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A new men’s order for Shaumbra? Well, maybe it’s not so new after all. We used to be in many…

We used to be the Knights Templar, bringing, carrying, and protecting the new flame of Mary Magdalena, bringing in the feminine Christ to Europe, hoping it would bring an end to the burning, the torturing and raping of women.

During the last year I’ve become a member of a few men’s communities, worked with different men’s coaches, and decided to become one myself. I have found that there are so many beautiful men who are part of these communities; men who have come to a place of honesty within themselves, where they are not afraid to claim their masculinity, sharing that with other men and also sharing the struggles they have with being men. Struggles with women, with self-worth, and, as I’ve often seen, just a deep, unmet desire for meaning and purpose.

In my work I wanted to create an interactive group, and so I started out by creating a Facebook group called And Adam… Mens Group. And, having been a part of Shaumbra for a long time, I decided to present this group to Shaumbra men.

At first, I thought this would simply be a group for discussing men’s issues and inviting Shaumbra men to share their wisdom with other men who are into these themes. But there were so many layers in the discussions, and in the background stirred my own memories of being in male orders in the past. I especially felt the deep purpose and commitment I (and perhaps you) had in the Knights Templar or other similar communities.

We men need purpose – as fathers, as lovers and as community members – and this is the core of the message I’m trying to bring to my clients when doing my marketing. But really, it’s all about having purpose with oneself and the integration of the masculine and feminine within.

Purpose…  I don’t want to be too decisive about defining the differences between men and women, but to me it seems that purpose comes more naturally to women, especially in times when the divisions between men and women are greater. For men, a lot of purpose comes from playing out the role as the masculine counterpart, in whatever way possible, and sex is a big part of that, whether we like it or not. (Sign up for any men’s group where men come together to share feelings, and it’s all about sex.)

The Knights Templar were eventually banned by the French emperor, for they had become too powerful and too rich (having created and owned the first international banking system in the world), the burnings continued, and we lost. That hurt many of us deep down in our already wounded souls, for we witnessed the wounds that were brought upon wives, daughters, friends, and colleagues.  We sensed that this wound could stick around for centuries to come. And it did.

It wasn’t until much later that we got the clear beautiful proof of victory. When the Freemasons gave the Statue of Liberty, the woman holding the flame of freedom, to stand outside New York City, it was to show everyone arriving that this was a place of freedom and safety from persecution. At the same time, the last of the Mystery Schools closed in Europe, because the awakening was finally happening among common people, and we needed to be there with them. We could be with the women now, alongside them, marrying, having children in safety, and that was purpose enough.

That’s what many of us did now, as Shaumbra men. We found ourselves as husbands, employees, and church members, both men and women fulfilling the typical gender roles of the time. Then, in the sixties and seventies, things were changing again. We saw the beginning of true women’s empowerment, and the awakened men loved seeing what was happening. Isis was taking back her freedom and shining her light. With our history from Atlantis, from the times with Yeshua, the Knights Templar, and other organizations, we knew it was finally happening. This was it.

Great, eh? Yes. And maybe no…

I would say that we, as spiritual men, started holding back our masculinity. Women were now taking charge themselves, acting out their masculine when needed, as well as their feminine when they wanted to, and men, we chose to back away. We chose to withhold our masculine protective energy in order to better facilitate a safe space for women to find their place, with both their masculine and feminine energies.

We also knew our sometimes violent history and became afraid of ourselves, of our own masculine energies, because we got called out on our dominance. We still had so much warrior energies in us, so much from the bloodline and maybe from past lives as well. Even now, through my work, I know some of us are still afraid of being masculine sexual beings. It’s a common issue for men today. We live in the midst of an epidemic of the Mr. Nice Guy syndrome. (If you don’t believe me, read the book No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover.) And us, who used to be the knights of the Knights Templar, are no exception.

“I am Erlend. I’m a men’s coach.” This is how I end the videos that I post on social media. I have a dream of creating a new men’s community, with women as support, because we want to invite in a balance, and for men to find new purpose and freedom to express themselves. We want to feel proud of being integrated and balanced men. We want to find purpose in bringing together our own masculine and feminine energies within, and with that also coming back to being in true service to our own inner Isis. We also want to show the way for other men, as well as show the women that it is possible for any man to come back into balance, to be feeling and nurturing, and not afraid to be strong, even to fight when necessary to protect the ones we love. And yes, fuck when necessary. Even if it’s just with ourselves.

Perhaps this might be where a lot of Shaumbra men feel I might be going too far, but this is where it is at. That masculine energy also needs to come out. Can we shed the layers of guilt for what happened in the past and allow our inner warrior to come out now in service in a new way? And it is not me who is asking this.

The women I’ve talked to want men who are not afraid. I heard one woman say, “We need men who can kill, because then we feel safe. We need men who can get angry, show anger, but who are able to control it. And we need men to be honest about their own desires.”

And us men, we need to be in the compassion and love and spirit of our own feminine. But that male desire to bend the world over, to build and to destroy, we want to be able to embody that too. I suggest that as the new purpose of men today: To embody all of it.

Therefore, I have created a new Facebook group to explore this energy. It is called And Isis … Men’s Group. I’ve changed the name to include both the masculine and feminine energy, and actually, this name change feels great, because it alludes to the purpose of the masculine energy in duality. It has the energy of the divine feminine, the Mary Magdalena energy that we tried to bring forth as the Knights Templar.

And the acronym is super cool: A.I. What if this is a sign of a new purpose for the future of awakened men? Sharing the initials of artificial intelligence, showing the true divinity of integration in the time when the machines are taking over, when the mental masculine energy is again seeking superiority, the thing that might create the next deep wound of Isis.

There’s a big reason “And” is part of the name. There are many truths here among us, too many to find consensus. That is also why the ellipses (three dots) is part of the name. It’s the silence, the space, the “something more” that we don’t necessarily have to analyze and break down. This is about going within.

This is about the Self, the I Am, the One and All that you are.

Erlend recently moved from his native Norway to Bucharest, Romania and spends much time traveling, his favourite places so far being Kenya and Colombia. He says it was working with the energies of the Sexual Energies School that helped him create the single biggest change in his life, but he has followed the Crimson Circle adamantly since 2004. He feels a calling to offer assistance to others where he himself got stuck so many times and is now offering online coaching sessions. Erlend can be reached via email or through his ”And Isis…” group on Facebook.

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