Plan and a Business model of my project? Can my friends or someone else help me?
  • Do I know of or have an investor(s) for my project? (Business Angel, Family and Friends, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding, etc) Do I need one?
  • What’s my plan Z? If everything fails what is the worst that could happen to me? Am I willing to take this risk?

My final words are simply some short reminders that I live by. Life is not a race and we are always at the right time to start something new. We truly have the power to co-create our reality. Drama is a choice. Life can be beautiful and full of opportunities if we are willing to dance and look into the right places!

Now get out there and start dancing with the universe!!

Download THE FREE App, THOUGHTS feels good, and start sharing thoughts with your friends!

Diogo Melo is a longtime Shaumbra, industrial designer, creative and curious by nature, always in a good mood and looking for a good laugh, and loves being outdoors. He is the Founder and Designer of the THOUGHTS feels good App. He lives in Portugal with his wife and two children, and a small happy hamster called Fonfee!

Just for Shaumbra, a sneak peek into the app:

• It’s customizable! When you select someone to send a Thought, a dial with many emojis will appear. These are your ‘favorites.’ To change them, just go to your collections (the circle with 9 dots), tap an emoji for 2 seconds and a pop-up window will appear with 2 options. You can see the animation (by pressing the “play” button) or add that emoji to the dial (by selecting the other button).

• It’s fun! You can win more emojis by passing levels. See your Status on the leaf icon (bottom left).

• It’s about consciousness! There are words and symbols embedded in the app, ready and waiting to help trigger the awakening of those who are ready, including:

In the logo, three circles represent the 3-in-1 human being with a physical, mental and emotional body; the outline that binds the 3 circles together represents the human Consciousness / Soul.

Texts on each level tell the journey of the enlightenment of consciousness, portrayed as our “Tree.”

Number of Thoughts required to pass each level is determined by the Fibonacci sequence. Texts and titles all give hints about sacred geometry.

Color of the app goes from light blue to indigo.

In both app stores (Google and iTunes), images of the app contain master numbers.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful – and FREE – creation!

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