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The Secret. What the Bleep. The Shift. These are names of spiritual films you might recognize from the past 15 years. Get ready to add a new one to the list: Time of the Sixth Sun. Debuting on April 24, 2019, Time of the Sixth Sun is an inspirational and uplifting documentary film about the shift in global consciousness and the emerging movement to find a new way to walk more lightly on this Earth. The film is introduced by world-acclaimed actress Greta Scacchi and narrated by our very own Tobias, who is described in the film bio as “an angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe.” The text goes on to say, “Our crew flew to Colorado and whilst Geoffrey was in a trance state, we asked Tobias if he would tell our story. He called it ‘the biggest evolution of consciousness humanity has ever experienced.’”

Pause: “Hang on a moment! Tobias left 10 years ago. Did he come back for this documentary?” No, actually Tobias provides the narration for the film. It was Tobias’ last message to humanity before his departure celebration in July 2009. It’s taken that many years for Producer/Director Nikki Williams and her team to finish filming and producing this epic film. They’ve traveled around the world doing interviews and shooting footage for the docu-series, and then hundreds of hours in the post-production suite for the editing and finishing touches. Now it’s ready for the world to behold, and Tobias is the verbal continuity as the viewer takes a journey through a shift in global consciousness.

Tobias narrates the entire film as the cameras take the viewer to remote locations around the world. The cinematography is stunning, capturing not just the sensual visuals of the scenes but also the energy and feelings. The film cuts to interviews with prominent new-thought and spiritual teachers like Desmond Tutu, Tom Kenyon, David Icke, Drunvalo Melchizedek and many more.

The energy of this film is carried in the transmission of both the narrator and the speakers, and is interwoven with ceremony and the visual journey of the film’s ‘everyman,’ a modern day musical troubadour.

A montage of sound and visuals create a sonic tapestry, inviting the viewer into an intimate and authentic experience of a world in transition. It is a sensory feast that promises to be as impactful on the ear as it is on the eye, an original soundtrack seamlessly weaving sacred songs, prayers and chants with the resonant strings of Estas Tonne, virtuoso guitarist and troubadour on his journey. This film is truly a meditation for the soul.

People across the globe are awakening by the millions, seeking a truth that lies beyond political spin and cheap soundbites. From east to west, many are answering the call to awaken and these newly-awakened beings are now spreading a message of unity across the globe, no longer willing to be divided by the old paradigm of duality.

Adamus has said, “If you’re going to do it, do it well.” This film is indeed very well done. It’s going to stand out as new standard for consciousness films. Time of the Sixth Sun has been a long time in coming, but more than worth the wait. Perhaps, just perhaps, it comes at the perfect time of the Dragon on this planet. It’s no wonder that Nikki Williams chose Tobias as the narrator, because who is better at guiding the awakening than our beloved Tobias?


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1 comments on "Time of the Sixth Sun"

  • sung won, yun on April 23, 2019 4:39 AM said:
    thank you, all shaumbra i want to participate in energy of the documentary. Because I can't register, leave a message. thanks

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