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My wisdom that comes from my Soul is the focus of this article. The way the information comes through and what I do with it is unique to me. A lot of my ideas for this article have come through interactions with others. So, the energy of those conversations is imbedded here too.

I have seen a lot of links to all kinds of interesting stuff lately that I do not pursue. I do listen to some of Adamus’ stuff because he challenges me to go deeper. He also creates a bridge that allows me to put words to things I am feeling and remembering. Instead of looking outside of myself, I feel like my focus is to channel my Soul these days. It feels like a deep thread of valuable ore within me. For example, there is a lifetime of being a monk that has been coming through. I went very deep alone in my monk’s cell. My sense is that it was a lifetime of being apart from others and diving into the beingness of Soulful energy. This time now feels like I am mining that experience and bringing it into the light for myself and others. 

I have listened to and looked for truth in many different places over the years. Many metaphysical fads. Looked for wisdom that could help me direct my life. I spent lots of dollars chasing psychics and getting readings from some of the better ones. (Sometimes I ended up reading for them.) Part of me giving myself over to another ‘wiser’ authority.

I am now realizing that I am channeling myself in my writings. That is a source of joy. For after I write, I read it a hundred times, well okay, maybe 40 or 50 times, but the repetition is really important to me. My human reads it over and over and becomes mesmerized. Allowing a hypnotic state, the understanding takes root deeply in my life and in this body. Thus, I can embody the wisdom. Kind of like I am practicing a piece of music. The music comes from my Soul and my body is the instrument. I surrender to the feeling over and over and over within me. I can feel it changing me at a deep biological level. Trying to do that with someone else’s channeled material doesn’t have the same impact for me. 

So, my writing for this magazine is really me taking care of myself. Because others will read it, I spend time with each sentence and each word. I imprint what I am feeling and experiencing while I am writing. I am doing that right now. If other folks find it of value – great! But after I write it, I spend time with it, allowing it to change me. It is as if I have written a piece of music that has a catchy hook. And I listen to that hook over and over and let it speak to me. For the energetic imprint from the Soul is contained in the words, but it is not the words. It is the potency of what I am feeling and experiencing that is the real meat in the sandwich. It is having something in physical form that is tangible for the human to grasp while the imprinting is going on. Savoring it. Enjoying the sensual pleasure of how it feels when I read it. 

Using repetition is not new for me. I have used repetition to help my human self function in the world. For example, I have spent time performing in amateur theater. I remember one experience performing in a musical called “Li’l Abner.” While I was not the lead of the show, I had a song and dance with a lovely woman who played my partner. The dance/song was our moment on stage lasting about 5 minutes. My attention span for an activity such as dance is generally about 30 seconds to a minute. Yikes! After a minute my little Aquarian mind squirrel jumps to another tree. Not another branch. Another tree (still does BTW). This is a problem for a 5-minute dance. Rehearsals were a disaster after the 1-minute mark. Intellectually I knew all of the components of the dance, for we practiced it in pieces. But I could not put it together into a 5-minute flow.

And so, I began practicing this dance at every available opportunity. I recorded the music on my Sony Walkman. During lunchtime at my engineering job, I would dance behind the building with my headphones on. At home after dinner, I would dance. I would dance when I walked the dog or took out the trash. I repeated this dance over and over until it became imprinted holographically in the cells of my muscles. I did it until it was beyond thought. I didn’t have to remember or think about it anymore. The music played and my body responded. After a while, I completely and utterly owned that song/dance routine. When it came time for the shows, my partner and I were solid. We rocked it to lots of applause. She told me that sometimes she spaced out, but I always had the thread. 

And I realize now that it was my Soul dancing those performances. I provided many different experiences of the same dance over and over. And then I let go. My Soul used that experience to direct the body into really fun performances. My human mind is not capable of doing this. Just ask anyone who has ever danced with me or played music with me. 

And so now when I am experiencing the shifts of time or feeling into the AND, the mined ore, the treasure from the Soul is activated. I am passionate about repeating the feelings that I am experiencing during the writing. I practice them over and over like I will be performing in a virtuoso concert. Every time I read it; I am imprinting it into my body. And it feels very nice. My human self with the pleasure centers likes it, for there is a deep quiet joy in the energies. It is like having a song on my playlist that is changing me when I listen to it.

I am becoming solid in what that mined energetic wisdom can do. Every repetition is like the swing of my pick mining the treasure from my Soul. Not just finding the vein of rare ore, but my passion is to extract it nugget by nugget, wagon load by wagon load. Digging deeper with each repetition, allowing the wisdom to build a different kind of abundant treasure. A different kind of resonance.

I own the illusory nature of time. AND is a foundation block for a new me matrix. For every repetition of that dance routine was an experience my human provided for the Soul. And I let the Soul show me how to dance. All of the lifetimes are a wealth of experience for the Soul. And while I am rereading my writings, I am aware that I am changing me. A subtle allowing. An integration of the experience of all of those lifetimes. And my human begins to believe in and allow this saturation of Divine essence in the body. And I realize that embodiment of the Divine essence doesn’t have to happen all at once. Feels like it is happening in stages. There is no timeline, but rather an absorption at an integration rate that is suitable to the human.


I was in the deep forest, by the river, stretching out under the canopy of trees. I love the wind stirring in the tall hardwoods, and the chorus of the river. As I relaxed into the vibe of the forest, I felt into the solidity of Soul’s wisdom. And I found myself sharing this solidity with the vibe of the forest. As if I am plugging into and connecting to a different kind of energetic web. And I became aware of a flow where breathing in the Soulful essence was part of the forest vibe. I used to come to the forest to unwind and be nurtured. But this felt different. I feel like an oak tree rooting the energies of change and transformation through this body into the fabric of the Earth. And it made me wonder if this is part of a new way for humans to connect to the planet now with Gaia leaving and going to wherever evolved master planetary angels go.

I went to visit my parents last weekend. In the past, I have found it difficult to be in the abusive and dysfunctional energies of their relationship. I can remember having to do a Star Trek “shields up, Scotty” moment before being with them. Likewise at the dinner with dysfunctional siblings. But it was different this time. It felt like my field was smooth. The drama swirled around me, but my field had no hooks to catch and draw me in. I felt like I had become a smooth river stone that allows water to flow around it with barely a ripple. I was immersed in the flow, but it was natural to just allow everyone to be who they are choosing to be. No effort to be in it but not of it.

I have not reached some transcendent state with all of this. I still am dealing with the trials and tribulations of human life. But some of the pieces that I am anchoring now are beyond the fads that have come and gone. These openings are different and come from deep within. These are deep, refreshing draughts from that effervescing spring of Divine essence. This wisdom is not just mine; it is me. Feels anchored in my body. The phrase ‘embodied realization’ floats past my conscious awareness. Is this the beginning of what that truly means? Methinks it is a clue.

I am clear that this way is unique to me. I have not written a ‘how to’ piece for anyone. We each come to this juncture with an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge. One friend said that she thought bringing the energy of these pieces to the magazine anchors it for all of us. If it is so, then so be it. It is a very exciting time.

As I write, I wonder what would happen if I found that old “Li’l Abner” tape, for I still have my Walkman from 30 years ago. I suspect that the Soul still remembers, for all I have to do is allow the Soul to share its song and then dance the dance of joy.

Jerry Sweeten has degrees in Engineering and Philosophy. He has owned and operated a small medical manufacturing business in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia for the past 23 years. Certified Integrative Energetic Medicine practitioner, student of the Pachacuti Mesa Tradition, Interspiritual Minister through One Spirit Alliance in NYC, wandered India with a Hindu Guru, taught Catholic school and bunches of other Makyo stuff. He enjoys writing, drawing and watercolor paints. He dreams of traveling the US (and the rest of the Gaia) to absorb the beauty of the planet in the days to come. Jerry can be contact via email, Instagram or on Facebook.

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    Beautiful Thank you 🙏

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