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What is your understanding and experience of the new energy? Our dear friends and consultants from the Crimson Council have talked about new energy since the early Shouds, yet for me it has been a fascinating metaphysical concept, rather than a tangible reality – until recently. Do you ever feel as if your life was a new energy research lab, whether you wanted it to be or not? I do, and it used to be incredibly frustrating. Now that I’m much more aware of being a guinea pig for the new energy (or should I say, a pioneer of consciousness?), it’s much more bearable; even fun, at times.

I feel inspired whenever I see Shaumbra bringing new energy into their lives, whether it is through relationships, work, art or simply by enjoying life. It feels like this is the year when so much of what we have learned is finally becoming real. For me, new energy means allowing and trusting the energies to find resolution naturally. For example, just recently I hurt my back – which is very inconvenient when you teach yoga. However, it happened in the exact time window when I didn’t have any classes scheduled, and my back was sufficiently healed to do yoga exactly one day before my next class. I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried! In the past, I would have been upset with myself for creating something silly like back pain, but now I can let things flow through me because there is more trust. I trust that if I have back pain, it is serving me, and then I make a choice to move the energies and trust that the situation will resolve itself perfectly.

I cannot say that I feel ‘security’ in the conventional sense of the word, in the sense of having a full bank account, being employed or knowing where I will be in one year’s time. I can say, however, that I feel abundant and safe: it seems that wherever I am, I’m surrounded by conscious, warm, interesting people. I don’t have many friends that I regularly keep in touch with, but whenever I do connect with friends the connection is deep and authentic. I don’t always know where the money will come from, but I’m eating healthy, delicious meals every day and always sleep in high-quality accommodation. I am constantly surrounded by beauty in the form of people, nature, pets, flowers, gifts, art, and fashion, without having to think about creating it.

When I’m working on a text, I rarely have to work on researching my topic, because it comes to me – in the form of information, life experiences, ideas, and dreams – without having to go look for it. When I want to create an experience, such as traveling someplace, I first feel into the potential and breathe it in, and then I let the energies resolve themselves. Usually the potentials first manifest themselves in dream-state, and later in this reality. On the other hand, if some un-integrated aspects are trying to create a bit of havoc in my life, I also receive dreams or intuition about it so that I can take action and create something that serves me better. Perhaps these examples of how I’m using new energy in my life aren’t grandiose or dramatic, but they make a world of difference to me.

From an old energy standpoint, new energy doesn’t make sense. But in the new energy, it doesn’t have to make sense. If you allow yourself to feel into the new energy, then contradictions become ‘AND,’ complicated schedules become multidimensional synchronicities, and truth becomes whatever you choose it to be. If you play with the new energy, you realize that it is simple, but that the simplicity is expressed in a million multi-dimensional shades and colours; that the simplicity has depth and volume and expansiveness. You realize that when contrast is integrated it becomes clear and unified, but it can still be expressed in a multitude of facets like a clear-cut diamond expresses its brilliance through the rainbow of light and colours that it reflects.

And you realize that the new keeps being new. It’s not that I’ve had one major breakthrough and now everything has changed. Rather, it feels like there is a breakthrough every day, even if just a small one, and hardly ever the one I expect it to be. Whereas before transformation felt overwhelming, like something I just want to get over and done with, now I invite change because it feels natural and because I’m curious to see what else I can create. When you realize the freedom, creativity and possibilities for expression that are presented by the new, then it becomes something that you welcome into your life rather than something to resist and fear.

The funny thing is that the shift from old energy into new energy is really just an illusion, despite how frustrating it feels sometimes. After all, new energy has always been part of us; it’s our sovereign, crystalline energy. It’s new to the human aspect of us, and it is fairly new to this planet, but it is well known to our Master Self. So if you’d ask me “How did you start bringing new energy into your life?” I’d say I didn’t do anything except get out of my own way. I just started becoming aware of the new energy within me. I let go of trying to control myself, my life and everyone else in my life. I accepted that the old energy will still be everywhere around me, and that I could only choose new energy for myself. I realized that I could let go of power, because evil is an illusion and my low self-worth was based on a lie, and therefore, I don’t need to resist, restrict and control energy anymore. In other words, now I have given myself permission to allow. Well, most days anyway.

I’ve also realized that completion doesn’t contradict expansion and that I can complete all the old cycles, karma, patterns, and my integration and keep creating new. I’ve realized that new doesn’t mean abandoning the old; it means setting the old free so it can be integrated with the present in a new way. The old doesn’t disappear, it becomes new.

Some other observations about the new energy, based on my experiences:

  • It doesn’t respect patterns. You can’t measure, predict or put it into a formula for the simple reason that it transcends limitations. This means that it will feel and manifest itself differently every single day, and expand with you.
  • It is expansive and free. It isn’t fuelled by force, power, duality or friction. Instead, it responds to allowing, clarity, and choices made without agenda; in other words, to pure consciousness. So if you want to manifest something, make sure you remove any power dynamics (drama, fear, victimness, ego, etc.) out of the situation, remembering that you, and everyone else involved in your creation, carries no darkness.
  • It cannot be manipulated into doing your will, but it naturally serves you once you release any agenda for a specific outcome. This requires trusting your ‘I Am’-ness.
  • It is playful, light, and incredibly potent. Play with it in your dreams, in your imagination, in your every-day life.
  • It will not act or react the way you’ve come to expect energy to act. It doesn’t follow the principle of cause and effect. In fact, it will bring you solutions before you even detect a problem, and if you have a question it will provide an answer so new that you might miss it.
  • It respects your sovereignty. So as long as you resist life, it will adapt to your limitations. However, if you truly allow, it will flow without lack or restraint. Whenever you feel limitations, breathe consciously until you feel your walls of resistance melting.
  • It is already here, and it can be experienced in the Now moment by being present and anchored in your Body of Consciousness.

When you invite the new energy consciously into your life, you are creating the New Earth consciousness while being embodied here on old Earth. What a blessing it is to explore the new energy together with a group of angels from all over the world, and to be amongst the very first to anchor it into this dimension. Here’s to the adventurous pirates who insist on doing it in the new way!

To contact Kim, visit her website:, or her blog Kim will be facilitating the ‘Theater Art as a Sacred Experience of Self and Nature: a 7-day Ritual Theater Workshop’ together with Romana Ercegovic and Mateja Ribarič, where theater is used as a tool to deepen the connection to our true Self. We invite anyone who wishes to play with their act of consciousness in a safe space, and express themselves in new energy ways to join us in the last week of June in Slovenia.

4 comments on "Into the New"

  • Kelley on August 15, 2016 6:27 PM said:
    Appreciate your opening up to share your experience! I am experiencing much the same as you. The shifting from old to new energy is fundamentally an illusion as you emphasized....that is important to understand. I get sooo impatient to experience new energy....need to feel into why that is. Blessings-- from another Shaumbra
  • Guisela on June 22, 2016 2:30 PM said:
    Thank you for your input.Well written and topic well explained .
  • Janet on June 7, 2016 9:36 AM said:
    Thank you for your article. Helps me to understand the letting go and trusting and trying to keep by human self 's bias out of the way.
  • Maria Cristina on June 7, 2016 3:46 AM said:
    Perfect timing. Thank you!💜

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