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A fact of human life is that knowing a concept of things is one thing but implementing them in your everyday life is something completely different. For instance, you can study for years about how to sail a boat until you know everything about it, remembering every little detail from all those books you read and movies you watched, but until you actually put your feet on a real boat and set sail yourself and finally experience it in real life, everything is just mere theory.

To think about doing something is great, and you can dream that one day you will sail the oceans all by yourself on a nice boat (yeah, that’s the famous little carrot). So, you read even more books, watch more movies but then the day comes, and someone gifts you a sailing trip! OMG – now it is for real! Suddenly fear and doubts come up, “What if I get seasick? What if the weather is bad and we flip over? What if I don’t know enough about it? What if I mess it up? What if I forget everything? What if I drown? What if I panic … dammit, I’m already panicking!” Leaving tahat comfort zone, going from knowledge to experience, suddenly doesn’t seem very appealing.

Being in the comfort zone – thinking about things, envisioning how beautiful and wonderful it would be to do something without ever implementing it or experiencing it – is completely different than finally leaving the comfort zone and putting oneself into the experience. Yes, even when the inevitable discomfort, fears, doubts come up. That’s when life begins. And that is the challenge, because it challenges you to leave the zone and move to the experience. The zone is comfortable, but nothing ever changes if we stay in it. Yes, we can rearrange the zone but that’s not change, and we know it. Rearranging is a trick of the mind (“Hey, human, we changed a lot over the years!” Eh, not really.) Life happens outside the zone.

It recently happened to me when I was challenged to leave a comfort zone I didn’t know my human still had. When you already have a really good cohabitation with the Master and the human, it’s a funny thing when all of a sudden, the Master looks at the human and asks straightforwardly, “How long will you tolerate this? Wait, I’ll wipe away this little bit of mist in front of your eyes, so you can see more clearly what’s going on.”

“Dammit!” says my human self, “the Master is right!” (Duh!) “We need to do something about it, but …”

“No buts anymore,” the Master says, “because ‘doing something about that’ is exactly what you’ve been avoiding since starting your career as a human on this planet.” My human self, feeling back into all the potentials she experienced since arriving on the planet, nodded her head. “Oh, that is true,” she said. “I always felt much better when everything and everyone around me was in harmony.”

“Well, that was me,” the Master Self said. “You felt my harmony and you liked it, but back then you had no idea of my existence, so you thought it was you, the human, creating the harmony. But we had already established a pretty good connection, right from the very beginning, even though you forgot.”

“Yes, that’s true, now that I feel into it,” said my human. “But what I just now discovered is how I was hiding in this sort of comfort zone. I’d rather take all the blame on myself, even if I wasn’t at fault, just to soothe the energies in my family and bring everything back into harmony. I knew I could carry that and I didn’t care as long as I could bring the energies back to balance.”

“Oh, I know!” said my Master Self. We were a pretty good team already when you were a kid. And oftentimes I whispered softly to you at night that everything is alright. Remember that? One day, when you broke your arm and were in such despair, I whispered really loud and you thought it was an angel talking to you.”

“Yes, I never forgot the yelling I got from you that night, I heard the words so clearly! I was about 10 years old and … hmmm, no, that night I felt it was not an angel, although my mind insisted on that. I already felt a different, more familiar kind of connection to that voice.”

“But back to the point now, my sweet human,” the Master said. “I know you can feel all the stories where you kept the balance for everybody, and I also know you can feel a certain point somewhere no-time, where things went out of balance and you started to build that comfort zone to hide in. It felt good for that human to avoid certain feelings that way, but then you started to have an agenda. You started holding yourself back in order to have everything neat and balanced and in harmony. You started hiding in that artificial zone you created, just to keep you from … from what?” My Master Self paused and looked at me, the human self, expectantly.

“Uhhh, I know that look,” my human thought, and a lump began to build in my throat (isn’t it great how the body responds to feelings and creates physical issues?! Wow!) and a feeling of discomfort began creeping into my body; not because of that look from my Master Self, but from realizing why it was time to confront what I so wanted to avoid. I remembered how clear I was from early on – my Master Self obviously already coexisting with me – and many people couldn’t handle that and got angry with me. My human self in turn couldn’t handle their anger, so I created that zone of ‘comfort,’ and now it was time to confront it.

All of a sudden, with the loving help of the Master and with the Allowing of her human, it became very clear what was going on. Within milliseconds, it was like I was sitting in front of a huge multi-D TV screen, watching every single story that I ever played in this entire lifetime (plus many others) just to avoid confrontation and feelings of disharmony. But what was also conveyed was the beauty in all of it. The Master and the human sat together, watching this private movie, and the human was in awe. They had been in a kind of coexistence, and then came a point where the human started to hide and created an unhealthy comfort zone as if to protect herself from feeling … feeling what?

Ahhh, now it dawned to me. The Master Self smiled and nudged me lovingly, and a beautiful chill started to flow through my body. “Isn’t it amazing,” I thought, “to have a body to really feel the coexistence with my Master Self, so it also knows it exists, it is real, it is here, with me, in coexistence? Wow!” Now the chill was really intense and showered my whole body.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” my Master Self whispered. “And it is time to start creating a new and different balance, but not for others, only for you! Then the others will rebalance themselves, too, when they are ready. Don’t protect them anymore. Claim that balance for yourself, the balance that you already know and live and implement in other areas of your life because of our beautiful coexistence and cohabitation. Now it is time to implement it in this last area you avoided for so long.” “I know,” I said, “my grown-up children, right?” My Master Self nodded gently.

I took a deep breath, and now this (unhealthy) comfort zone became very clear. I saw how my “adult-but-still-living-at-home” children had been playing their part to make sure it would stay like this. They “knew” I would try to keep everything in harmony, not because they wanted that harmony, too, no way; they have their own idea of what harmony means. They simply wanted to maintain their own comfort zone of doing nothing at home but still taking advantage of all the amenities! And I wanted to maintain my comfort zone by not confronting them, in order to avoid the feeling of loved ones being angry with me. It was almost like a comedy now, as the human – accompanied by my Master Self – remembered all the stories and efforts and fights and quarrels and feelings they went through. What an amazing experience! Time to stop it.

I started to laugh and then my Master joined in too, because we were both well aware of the “angry victim aspect,” and the laughter immediately stopped this aspect dead in its tracks. Awesome! “Well,” I said, still giggling, “That’s not going to work for me anymore. Compromise so they can stay in their comfort zone?! No way!! I will kick us all out of our comfort zones, dammit, so we can finally start living again!!”

A huge energy wave of joy ran through my body and began to radiate throughout my whole being. “I feel so great! Why didn’t I do this earlier? I guess now it’s time to …” Beep, beep, beep, beep – a noise came from outside. “Oh, that must be Kuthumi! He’s right on time, because I am finally ready.” Suddenly I paused. “Wait! He won’t dump the kids in the garbage truck though, right? Oh well…” And we burst into fresh peals of laughter at that.

Yes, life really starts at the end of your comfort zone. Avoiding the feeling that loved ones might get angry with me was perhaps the last comfort zone I had to leave. If other people get angry with you, it’s easy to just let them go. But it is not so easy with your own children, at least for me. And, by leaving that comfort zone, my Master Self helped me realize why. But that’s another story …

Birgit Junker translates the Crimson Circle material into German and also coaches others in leaving behind their comfort zones to become more aware of the beautiful coexistence between the Human, the Master and the I Am. She has a lot more stories to tell about that and is creating a book, first in German and later in English.

3 comments on "Life Begins"

  • Eugenia on July 19, 2018 9:07 PM said:
    Your article is really inspiring in this moments of my life. Define very well the rapport and the difference between the FREEDOM and the COMFORTZONE. I would like to know how your story will follow when you said ''He won’t dump the kids in the garbage truck''. Each one of us we are some loved in our life: kids, husband or wife, friends, etc. What the Master said in this context?? Be blessed!
  • Mabel on July 16, 2018 3:03 PM said:
    Maravilloso, gracias!
  • Katie on July 16, 2018 2:04 PM said:
    Wow... just wow! Just minutes before reading this I was talking with my girlfriend about this very thing and then this article popped up and resonates and mirrors my life almost exactly. Tears welled up in my eyes as I recognized the pattern I have created. Words cannot express my gratitude for sharing this with the world! All my love💖🌷🤗

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