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Martin was sitting on his favorite bench, staring into the wide-open nothingness before him. Unfortunately, however, he was not really aware of the natural beauty surrounding him. No, he was in his mind, pondering an old question he’d been dealing with for a very long time: “What is the true meaning of responsibility?”

Martin had been confronted many times throughout his life with this word. When he was a small child, his parents told him that he was responsible for certain things, like the TV he almost broke one time, for example. They said he was also responsible for his younger brother, who loved to mess up his environment. Later in school he was responsible for his marks and his homework assignments. The older he became, the more meaning and heaviness was added to the word “responsibility.” It became a true burden to him, all those responsibilities! Responsible to earn a living, responsible for other people, responsible even for his enlightenment. Oh, that was just too much!

All this responsibility had served Martin too, for he learned that responsibility was important to getting out of his victim consciousness. He used to blame other people or the horoscope or mercury retrograde for his dreary life, but over the years he learned to accept responsibility for his creations. But it was still dense and heavy.

While Martin was pondering all this, the Master was sitting right next to him on the bench. Actually, the Master had sat there for a long time before Martin arrived. Actually, the Master never arrived and never left, but Martin was too busy in his thought to recognize this.

Instead, he went on, arguing with himself: “It is said that the Soul is responsible for the realization, but am I not still responsible for my human life? Do I not have to work in order to pay my bills and care for my family?”

At that point, the Master whispered: “Respond to the joy!”

Martin went on to himself: “When I work for money, am I not trying to control my life? But it is not about controlling anymore. Or maybe it is to some extent?”

And the Master whispered: “Respond. Respond to my joy!”

Martin was oblivious. “And I have to organize my life, right? I have to take care of big things and the little things, otherwise my life would be a mess and I would get totally lost!”

The Master smiled, knowing that Martin was working himself into overload and coming very close to having a mental breakdown. So, the Master simply waited patiently for that moment.

And so it happened that Martin got a headache, which finally reminded him to stop the addictive thinking and analyzing about his life. And suddenly there was silence.

Martin took a deep breath and for the first time today he saw the immense beauty of the nature all around him. The green trees, the soothing scent of summer flowers in the air. He listened to the singing birds who were flying around the park in pure playful joy just radiating their joy of existence. And a warm gentle breeze nurtured his senses and sensuality. Ahhhh, how good it felt to stop the thinking.

The Master knew that it was time, he finally had Martin’s attention. “Did you not wonder about the word responsibility?” he asked Martin. “It is the response ability – the ability to respond. In its truest and deepest meaning, it is about the ability to respond to your free self. To the Master, to the I am.

“You see,” the Master continued, “The free self is expressing its joy in total freedom and without any agenda. It has no plans or goals, only the pure joyful expression of beingness. The free self exists simply in joy, just like the birds, and it is the same with the Master, the I am. It is this pure joy that creates realities, dreams and experiences.”

Martin’s mind was blank now, so he was just allowing the message to flow. The Master went on, “The human usually does not remember this free expression of joy, because it is bound in limitation, patterns and belief systems through which its identification is shaped.

“The notion of responsibility in mass consciousness is very different than that of the free self. Mass consciousness has guidelines and patterns, which serve to define a good and a bad life. There is right and wrong, duality. There is the importance of achieving certain goals and avoiding certain mistakes, and it is the responsibility of the mass consciousness human to live within these guidelines. To be responsible usually means to work hard, do things that have to be done, fulfill one’s duties and do things right, even if you hate doing them.”

Martin felt a huge relief in the words of the Master, and he began to understand. Not so long ago he had experienced the simplicity of creation at a deep level. Yet, in his everyday life, the human challenges still regularly came back.

The Master smiled. “All you need to do is to allow the joy; the joy of creation. This is the most clear and direct response to yourself, and you as a human have this ability. You are able to respond. You are response-able.”

The Master smiled even more as he felt Martin really get his message. Yet he also knew the mind of Martin. It would not give up so quickly. And here it was, the next “BUT…”

Martin’s face clouded. But I do not want to be a ‘New Age esoteric guy’ living in some realm above everything, resisting true human life while trying to stay in this artificial bliss of whatever, sitting on a mountain doing nothing.

The Master knew this exact argument would come from Martin. In another lifetime he had experienced this bliss of being on a mountain. Yet, in the end, he came to the result that this was indeed an amazing experience, but actually quite boring and lacking true realization.

So, the Master responded to Martins mind: “The JOY is free. The joy is expressing in any imaginable way and even beyond that. Being respons-able means to allow the joy in everything you do. It is not about doing or not doing something; it is about radiating the joy wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you choose, however that might unfold. It may be in a job, while travelling, dancing, watching TV or drinking wine the whole day. This joy is free and as long as the human does not try to manipulate it or to put guidelines and patterns on it, it will enable the human to a free life in abundance and delight. When you go into the fears and doubts, you are responding to mass consciousness rather than to yourself.”

The Master’s words touched Martin’s heart, for he was really starting to get it. He took a deep breath, and actually felt the pure joy of existence. He was in awe. And suddenly everything around him seemed to glow in this joy of his creation. Every bird, every flower, every leaf seemed to respond to his response of joy. He realized: YES, it truly is MY ENERGY! It is MY creation! And whatever I do in joy will respond, if I allow!

Now the Master was very close to Martin. In fact, there was hardly a difference between the two. From deep within, the Master and the human were singing their song of Joy, knowing that they can have a job, they can dance, they can travel, they can do whatever they want while being in the joy of existence, and everything else will come into balance.

Jascha Beck didn’t come out of an egg.
He was never created
and so he related
himself as a Master
and as the blaster
of limitation
in his creation.

Unfortunately, Jascha lost his sunglasses in Greece. In case you should find them, please contact him here.

2 comments on "Response Ability"

  • Joonbum on June 22, 2023 11:41 AM said:
    Thanks for sharing, always appreciate!
  • Tina Ruby on August 21, 2018 10:57 PM said:
    Very inspiring to me... Thank you

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