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“…and your very flesh shall be a great poem and have the richest fluency not only in its words but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion and joint of your body.” - Walt Whitman

The fact that Human has spent most if not all of its time acting from a point of duty, survival, struggle and pain doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with human life. The twisted mindset of Human doesn’t make human stuff – or mind – twisted on a basic level. Though so many relationships are based on energy feeding, it doesn’t mean relationships are mistakes. If a lack of self-love is lingering in your relation with food, it has nothing to do with eating as a general phenomenon. The same goes on with everything else. Parenting, work, things to do, sex, sleep, commitments, business, time, gravity, food, love, communication, education. There is nothing wrong with any of those things on a basic level. Even though the beauty of human life has been covered with enormous amounts and layers of power games and wound-based behavior, human life itself is not a wound-based power game. The problem lies in patterns, not in basic forms of human life.

It’s sometimes useful to get out of circumstances where old patterns are repeated, and isolation mode is a natural part of the release process. Time that we spend only with ourselves is highly valuable because it makes integration and new connection with self much more straightforward and less disturbed. But, paradoxically, the transformation process has a tendency to get stuck in an empty and unfulfilled in-between state where old is gone but new isn’t allowed to soar in. Then comes a habit of criticizing and mocking life from a distance instead of diving in and experiencing it. Avoiding human life while staying in a human body slowly but surely sucks life out of life. Life isn’t meant to be spent bleeding the human to death by Human. We are not living in an escape room trying to find the exit door out.

Embodied enlightenment is not a rest haven for Human worn out by surviving. It’s not a retirement house with a soft sofa to sink into in a fake blissful zen-state. When there’s a companionship between the Master and the human, placing oneself into a human form is a dream come true. We are not trapped inside a biological cage nor slaves of time. It’s not a sign of lacking mastery if gravity and biology still make human walk with the help of two legs. Human attributes are no excuse to keep living in a prison of never-ending self-reflection.

Circumstances of human life are all very flexible, and we can recreate them into forms that serve us better. Time is bendable. There are no rules for right kind of relationships. Education systems can be recreated. Businesses have tons of possibilities beyond old-fashioned power games. The body doesn’t need exhaustive micromanagement drowning out the ability to balance itself.

The essential thing is to let the New in. Let the Master in. Let consciousness and imagination in. Bringing in new and better ways of doing things with expansion of consciousness is not in contradiction with everyday life. On the contrary, everyday life – whatever it happens to be – is the place where new and better ways happen. It’s the place where imagination re-forms into new reality. There’s no place for Master to come in if we can’t allow human life. And, after those thousand-plus lifetimes on Earth, we are finally able to really LIVE like never before, and there’s no better way than having a gorgeously human body.

Ordinary, simple and grandiose moments of being human make life truly worth living when the Master is also inhabiting the body. However, we live in a mental era where simple physical things have turned into complex mental tasks and achievements. People don’t eat; they think how a certain food is affecting specific parts of their bodies. Instead of experiencing the joy of movement, they think how some particular yoga exercise is addecting their liver or breath or state of mind. The simple, sensual pleasure of eating has turned into hipster-green-healthy-happy movements where supercool superfood trends are constantly coming and going with drama, hype and do-the-right-thing rules. In western societies, people have the finest equipment to keep them dry and comfortable while experiencing the beauty of life on Earth in almost any weather, and yet there’s constant complaining about conditions. All the overthinking makes trusting the body hard and living in a physical form tiresome.

However, this is one area I feel particularly blessed, for if any part of this transition has been easy for me, it’s the body. While I had struggles with mind and abundance, there was always a natural flow in things related to my physical vessel. Relationships with other people might have felt complicated, but never the relationship with my body.

The basis of this connection with my body began in my early years. I happily chose to be born in rural Finland, in the middle of wide, wild and rugged forests and large lakes, and my parents allowed me to have a very free childhood. While other children spent their time in kindergarten, I spent mine surrounded by furry creatures in forests teeming with elementals and beings from other realms, all without supervision and interference from other people. Life was a beautiful combination of intuition and down-to-earth practicality. In my teenage years, I had a job at a horse stable that included lots of physical work. I rode several hours a week, cycled, swam and ran. Exercise and physical work were a simple and non-mental way to let soul and wisdom in and get it grounded.

I built a deep connection with my body and integrated many aspects in a very natural way without complex concepts. I understood there was a strong, savage energy running in my veins; an energy that was closer to that of wild reindeers or eagles than that of humans. I became aware of a stream of distilled wisdom flowing inside my body; a long line of persistent survivors was present in my cells, and I had a body with potential to do anything I asked. I learned to both feel my body and go beyond pain. I learned that breathing is like letting the wind blow right through you without resistance. Later on it would be time to go beyond limits of ancestral lineage and old manners of tough survival, but those childhood and teenage years taught me all necessary things about how consciousness can be brought into the body, including the meaning of trusting the body. Doubt hurts more than pain. Pain is annoying, but doubt is killing.

I learned that the body doesn’t need managing, and the attempt to control only messes up its natural ability to balance, heal and recreate itself. Eight years ago, I quit the micromanagement and released every food-related control once and for all. I gave up all eating manners, eating times, food small talk, and started eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, without reason. For a short period of time I noticed a desire to eat everything I had denied myself, and I followed the desire. Chips were bread, chocolate was carrots and cider was juice. Hardly any vegetables were seen on my dining table during those couple of months. After that balancing period, eating has been simple, easy and enjoyable. Weight is in balance, and I don’t put energy on thinking of food. I love food and I’m interested in food production as a professional, but there’s no mind chatter about eating on a personal level.

Artwork by Mari Elina I’ve always had a built-in rejection against so called health care because of the longing to be sovereign. I’d go to the doctor if there was a reason, but I haven’t seen one in almost ten years. Have I gone completely without diseases or accidents? No. But there is this thing called trust. Some years ago, a nasty dog (called Buddha!) attacked me and literally hung onto my wrist. After detaching the jaws of the little bastard, I could see tissues, tendons and bone from two bite holes. I knew immediately that there was no need for anyone to stitch the wound or stick me with tetanus vaccinations. I cleaned the hole, bound the wound and headed to a rock festival two hours later without worries. No infection, no tetanus, and now, no scar. One morning a couch came into my path, resulting in a stabbing pain and a toe sticking out at a 45-degree angle. Broken toe, no question about it. “No doctor,” was my first thought as I cursed and caught my breath on the floor. I pushed the toe as close as possible to its correct position and bound it firmly. Two days later, I took off the self-made splint and in two months there was no sign of the fracture. The healing process was quick and smooth. While releasing ancestral DNA, I had a lower back pain that kept me from sitting comfortably for a year. Though the pain was frustrating and limiting, I didn’t doubt it wouldn’t pass – and it did. The less I focused on it the better, and the lesson learned at age 15 was valid once again: pain is only an annoyance.

When I look in the mirror today, I see a beautiful, balanced, fit, ageless and healthy body and I’m so happy to have it. Our relationship is free and easy. I have lots of energy. I need less sleep. I’m very rarely ill. The body response time is quickening and the needed energy input is decreasing. If I want the body to be more agile, it quickly becomes so. If I need it to keep going without food for some reason, it will do so. Learning something new is quicker and easier than before.

There’s a constant re-forming process going on in my body and it’s exciting to see what kind of biological wonders it’ll be able to express in the future. And, at the same, time I couldn’t care less. Instead of spending time exploring or measuring specific details, I have other much more fulfilling things to do. Like living. If, somewhere deep down in my retina or kidney, there still lurks an old, wicked seed of sickness, let it lurk. I don’t care. Changes will happen at a pace that’s favorable for the entire body-mind system, and they’ll happen when the body is ready or when I’ll be needing them. I know beyond a doubt that I will have a reliable partner for all the years I want to spend on Earth.

Mari Elina is a Finnish illustrator, designer and agronomist in love with distilled simplicity and untamed beauty. You can drop her a line: [email protected]. To see her illustrations, visit the website

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  • Duarte Guerra on December 5, 2016 1:05 PM said:
    Sim somos todos muito parecidos :-))
  • Brenda Harley on December 5, 2016 12:43 PM said:
    I resonate strongly with your beautiful sharing Mari Elina 💞 and thank you for the inspiration to keep trusting and knowing...

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