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I’ve got a really good seat in the playing out of the so-called Time War, front row. When Adamus talked, in a recent Keahak X session, about the Time War – the struggle or tension between future and past – now taking place on Earth, the shimmering penny dropped, right in the middle of the stage of my theatre. While I’ve been observing this from above, I also got into the heat of the action. I had been wondering about the wisdom behind some highly uncomfortable experiences in the past five years. Big, fat stories, for sure, but why, asks the Human? This is not what I wanted!

I host two children, these wild, radiant little beings who were so carefully escorted to Earth with Adoulas (trained DreamWalker Birth baby connectors). I never wanted children until I was actually asked to parent, by my first-born; I was clearly here only for my Enlightenment and a fanciful dream life, children would be a distraction. Well, there was something else at play (that would reveal itself years later), but I accepted the offer and danced with this incoming soul. And then another one.

It was all Cloud 9 hype, they were amazingly balanced, beautiful, active, strong-willed, and creative babies. I totally loved spending my time with them, and it felt so important that they were here, so much so that it became a priority in my life. They eventually even took precedence over my beloved work with Crimson Circle. It was painful to have two passions that demanded a lot of me, but they couldn’t co-exist as things were.

This was the time of the first encounters with the Dragon for me, soon after I first attended The Threshold event, and I had to very reluctantly have this choice made for me. Change happened. Plot twist! Death. The old character was dragged off the stage. The actor needed to have her energy and attention available for a role she didn’t see coming.

Our little family lives in a country where attending school is compulsory. We hadn’t planned on putting the children through it, however, since I had solid knowledge and understanding of how totally disastrous the old system can be. Through some twists and turns, we registered them to school one day, against our better knowledge. And all hell broke loose.

You cannot put these new kids into an old system without making noise. A lot of noise. And this was not just noise from the children, this was energetic roaring from the system that quickly learned to absolutely hate our guts.

What? My lovely, heart-shaped children with starry eyes? Yes. The school hated our freedom, our audacity to ask for flexibility, our resistance to conform, and our inability to be taught in the traditional way. I use “we,” because it wasn’t just the kids, it was me as well.

Our intention was, obviously, not to be asses and rebels, but to play along, respect the rules, accept their slow tempo, and just focus on integrating into the local culture. We had language barriers to go through on top of our very different worldviews. So, there we were, trying to fit our giant energies into a tight box, and of course we failed. We failed miserably. We tried another more “open” or aware school – with the same results. “NO!”


I’ll spare you the gory details. The children, quite crushed and panicking about the demands and noise and energy pressure, simply put all four paws on the ground and refused to go to school. Had I pushed, they would’ve broken down and lost their ally in me, so I took a deep breath, knowing well that this would very likely mean trouble, and decided: I’m good to stand by my children, and protect their right to feel safe and be unharmed. The attendance laws are rather strict here and they consider these are above the well-being of the child (not by design or wish; this is what I observe in the stories of around 15,000 other children (according to some estimates) who do not feel fine at school here and are failed by the system without suitable school or educational options).

Anyone can understand that their scary sanctions are NOT what would make a positive difference in our case, we are not criminally inclined, yet this is how the system operates: through force. This was the start of a year and a half of misunderstandings, power games, threats, an assortment of “experts,” assessments, emails, phone calls, appointments, research, and me learning the local language through reading legal texts. (Parents get diapers when their kids are born, they should get a lawyer.)

Try all that on an old Shaumbra warrior, though, judge and threaten their kids, and it just won’t work. I know I am doing something rather amazing with these kids and I know the solution is a matter of finding the right environment, not changing who we are. I do not want to fight, I am not a rebel: it is simply impossible to squeeze into a box we had already moved out of a long time ago. I may have been livid and intolerant about the clear injustice and lack of expertise, standard answers and power games, and in disagreement about the interpretations of law, articles and rights; I may have felt pain, anxiety and fear, but I didn’t fight the windmills (too much, anyway). The system won’t change. I was busy creating a smooth way out of the situation without breaking laws and they couldn’t believe I was for real.

I wanted to find the kind of environment where orchids thrive [look up “Orchid Child”]. And energy was serving.

[ASIDE] You will understand, dear Co-Spectator, with your expanded perspective of the weight of tradition, that the blue professionals – who think they are right and that different is wrong, applying strict laws on children who did nothing to deserve such poor treatment, placing them in various boxes and categories; and who apply the dreaded “parent-blaming,” this old-fashioned thinking that parents are always at fault and need fixing [look it up!] – clearly represent the “past” and mass consciousness trying to pull us back in line.

[AND ASIDE 2] You may also ask now why I didn’t just allow some quick solution to whisk us away or just say “no more.” Well, I did. I allowed, but it’s not about tricks: I allowed myself to go through this experience, and I allowed myself to go beyond time and bring potentials into my Now, while allowing endless insights. I allowed my consciousness to stream into the entire scene. I didn’t have reasonable availability to open a business or work, so as to have a budget for Eldorado, though; we were exhausted from the sad school experience itself and I had to stay at home with the kids. But perhaps this was a part of the plot: it kept us engaged and more “no more’s” were sounded.

Since I cannot let systems (or anyone else) walk all over me, forcing antiquated models on us, I lifted my sword and went for what I know well: information, intuition/knowingness and analysis. I read articles and research papers, visited thousands of websites, and joined dozens of Facebook groups. I chatted with people, deciphered legal text (attendance laws, school law, exceptions, applications, human rights, children’s rights), and did a quick self-directed effort worth a “degree” in psychology, specialising in what I saw was valid or useful, and expanded on the latest in education. I put my consciousness into all these forums and harvested the wisdom. I was armed to the teeth with data, my own rather expert observations, real-life cases, and the rare reasonable authority I could find.


Can’t fit in,

can’t go back

Just play along,

do the law

Creators initiate,

the breath delivers

For these children

free at heart

This timeless deal,

a contract with the babes

No point failing the ones

the world needs right now

[ENTER magical creation stage, clean up dirty old props, sit back and watch how energy serves]

Things started shifting with the emergence of the Corona virus. It was at the time of “no big decisions” as per Adamus. And, lo and behold, just as angelic families disbanded and aliens were kicked out, I heard a flow rumbling towards me, and I sat down one day and didn’t stop for four months. I manifested, on paper, an old dream of mine: a nearly complete New Energy School, designed for children like mine. This dream re-emerged as my children grew and showed me, through their experiences, how it should still be tweaked, and how it could be manifested. “Listen to the children,” they say, and that I did.

This potential, this possible reality (future), came to me as I stepped back and allowed, from beyond time. Nothing “new” for Shaumbra, all based on principles Tobias and Adamus have discussed. Yet, in this Now moment, it collided with Earthly limitations that didn’t let me manifest it (past). I had to step back and let this stage of the discovery happen (although my Human was raging around about her plans and wanted IMMEDIATE solutions, preferably to take place ten years ago).

What happened next was that the Master director of the play changed the script again. On our journey towards that New Energy School potential (Adamus predicted in 2015 that by 2025 the entire school system will have changed, I believe globally, through choices made by parents*), the perfect solution appeared for our more immediate needs. It would answer more than one question and actually support our project. A progressive pioneering project by experienced re-imaginers landed on my doorstep; they were setting up… a school! It is based on self-directed, self-paced learning; it promotes a balance between freedom and responsibility, and has no authoritative teachers, set subjects, compulsory tests, grades, or age groups. It comes with many other wonderful principles that I agree with and was going for with my educational project as well. And it seems to respond to the learning needs of my children, they love the idea. Magic!

And, with this, the final penny – I hope, haha – dropped, the one I had forced to stay spinning in the air until the second time I took The Threshold, just a few months ago. You see, this brick-and-mortar school is also my way out (á la Master’s Life 10: Way Out), a physical manifestation of going beyond by way of gravity and focus. It’s not just a way out of unsupportive systems, poor school selection, and other local issues, because the energy dynamic behind all these events has been, for me, to release the last remaining attachment. I have been stubbornly sharing a home with another potent Master, lovingly disguised as my husband, even when I knew I would eventually have to let this go as well. You see, this school is so far away from our current home that I have to move closer to it with the children. For now, dear husband will stay behind for work and Realisation, as he says, and so this is all appropriate for each sovereign family member.

My internal freedom will be reflected in the external life: I get space and time for myself (and maybe that bathtub and a little garden) while the children go to school to do their thing. This comprehensive freedom is a requirement in Realisation, it is Realisation, and everything – everything! – has been about that freedom all these years ever since I proclaimed myself a Master in the sacred space of The Threshold event.

I still need to manifest the funds to make it in the long-term with dignity (it is a private school with tuition) and luckily, I have time, and time delivers energy (as mentioned in Passion of the Merlin and Keahak). Until now, a part of me has been resisting this step so much that my abundant energy got directed to all the wrong places, to staying rather than leaving, no matter how well I did know. “Silly, silly humans,” as Kuthumi would say! Wish I had listened with more awareness when Adamus told us to consider carefully what we’d choose to spend it on, the abundant energy, when it arrived.


So, about the cherubs. This is also their story. Just through the innocent presence and characteristics these new kids tend to have, making them very different from the average kids, the stinky mud of imbalance bubbled up and the ugly face of the old school system was revealed (thousands of similar stories have also seen the daylight in the past few years, thanks to social media and brave parents writing and making new kinds of choices!), along with a host of games and fears that run the social, legal and medical systems. It is all about power, the virus. If this upheaval was the intention of my children, then they have succeeded. We will hear from them as they mature. As their parent, I needed to be fully present and available, get my hands dirty in service, and I still have a lot to do; any other commitment would’ve been in the way. This has been a full-time job or two.

[ASIDE]: Mum’s still hanging in there, though. She got a royal flush of personal insights and realisations in return (Thanks, sweethearts!), and no kid was permanently harmed in the process of this Act.

We simply landed right smack in the middle of the Time War, without quite realising we represented the “future” and stood against the “past.” When I went with the no-fight and into creating “what actually works in the Now,” a solution presented itself in the form of a good school. We are just too far ahead of our time to make sense to the system. They were severely alarmed by our presence, with our ideas about raising children, education, and human rights, although they are absolutely not radical or new at all. They couldn’t fit us in any box, so they put us in a lot of wrong ones instead, and this is now a big problem we are dealing with simultaneously in the background.

Creative solutions all come in the “now-time” through receiving, but conflict always occurs between “past” and “future”; the dichotomy or opposition cannot reach a win-win. There had to be solutions that are not from the past nor from the future, but from right Now: today, here, as I sit and type. The current school project of the re-imaginers will work now and likely in the years to come; it ticks just enough boxes to break through mass consciousness. Our New Energy School project is still a bit too “future,” but we can eventually bring it here.

And what does the story of my children and their personal rejection of the old systems have to do with Shaumbra, or even with me and my personal passions and aspirations? Everything. I have chosen to stay on Earth as a Realised Master/Merlin. It has everything to do with that and the frail human desires, passions, commitments and resistance falling away – and the plot twists when the Dragon comes in and Merlin emerges. The Human insisting on having this one kind of an experience, this one job, this one relationship, while the Divine parts – determined and more passionate than the human ever, absolutely delivering based on the higher-level choices – place the actor into never-before scripted magical scenes. It’s a transformation, everything goes new.

I don’t feel resentment towards my Dragon now, for taking me for a spin of a lifetime. We see eye to eye. I can now experience something new, or something old in a new way; something we could only have with my trinity; something I could have with others, with these kids I host. Our dream and design of that New Energy School is still out there, as an open invitation to play, and something amazing will come out of it. By me, if it suits my New Life; perhaps by my children or a group of many, because the Creator has done their part. My immediate human need, however, is just to allow my timeless space, as I cannot fit into anything less, and enjoy life with my kids.

So, what’s next on the stage, I ask my prompting Master, what’s next? Shall we get the dream projects going? Finally learn to play the cello, do time-free music? Learn Italian in three breaths? Travel again? Travel more multi-dimensionally, all that’s there to explore? Human wants to play, to live. Isn’t it about time, now?

Maija welcomes contact with other parents and support of all kinds. She may be reached via email and Facebook/Messenger.

She also hosts a Facebook group, “Education for Shaumbra Kids,” for Shaumbra parents/guardians and educators, and those interested in manifesting New Energy Schools, and she will be publishing elsewhere anonymously about this sensitive topic.

Editor’s Note: Adamus has often mentioned New Energy education, particularly recently:

ProGnost 2020 Update: "One of the many, many, many, many outcomes of the coronavirus is everybody’s had to take a look at the old systems and how to do something new in this time of the virus. One of the things is that the learning process at home – with some classroom participation, but primarily done by the student at home – is going to be much more efficient than the current classroom way of doing things. There are a lot of reasons for that, and I would be willing to have a special session just about tech-ucation – tech-education – because that’s one of the huge things that’s going to come out from this. It’s actually going to be an amazing thing how education changes, and of course, there’s going to be a lot of resistance to it, because people are invested in their buildings and in their administrations and in their unions and in their old ways of doing things, but we’re blowing the doors off of that right now."

Keahak X: "It’s time that’s held you into routines having to do with education. They say it’s going to take so many years to get educated. Well, that’s simply not true. As we go timeless, you’re going to discover that you don’t need that old boring, tedious, linear time."

2 comments on "Time War"

  • Patricia on November 30, 2020 7:00 AM said:
    Thank you for your amazing article. I have a grandson who does not fit into the boxes and he is experiencing all the unnecessary stuff so many of the wonderful young ones deal with. I am delighted to hear your story and share in the consciousness of New Education approaches. Thank you for your contribution in bring this into their experience.
  • Mehtap on November 11, 2020 10:21 AM said:
    Dear Maija, Thank you for thoughts and insights. I completely get it! As a Mum of 3 gifted children I too went and still am going through the odyseey of this current school system plus endless therapy. :) I would love to connect with you if you feel it too. love & hug, Mehtap

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