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Editor’s Note: Bogdan shared his experience and feedback about the Love of Self Merabh, and we thought it worth sharing with all of Shaumbra!

The Love of Self Merabh may be the one where Aspectology meets Quantum Allowing, and then it puts us right on the doorstep of Ahmyo. Because this Merabh is about realising a Safe Space from which we can Allow, Heal and Experience Bliss each day of our human existence.

This musical journey has been – in my experience, of course – the fastest, easiest and the most rewarding way towards each of the following:

 • Achieving, first of all, the state of Self Love

 • Creating, entering and nourishing the Safe Space

 • Once in the Safe Space, dealing with anything and everything that life throws my way, integrating aspects, escaping duality, exiting the mind and entering the heart whenever I want

 • Feeling complete and whole each day, no matter what

Adamus says somewhere that realizing Self Love may be the hardest challenge of the human experience. Certainly, it remains among the core challenges, as the human DNA of life is built through the traps of low self-worth, guilt, suffering and the anxious ways of the mind. At the mind level, everybody knows we have to love ourselves. And yet, the entire planet is suffering from low self-esteem and unworthiness, because we have been taught since forever that we need all that expensive glitter, all that status and all those assets to feel worthy and feed our ego. We have been trained to value achievement, not experience; to value planning, not joy; to live in constant states of anxiety, inadequacy, conflict and incompleteness.

Well, what happens in the Merabh on a mind level is already described in the product page. Basically, it takes you on a journey back to all those times where you have chosen to hurt yourself, despise yourself, to feel incomplete and inadequate and always seeking love from others. Later on, in the Merabh, there is a twist and you are invited to sing a different kind of love song. Through the depths and mix of these two journeys, the magic happens, and you may just become whole and complete again.

It’s been six months since I first felt into this Merabh. The first time I cried and yelled. It was anger about how I could have chosen to hurt myself so badly and so often for nearly all of my adult life. It was about the pain, whether caused by others – or actually what I allowed others to cause – or just self-inflicted by my mind and ego. The second time I cried and laughed, because I had truly started the journey to Self Love, and it was incredible. So incredible, because Self Love was just one breath away. The journey was extremely short, but life-shattering in all the shifts it manifested as I came to live in Embodied Self Love.

Almost instantly, bad habits with which I’d struggled for years disappeared. No more the need to smoke, or to find an antidote to a dull life through food or alcohol, or to find life itself a dull one. I felt complete. Whole. Limitless.

Self-image issues, bouts of depression and negativity? Gone. Weight loss? Done.

Most surprisingly, I found myself becoming quite an extrovert, while all my life I had been the Wikipedia definition of an introvert. Any shrink will tell you it’s impossible. Yeah, right. What do they know? They are mind junkies. I don’t even care anymore if I have “this” or “that” limited label from another human.

How is all this possible? When you start to live life through the Safe Space of Self Love, you are infinite. Nothing touches you, nothing bothers you, you take everything as an experience, with compassion for other people with their games of mind and ego. You just allow. In this Self Love, experiences may become ten times more vivid, sensory and soul-wise; music and dance and joy may flow through you at whole new intensities. Abundance is manifesting too, because the greatest riches of a human are his breath, his heart, his soul and his consciousness or I Am-ness. You may feel and live as if you’ve just won the lottery of life – of the Good Life, the Ahmyo Life.

I dance and sing while walking on the street. While taking a deep breath into the beauty of life as a gift of experience and consciousness, I may even have an orgasm (yes, a hands-free one). I connect with random people if I want to, because I act from my Safe Space and with an incredible level of energy to which anybody stuck in their mind is instantly attracted.

Basically, this Love of Self Merabh took me from being extremely low energy, a pessimist who saw life as totally predictable and therefore dull and uninteresting, to exactly the opposite. Now I am thirsty to live each moment; I always have the right amount of energy, whether high or low; I am self-grounded and relaxed, celebrating my I Am each day, allowing and thriving no matter what comes my way. It’s like I have been born again, perfect and limitless.

The music of this Merabh experience is just incredible. Adamus will hold you firmly while he takes your soul into its deepest depths along the piano keys blessed by Amir, and then Einat joins in to fly it on the wings of Self Love into forever and, most importantly, into the Now.

Do not worry that you may end up living life on a permanently high note, though. Now and then I may actually want to feel a bit low, or to have a bit of a bad habit once in a while. I allow myself to experience these too, but from a state full of compassion, empathy and allowing. Let us let the human have his own twisted ways sometimes. It is ok, and all is well. 

And, when the fog of mundane stressful stuff gets too thick, I can always go back to this Merabh, or to the Sensuality Clinic, or to anything else with Adamus, as he pulls me through those Atlantean metallic blue eyes of Geoffrey back into living my divinity. Then I take a step outside of myself – or perhaps inside myself – but always back into Bliss again.

I happen to know many people who are going to therapists and psychologists in order to fix all kinds of issues and addictions. I am trying to help them as a Shaumbra, yet I find them stuck in blaming childhood and parents, in dysfunctional relationship patterns and so on. My experience is that, after experiencing this Merabh, I find doing the job of a therapist like trying to fix a car’s engine through its exhaust pipe; so complicated and twisted and random, trying to trick the mind and subconscious into good behaviors.

This Merabh may instantly blow up all issues, because when you step into Self Love, everything gets fixed on its own. Childhood issues? Poof, just gone, in the blink of an eye and one flap of your wings. It comes to you.

Maybe all these issues that have been bothering you are not really yours. Maybe you just hold on to them because you don’t trust yourself to have a Goodness beyond them. Maybe you think that your Goodness might not be good enough in the eyes of others. But we have always had this choice to step into our heart, and yes, it is okay if acting upon this choice becomes increasingly effortless.

I trust that with the help of this Merabh, one day very soon you might just wake up and see the world through the eyes of Bliss. How Shaumbra is that?

While many of us search for ascension and realization, focus on light body integration and other advanced stuff, are any of these really possible without Self Love – a Love that is real, timeless and only one deep breath away? Can we reach Embodied Enlightenment without the Sovereignty so amazingly manifested through the Embodied Self Love?

My love to all of us and all of humanity.

Bogdan is the little brother of a 5-year-old pink bundle of joy. A former monk in past lives, he underwent rehab at the Sensuality Clinic and is out here now to enjoy life A.S.A.P. – As Sensual, Sexy and Shaumbra as Possible. He embodies digitally at, while frequently travelling to the Crystal Caves in search of wine, music and Merabhs. He is resident writer in Romania at the Perfectionists Masters Club, where he is slowly manifesting an incredibly playful book for Senior Humans, Junior Shaumbra and Descended Masters.

1 comments on "Love of Self"

  • René Crettol on December 14, 2017 3:07 AM said:
    Thank you for this message of ease beyond the human limits. I feel my own realizations reflected in the beauty of this article. Brilliant... sharing

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