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I’ve heard Adamus say more than once that humans have more than one path to Realization, that spirituality isn’t the only path. In Master’s Life 12 – Pathways to Realization, Adamus mentions many more of the pathways to realization, both recommended and not recommended.

My personal favorite? Technology. I’ve had a long and successful career in technology and have been the founder and CEO of a number of technology companies. This career is on hold now, of course; my brain is mush as I face my own journey of Realization. And, having sold all my five businesses, I now have freedom to live the Ahmyo life, to travel and enjoy myself.

When Adamus says that we waited with our realization for the Time of Machines, I know this is true for me. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Technology is my passion, not just a career, and I find the idea that I can be realized with technology very exciting indeed.

Since listening to Master’s Life 12, I’ve been curious about the technology path to Realization. What does it actually mean? To try and answer that question, my Shaumbra cousin and BFF Hila and I decided to connect and ask the Ascended Masters. We do this often. Hila summons the energies with her questions, and I tune in. It’s proven very useful.

Most of the time, I feel the energy of one Ascended Master. Sometimes I feel a few. This time was different.

When the Ascended Masters got a whiff of the topic of conversation, it felt like they were gathering around to listen in. There might have been a hundred of them, maybe even more. Most, you see, were realized way before the Time of Machines and they find technology so very intriguing. They, too, wanted to know what it means to be realized with technology.

The information I received was crazy and exciting and scary all at the same time. Wow!

It’s important to point out that with all paths, including technology, Realization is the last step on a very long journey of awakening and mastery. It can only happen to those who are already nearly there. In other words, the masses won’t come to their Realization by simply experiencing the technologies mentioned below.

However, I received that young people who have already experienced most of their awakening in past lifetimes may become realized using technology at a very young age, even as young as 13! The age of Realization could get younger and younger.


Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. The technology already exists.

Hyper Realistic Virtual Reality (HRVR) will be the next level of VR. It will arrive in ten to twenty years. HRVR experiences are so immersive that it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. You may become very confused at first because the experience feels so life-like, but you will remember, on some level, that what you’re seeing and feeling is simulated.

The longer and deeper you go, the more your mind will surrender and be carried away until it’s completely immersed within the experience. That mind surrender may facilitate the final allowing which will lead to realization for those who are ready.


YouTube contains many soundtracks with vibrations and frequencies that can elicit experiences such as going out of body, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. The next level of such technology will be a multimedia experience with sound and imagery that will have a similar effect to hallucinogens. I call them Virtual Hallucinogens (VH). The effect will be just like physical psychedelics such as LSD or ayahuasca, but without the substance itself.

This technology will prove problematic. Many of those who experience this technology (as a movie on YouTube, for example) will take a psychedelic trip without supervision or a safe space. Some people will go crazy. Others will abuse it and develop addictions. YouTube and Facebook will start banning these movies as they’re found to cause instability, depression, and even suicide. Like LSD and ayahuasca, this technology will heal some people… and really mess up others.

Those who are ready for their Realization, who are in good, stable mental health, who do not take SSRI medications, and who know how to create a safe space, may find that the mind-expanding capabilities of this technology lead to surrender and allowing, and even Realization. Like real psychedelics, the risks mean that this method will not be recommended.


Human hybrids with Intelligence Augmentation, using AI, will be able to access all knowledge available. They’ll have incredible calculating powers. They’ll be faster and better at understanding and comprehension, and even be able to predict the future. The amount of perception will be increased by trillions!

This technology can become mature as soon as twenty years from now. It’s already being developed and implemented. Lots of people will sign up to have their minds augmented because it will make them much more competitive in the workforce and in life.

Like many technologies, Intelligence Augmentation can be positive or negative. For people who are not ready for it, such as those with mental issues, depression or trauma, the result may be very bad. They won’t know what to do with their increased perception and all the information they can access. Information overload and mental breakdown may occur. Those with mental stability, however, will enjoy the immense new capabilities and increased perception that this technology will give them.

And those who are ready for their Realization, are in good mental health, and who have the wisdom to deal with a mind that’s much more powerful than a regular mind, will enjoy a perception expansion so grand that it may allow Realization.

The ascended masters listening in were clapping in excitement at this point.


Sacred Geometry will make a huge comeback, and not just with New Agers. A new generation of scientists with much more open minds will start conducting scientific research on Sacred Geometry, BioGeometry and subtle energies.

The ancient pyramids sometimes contained a chamber that left researchers puzzled. Now some claim that those chambers were used for multidimensional traveling. The chambers used subtle energies from the earth and the sky at certain times of the year or the day to facilitate these experiences. The new research will aim to figure out and replicate the exact technology to create a living subtle energy system. Using this chamber, people will have real multidimensional experiences, unlike the simulated VR experiences.

Those who are ready for their Realization and who spend time in this chamber will have such a profound and awe-inspiring experience that they may allow their Realization there and then.

At this point, a few of the ascended masters listening in confirmed that they were realized with this method in ancient times in the pyramids of Egypt, Peru, and China.

This technology will take many years to accomplish. Researchers will have to carefully study subtle energies and what affects them. They will need to review how earth energy anatomy, sky locations and cosmological cycles work together to make multidimensional travel possible. They will use the latest AI and Machine Learning to process massive amounts of data and solve complex mathematical formulas. Scientists will have to build labs under the ground to be able to research these energies without the interference of man-made electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). At first, this multidimensional travel will be available only to very wealthy people, but eventually it will be affordable to everyone.

These were the methods we received. There were more details, but I tried to keep it short. Are you getting excited yet? Or are you petrified?

As we were wrapping up the session, I could feel the Masters who were realized by torture, denial, and starvation feeling a bit envious of these new ways of Realization. They might have wished that they had waited. Oh well.


Learning about these amazing technologies really made me excited. Will they take a long time? Can I wait for them? Maybe more primitive technologies will suffice? Perhaps I should stick with the good old-fashioned Nature + Allowing combo?

Spending time on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, enjoying the scenery with all the tourists gone, I must admit that nature is a logical and more accessible path. But it’s not as exciting! I’ve waited this long. I think I’ll allow this exciting technology path to unfold. Realization only happens once. I may as well do it on the leading edge!

Merav Knafo is an award-winning software designer, a technologist and a serial entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years she started six companies and sold five of them. After traveling and living abroad for 7 years, she finally repatriated in The Big Island of Hawaii, perfecting the Art of Allowing and enjoying the beauty of nature in this amazing energy vortex. She may be contacted on Facebook.

1 comments on "The Technology Path to Realization"

  • Don Burrell on July 28, 2020 12:51 PM said:
    Thank You Merav: Your article was very informative. I grew up with technology and seen its history that I am grateful for. I love technology. If you should feel anything I read or view let me know. Don.

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