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It was the coldness of my body that caused me to be still this time. I had gone core-cold to a point where I only wanted to be warm. Now under three feather comforters, I found myself starting to journey inward. What a way for my Soul to bring me into this present moment! Perhaps I was intensely integrating and rebalancing and therefore not able to focus. The cause really didn’t matter; it seemed all about being in the moment and allowing myself to become warm again.

As my body began to warm up, I poked my head out from the comforters to look around at my bedroom. I felt myself looking at this familiar space as if it was all my energy – my energy of all forms I have created here in this room. Oh, there were so many things in form that were part of my energy. AND, was I really allowing them to serve me in that form or not? Well, surely the down comforters were serving me now as I lay curled up on my side, not wanting to move.

In that still present moment, my eyes were drawn to the hat rack. Just the other day I had moved it to its new fitting place in this room. With curiosity I looked at this towering, white metal rack full of hats. It looked quite odd. Where did all those hats come from? I didn’t consider myself a hat collector, yet there they all were. Another query arose: What were they all about in my life?

Lying there under the blankets, feeling into all those assorted hats of different colors, materials, and styles, I found through them I could tune into memories holding the emotions of different times, places, and experiences. Like when I wore a that brown hat on a walking trail adventure, the sun glistening through the trees and me feeling so alive. It all felt very interesting, but what was going on? Why was I traversing this path?

I began seeing how these hats were like different aspects or facets of my journey throughout this lifetime on Earth. Some hats were hardly worn, some were greatly used through the decades. Many hats were from different countries and styles of times past. As I felt more deeply into the individual hats, it was like each one could take me into a different lifetime.

How fascinating to allow my perceptions to expand from this life’s hatspects into the connections of different lifetimes. It wasn’t about holding onto anything or specifically remembering; there was just a flow of characters I may have played and places I may have played in. All this flowing inside while hearing myself saying “Welcome home, it is so good to have me back. Now dear Soul, please bring these memories, emotions, and lifetimes into wisdom.” How beautifully orchestrated it all felt!

As I lay there still in the cocoon of warm down comforters, I became aware of something else important about these hats. But it wasn’t just another awareness. There was something much more intense coming up quickly within me, like a cork ready to pop from a bottle. What do all the hats have in common? POP! The distinct form of bands around the head. The hatbands reminiscent of the headbands from the ancient, distant past that had held me in a mind loop for so long. 

All these aspects and lifetimes had been lived within the loop of the mind created by the Atlantean headband! Those headbands originally created to conform the physical body, to create equality for members of the 144,000 angelic families who chose to walk within this Earth’s dimension in form. In one of those “Oh my God I AM” moments, I saw what I had still been wearing with all my hatspects.  

So, there I was in amazement of how this inward journey started from being so core-cold and gone to a hat rack of hatspects and past lives to get to the headbands of Alt. It was quite the journey of connections and remembrances my Soul had brought me through.

So, now that such a connection had been made, what do I do with it besides share it in a story? 

Perhaps it is time – AND Æterna – to realize that this may be the part of our journey where we each get to see it is all our energy that our consciousness has brought into fruition for our human divinity to walk upon this Earth.

Later that night I was listening to Adamus, and he left the music going for us as he departed. As the music played on, lying again under my comforters I became aware of experiencing myself looking down on my human head from above. Watching in fascination, I saw hands gently pull away an etheric headband remnant just enough to give a space between my head and the headband. Then I faded back into the music.

Sometime later, surfacing from whatever dimensions I went into with the music, I felt myself starting to phase back into my body, slowly becoming aware of experiencing myself watching in curiosity this sort of slimy brain-textured egg shape with a shadowy form emerging at one end. As I continued to watch this moving picture unfold, the form took the shape of a wet naked human coming out of an egg shape. 

I saw and felt there was simply no more struggle then to be had. There was only the word “FREEDOM” ringing in my awareness as I once again drifted back into the music.

From these experiences, I understand the time is now for us to acknowledge the greatness of who we truly are, and the freedom that is now waiting for us after all we have journeyed through in this chosen lifetime. Essence to essence we go forward.

And yes, I now have a new perspective on wearing hats too; their message has been received. In Joy, knowingness & wisdom I now creatively wear hats – or choose not to.

Nivara says: “Words can be used to describe creations and identities I have believed myself to be. I have worn the hat of an Artist, Writer, and Synergistic Healer. A Purveyors’ hat of ancient antiquities to meteorites, jewelry to Victorian Christmas. Living an affinity for nature & animals this lifetime. What I have come to know is that these things alone do not define who I Truly AM. They were experiences and expressions chosen to help me know who I AM Truly.” She can be reached via email.

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