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Falling in love is not ego. Rather, denying yourself falling in love is death.

Throughout my entire life I have always fallen in love, because it is all in me. All the riches and abundance are me. The Diva that falls in love with Everything Luxurious is in a natural and abundant frequency. She was me before I was born, and is a constant reminder of who I truly am. I have always remembered my natural and divine Luxurious Kingdom on the “other side,” and I brought this frequency with me into this life. Being a true Diva is natural, and falling in love with beauty that heals, empowers and expands me is my natural and divine passion for life’s highest vibration. After all, the higher the heels are, the closer to God I Am.

I fell in love with a navy soldier when I was just a little girl of 2 years old. It was my first boat trip, traveling three nights and three days to visit my grandmother. The soldier carried me around the whole time and gave me everything I wanted.

I fell in love with my Grandmother and her fine taste. I can still smell her expensive cotton and linen ironed bed sheets, the sound of her playing on the piano, and the luxurious dinners with her expansive china, crystal glasses and silver cutlery.

As a teenager, I fell in love easily and therefore ended up with many boyfriends, sometimes several at the same time, who didn’t know about each other, until they did. They would send me notes asking me to be their sweetheart. I couldn’t say no, for that would crush their hearts, so I said yes. I fell in love with their insecure but passionate love for me, but none lasted very long. It isn’t easy to be a Diva at 15 years old, with boys swarming around like bees to a honey jar. It was fun, exiting and sometimes very painful.

I fell deeply in love with the luxurious and holy perfume of my newborn babies. Their fragrance of purity, the love presence from Home, was their light. Their vibrations were sacred, and their magnificent splendor blocked all connection to the outside world for a while. The symbiosis between us was the presence of God.

I fell in love with the magic in every Christmas night – the fragrance from winter winds, the snow that silenced every sound outside the windows, the colorful lights on the huge Christmas tree in the playground.

As a girl, I fell in love with the smell of my mother’s perfume that woke up the woman inside me as I tried to walk in her high heeled shoes. I fell deeply and madly in love with my mother’s cooking, the smell from the kitchen those Sunday mornings when she put the steak in the oven in preparation for Sunday dinner.

I fell in love when I listened to classical music and my favorite jazz. I am still in love. The rich sound from the saxophone wakes up the erotic, luxurious, abundance inside that holds nothing back when it come to my feelings of divine feminine, abundant sensitivity and deep sensual luxurious expansiveness with God.

I fell in love with my cancer, with the sacred and total collapse of my life as I knew it. Rock bottom was a privilege, and when the storm was over, the Sacred Night undressed the Holy Morning, slowly revealing my true identity. I had died to be a Diva. I had fallen in love with my nakedness, my vulnerability, my newness that allowed raw and naked words to come from my mouth.

I fell deeply and madly in love with my body and my life; with the fact that I could go to bed every night, wearing only Chanel N° 5, and slip into my ironed cotton linen sheets, my bedroom window open so the earth and trees and winds could play their symphony of different fragrances that made me fall into a deep sleep.

I have fallen deeply and madly in love with my beloved children, with their uniqueness, their hearts and souls, so strong, vulnerable and independent. They are my beloved heart and soul.

Falling in love is not ego; it is what ego tries to control. It is the ego that holds back, that refuses to fall in love, because when we fall in love, the ego vanishes. Ego finds a way out of love and into death, but it is the heart’s passion for true love that allows me to fall deeply, madly in love with Life, for it is all in me.

Falling in love with it all. It is where the magic is still intact, where there are no questions about right or wrong, where there is total allowing for being hurt, for losing control and for entering the Abundant and Luxurious Unknown.

Being hurt is not a problem; denying myself from falling in love is death. Been there, done that. I have died to become the Diva I Am. That aliveness is true love, and only true love is real luxurious living. The real Diva is the woman who has fallen deeply, madly in love with herself, her wild and untamed nature, and loves without a thought for tomorrow.

I will always fall in love. Always.

Ingerid was introduced to Crimson Circle in 2005, about the same time she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She feels the materials “saved her life” as she surrendered to the death process and transformation. She can be contacted on Facebook.

2 comments on "Allowing Love"

  • Анада on January 2, 2019 8:11 AM said:
    Энергия Любви изливается из каждого слова ! Благодарю за рассказ и любвеобильное проживание жизни !
  • Emi on November 21, 2018 9:44 PM said:
    Thank you for this great article! You inspired me a lot and made me smile. Love from Japan.

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