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Last night during dreamtime, I was shown the template of the coronavirus and all its machinations. As a former medical student, I was intrigued by what I saw. After observing the composition of the virus and how it operates, I’m not surprised it has the scientific community baffled and they are unable to create a vaccine. And if anyone claims they have, it will only be a temporary one because the virus continues to morph at an unprecedented rate. This virus has already morphed several times in response to humanity’s collective consciousness and how humans are responding to it. There have already been a series of upgrades to the human DNA. This is the intel of the recently downloaded codes some people have been consciously experiencing lately. The end result will be a whole new species of human beings.

In the bigger picture, this wave of awakening is a human collective decision, made because we have reached a tipping point in our evolution. The virus is a result of the upgraded DNA, and its job is to clear toxins and old programing from within the physical body. It is likened to the ascension flu that many lightworkers have experienced in the past during awakening. It is not meant to kill. Those who are dying have decided to leave the planet because they do not choose to participate in the new earth that is evolving very quickly. Because it has become a pandemic, it is affecting everyone on the planet. And, once its job is complete, it will disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Because everyone has had to withdraw from life as we’ve known it, there is a collective cocooning, much like caterpillars (who are voracious consumers) morphing into butterflies (who fly freely with the true nature of life). Once we emerge and reengage, many of our prior foundational and social structures will have collapsed because they are no longer in service to the present-day human. It will be necessary for new potentials and new inventive ideas to replace them. Perhaps you are one who is spending your time creating anew while in your cocoon of compulsory “physical distancing.”

This morning I am in awe. I don’t think any of us could have foreseen this coming because it has arisen so quickly. Many lightworkers thought a wave of light would engulf the planet and everyone would awaken in bliss. However, that is not how our own journey of awakening has been, as anyone who has already gone through it will attest. Instead, it has been a series of “dark nights with the soul,” which is what the collective of humanity is experiencing now with this pandemic, each in their own unique way.

Thankfully, there are a group of humans who have already gone through the process and are able to hold the consciousness of calm and compassion amidst the fear that is sweeping the planet. We are also blessed with the many who are in service in the medical field, those who are attending to ones in need while everything is shutting down, and those who are transporting and stocking groceries and other necessary supplies. There are also many who are sharing revelations of all the blessings that are occurring around the planet during this time, helping to keep our morale high and our hearts open.

Bravo and loving gratitude to everyone who is in service, each in their own unique way, in maintaining as much ease and grace during this time of turmoil. I honor you and I bow to your graciousness, for YOU are the ones wearing the true crowns during this auspicious time of humanity’s transformation.

(Note: corona means “crown”)

Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern-day mystic, visionary, dream weaver, melody maker, and maestro of words. She speaks from a place beyond the confines of the human mind, sparking our passion and offering glimpses to discover our own soul’s wisdom. Sharon lives in the forest on an island in the state of Washington, USA, where she enjoys writing, playing her harp, puttering in her garden, and playing with the nature devas. She can be contacted through her website:

4 comments on "Humanity’s Awakening"

  • Thank you....well explained on April 29, 2020 11:55 AM said:
    Thank you. Well and wisely explained.
  • Cathy Partridge on April 20, 2020 2:50 AM said:
  • Marianyel Ramello on April 15, 2020 7:28 AM said:
  • Kenciana on April 9, 2020 4:20 AM said:
    😍🦋😘👍⚜️ so great 😍

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